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Wattpad @wattpad
"You can't judge a book without reading from cover to cover." #1LineWed https://t.co/3tryAjFpkD
Brenda Sue Chance @BrendaSueChanc1
RT @mohammadshaikh_: #1lineWed Elect Pence As Vice President "YOU ARE FAKE NEWS" Fox McCain Confirms #PMQs Crises "Simon Stevens" Impossi…
The Pamlico Writers @PamlicoWritersC
RT @RebeccaSky: The way her dark hair flips across her face makes me think of wild moonlight twisting through oak branches. #1linewed
Arrowhead Publishing @arrowheadfandp
RT @PKC1963: Isn’t it strange that leaves are at their most beautiful when they are dying? #1LineWed #Qoheleth
The Pamlico Writers @PamlicoWritersC
RT @lisagillis_: A guitar had been in her hand as early as a spoon #1lineWed #lisagillis https://t.co/AQjaJR5Exi
Noelle Riches @noelle_riches
RT @_AnchoredGypsy: Once lush trees are now stubs of smoking wood reaching skyward, begging for mercy from the rain-heavy clouds. #1linewed
Jenelle Schmidt @JenelleLSchmidt
RT @LaurelGarver: Near the end of our circuit, he led me to a grove of white pines arching over our heads like cathedral vaults. #1linewed
Brenda Sue Chance @BrendaSueChanc1
RT @brendadrake: Arik caught my hand and spun me around to face him, the shadows from the trees darkening his face. "You lie." #1lineWed #A…
Jenelle Schmidt @JenelleLSchmidt
RT @JJDiBenedetto: #1LineWed "We love our traditions, even if they are only three months old.Before long, your tree will be a regular item…
Jenelle Schmidt @JenelleLSchmidt
RT @JaneLebak: The hearth was large enough to stable a horse, and they must have felled a whole tree just to fill it with fire. #1lineWed
Brenda Sue Chance @BrendaSueChanc1
RT @BookBesties9: I dream of trees that look Like spiders Come to get me Naked branches outside my window #1linewed #poetry
Pamela S Thibodeaux @psthib
RT @JuanitaAydlette: "How will we survive? Over half the humans now have the serum in their bloodstreams." #1LineWed "BLOOD TIES" Coming So…
Pamela S Thibodeaux @psthib
RT @CasiMcLean: #1lineWed U don't want 2 know him He pulls wings off Butterflies🐛 @CasiMcLean 5🌟#memoir can help U Move Past UR Past https:…
perry d warren @WarrenPerry
RT @AuthorMadelineM: I traced my finger over our carved initials. The gnarled tree trunk bore the same scars as my heart. #1linewed
Shelley Estes Pagach @ShelleyEstesPag
RT @SBennettwrites: His voice, once a smooth baritone, rasped like dry bones through dead leaves. #1linewed #WIP
Candy Burke @thecandyburke
RT @Cookie_Lawless_: Let me burn my tongue on the heat of your skin. #1linewed #erotica #Romance https://t.co/rwMwRQylKH
Arrowhead Publishing @arrowheadfandp
RT @MagdalenaScott: "Bad news travels fast, and nothing carries it along better than the gossip tree of Serendipity." #1linewed
Brenda Sue Chance @BrendaSueChanc1
RT @jaclynreiswig: The relentless rustle of its dark leaves whispered that this time, they weren't coming back. #1linewed
Brenda Sue Chance @BrendaSueChanc1
RT @amandalinsmeier: My body is a hollow tree branches weighed down with leaves and worry #1linewed #poetry
Bianca M Schwarz @schwarzbianca1
RT @ErikaDavidCAN: It was spring, under the soft shade of new leaves, when he swore he loved me. #1lineWed
Arrowhead Publishing @arrowheadfandp
RT @SmithLeahR: The earth in front of him exploded, and tree roots spilled out of the hole like intestines. #1linewed
Arrowhead Publishing @arrowheadfandp
RT @smDeWittHall: #1linewed Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short. – Henry David Thoreau #writers…
Brenda Sue Chance @BrendaSueChanc1
RT @BookBesties9: The parking lot was empty and quiet, shielded by dark trees dripping with Spanish moss. #1linewed
John Cordial @john_cordial
RT @LeighMLorentz: It's Wednesday! Today we've got #1linewed #WIPWed #WriterWednesday (#WW) #WriterHumpDay #WhimsDay #Weddarlings and #tale…
Lydia Sharp ❄💙❄ @lydia_sharp
RT @sarataylorwoods: Sean flipped his arm over, showing me veins branching blue like tributaries under his skin. #1linewed
Nichole Christoff @NicChristoff
RT @NancyNorthcott: Not. Dead. Yet. Not yet. #1linewed #Renegade
Arrowhead Publishing @arrowheadfandp
RT @nissenson: #1linewed “I think we’d be much safer on the bed.” “Right. I’m sure you do.” He stood up, rubbed his leg, and grimaced.
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