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ABC The Drum
#457visa changes could cut off our source of research talent”: @MJBiercuk’s worried about the impact on scientific… https://t.co/S8o5r1ZbY3
20 Apr, 03:22 AM UTC
Universities Aust.
Good insights from @Duncanivison on why Australia should be careful on #457visa changes. https://t.co/DdZmSXkAdJ
20 Apr, 04:21 AM UTC
Fintech Melbourne
What does your #fintech #startup think of the #457visa changes? @ausfintech & @Startupaus want to know: https://t.co/tn8rz6g9HP
20 Apr, 12:39 AM UTC
Andrew Bolt slams @TurnbullMalcolm's deceptive #457visa stunt as a "bad joke." #BringBackAbbott #auspol https://t.co/C6SfoNapJ1
19 Apr, 10:10 PM UTC
.@AAMRI_Aus media release: Caution needed to prevent #457visa changes from hindering Oz #medicalresearchhttps://t.co/vKRbaAR5uN
20 Apr, 02:22 AM UTC
Yep #457visa changes a sham #fizza #auspol #wagetheft & exploitation of visa workers to continue Cos the Gov doesn'… https://t.co/UKgSnNiuGm
20 Apr, 12:14 PM UTC
Paul Krajewski
https://t.co/vuCHZtYP1Z #PM #product manager #productManagement #australia #457visa #skillShortage "No one in Australia can do this job"
20 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Financial Review
It's no longer just fear of #457visa foreigners as we hunker down on the economy, writes @latingle. https://t.co/Wak0B0IrHg #auspol
20 Apr, 09:10 AM UTC
Universities Aust.
Aust unis need both global and local talent to help create more Aussie jobs: @Duncanivison on the #457visa changes. https://t.co/DdZmSXCb5h
20 Apr, 10:04 AM UTC
@AAHMS_health media release: #457visa and Australia’s Global Competitiveness in Health and Medical Research https://t.co/toe3Chrjc3
20 Apr, 06:03 AM UTC
UQ News
#UQ VC and @groupofeight chair Peter Høj has written to PM Turnbull expressing concern about #457visa move LINK:… https://t.co/oJ0TtvYXyX
20 Apr, 06:31 AM UTC
Red Agency
How the removal of the #457visa will affect the media industry via @AdNews https://t.co/5EmB3EM99m
20 Apr, 01:42 AM UTC
Jake Sturmer
Just spoke to @uniaus - they have had "constructive meetings" w/govt officials re: #457visa research changes. No firm commitments yet.
20 Apr, 06:19 AM UTC
Rex Software
An open letter to @TurnbullMalcolm from a startup company #457visa https://t.co/6oY4lcX6zB
20 Apr, 01:18 AM UTC
Siobhan Tobin
my supervisor at work came to Aus on a #457visa she's brilliant. #Metrology driven by exchange through national institutes across the globe
20 Apr, 10:21 AM UTC
So the world is not gonna end without 457's-some facts and problems. Agree? all https://t.co/DzJzyiiVFE #457visa #startups #auspol
20 Apr, 09:12 AM UTC
Gaetan Burgio
Interesting! 'Science Minister stresses importance of foreign workers in tech, days after scrapping of #457visa'… https://t.co/wdaWLZYn1k
20 Apr, 10:05 AM UTC
Sumesh Chhabria
I was planning to immigrate to Australia but I didn't knew #AustralianValues are different from human values… https://t.co/TH0Ht5bJWD
20 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
Australia is eliminating the #457Visa stream- Master the replacement system with our comprehensive guide… https://t.co/K698RUSd8T
20 Apr, 02:57 PM UTC
academics 学者
The debate on #457visa. Do you know why skilled #migrants are important to #Australia? #Investment #migrationhttps://t.co/OrBDSMVQ6b
20 Apr, 01:51 PM UTC
Steven Philip Warner
After scrapping #457Visa program, Turnbull tightens citizenship norms #Australia @TurnbullMalcolmhttps://t.co/mkOzQ7NyiY
20 Apr, 12:57 PM UTC
Zee Business
Govt evaluates impact of US & Australia's new visa programmes on Indians #H1BVisa #457Visa https://t.co/saHBkhc7TZ
20 Apr, 11:43 AM UTC
Am I the best and the brightest? 😂I arrived on a 457 but moved to a permanent 186 visa. I found the #457visa unstab… https://t.co/GY8UvvkXp1
20 Apr, 09:01 PM UTC
Teresa Dulin
@DIBPAustralia I beg you to check the law again and let those who were on time with #457Visa lodged, keep with the normal process please
20 Apr, 07:43 PM UTC
Teresa Dulin
@DIBPAustralia so unfair my lodge to #457Visa submitted in January has been rejected. I had a life planned here that you've suddenly taken 😥
20 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
TT Mobile AU
#457visa is now trending in Australia, ranking 29
20 Apr, 07:31 PM UTC
Avadhoot Kulkarni
#h1bvisa tightened by US. #457visa abolished by AUS. More and strong reasons for sompanies to go remote! #remotework
20 Apr, 04:26 PM UTC
UA statement after meeting govt about visa changes #457visa #phD
20 Apr, 04:03 PM UTC
atefooterz ✪
An oldie but may just getcha citizenship lolz! #lnp #457visa #auspol https://t.co/ENLevsG74H
20 Apr, 04:01 PM UTC
"Anyone currently living in Australia on a #457visa or was recently granted one will not be affected" say @VisaFirst https://t.co/a9wHsK9ny5
20 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
Manish Kumar Pandey
After scrapping #457Visa program, Turnbull tightens citizenship norms #Australia @TurnbullMalcolmhttps://t.co/6yxh0bRZaC
20 Apr, 12:57 PM UTC
Avnish Goyal
After scrapping #457Visa program, Turnbull tightens citizenship norms #Australia @TurnbullMalcolmhttps://t.co/AnscyC4yvJ
20 Apr, 12:57 PM UTC
The Dollar Business
After scrapping #457Visa program, Turnbull tightens citizenship norms #Australia @TurnbullMalcolmhttps://t.co/kH2MeEeop4
20 Apr, 12:56 PM UTC
Vanessa Sebben
Great seminar! I've learnt more about the #457visa changes and how it will affect international student and recent graduates. #Australia
20 Apr, 12:10 PM UTC
Chris Langmead
Letter from #Go8 universities to @TurnbullMalcolm regarding potentially serious & unintended consequences of… https://t.co/4OszQnlbm0
20 Apr, 11:38 AM UTC
Teresa Dulin
@TurnbullMalcolm so unfair my lodge to #457Visa submitted in January has been rejected.I had a life planned here that you've suddenly taken😥
20 Apr, 11:04 AM UTC
Teresa Dulin
@AusGov so unfair that my lodge to #457Visa submitted in January has been rejected. I had a life planned here that you've suddenly snatched😥
20 Apr, 11:01 AM UTC
Pam M
And abolishing the #457Visa seriously??? Whos gonna do the work? Locals?? What a fuk'n joke!! And new visa requirements are gonna be tougher
20 Apr, 10:09 AM UTC
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