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Mike Carlton
Wife says tonight's #4corners on climate change is a ripper. Full of Pentagon heavy-hitters. Will probably upset Malcolm Roberts, though...
20 Mar, 08:17 AM UTC
Sally Neighbour
If you care about climate change don't miss tonight's gripping doco on its impact on global security… https://t.co/gQNWZOhUdx
20 Mar, 01:56 AM UTC
Tonight on #4Corners Academic and military experts say #climatechange is a catalyst for conflict in volatile region… https://t.co/0coOr7PyIe
19 Mar, 09:03 PM UTC
Tom Skladzien
#4corners "Choosing to do nothing is a choice with consequences" I'll just leave this here to put our LNP govt in c… https://t.co/QBloeP1ee0
20 Mar, 10:17 AM UTC
Rod Moffatt
If you find #4corners message re water security alarming, wake up to toxic legacy of #CSG which is contaminating & depleting our groundwater
20 Mar, 10:15 AM UTC
Sally Neighbour
If sea levels rise one metre, Bangladesh will lose 20% of its land mass. That means up to 30 million refugees.… https://t.co/YlU1J3ERvI
20 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
sam mostyn
Must watch #4corners journalism establishing #climatechange as accelerator of global instability & conflict @ABCTV
20 Mar, 10:04 AM UTC
Christopher Nice
The diminishing of Lake Chad through climate change exacerbating the conflict in the Sahel region #4corners #ujelp17
20 Mar, 10:05 AM UTC
When the military is way ahead of the governments you know you've got a problem #4Corners https://t.co/W0X3WtOWNU
20 Mar, 10:16 AM UTC
Sally Neighbour
Climate change 'could mean war'. Another serious wake-up call for the planet, tonight on #4Cornershttps://t.co/Sx4EdrKINv
20 Mar, 04:00 AM UTC
Coming up on #4Corners: Academic and military experts say #climatechange is now a catalyst for conflict in volatile… https://t.co/1ShwNout7H
20 Mar, 09:15 AM UTC
"We’re not your traditional environmentalists." On #4Corners, US military officials warn #climatechange is a threat… https://t.co/inAPzoyqL2
20 Mar, 08:00 AM UTC
Peter Hannam
People watching #4corners on #climate change and conflicts might be interested in this article (1/2): https://t.co/h7zMoRwkoN @4corners
20 Mar, 09:51 AM UTC
Mark Pesce
A paper I read a few years back made the point that nearly every conflict can be traced back to resource scarcity. #4Corners
20 Mar, 09:42 AM UTC
#4Corners “The risks of climate change… are now a catalyst for conflict.” fmr US Dep of Defense @GoodmanSherri in '… https://t.co/OJjRsA6gNP
20 Mar, 09:45 AM UTC
Grandee Zip
#4corners Dont fret little petals. @abcnews only presenting 1 side of the story as usual. Remember the ice cap pre… https://t.co/V78OvGKTzL
20 Mar, 09:53 AM UTC
Quentin Dempster
#4corners So now we understand climate change (extreme drought) is major factor in civil unrest/conflict/famine/pov… https://t.co/VlQJNOx983
20 Mar, 10:05 AM UTC
David McAlpine
"Water is an instrument of war" - Climate change and conflict on #4corners tonight.
20 Mar, 09:45 AM UTC
Read background on the film '@AoConsequences' on the #4Corners website: https://t.co/CVrqad0ZGg And catch up anytime on @abciview.
20 Mar, 10:20 AM UTC
Market Forces
"Inaction is as much a choice of action as any other, and choosing to do nothing has consequences" #4corners #ageofconsequences
20 Mar, 10:15 AM UTC
Cathy Thomson
#4corners If Australians think the refugee problem is bad now wait until #climatechange refugees are added. #ageofconsequences
20 Mar, 10:11 AM UTC
Foxtel is CowPlop
All Qld Labor politicians! You need to watch #4Corners NOW & tomorrow you NEED to STOP the Adani Coal Mine @QLDLabor @AnnastaciaMP #auspol
20 Mar, 10:40 AM UTC
Amanda Copp
"The risks of #climatechange affect every facet of life ... and makes conflict much more likely" on #4corners
20 Mar, 09:40 AM UTC
Alison Marchant 🐝
#4Corners far out, feeling grateful, but motivated to keep pushing for more #climatechange action. Act local think global @LilyDAmbrosioMP
20 Mar, 10:03 AM UTC
Michael Brown
Disappearing Lake Chad highlights how disappearing resources can exacerbate existing instability. #climatechange #4corners
20 Mar, 10:05 AM UTC
Andrew Wilcox
#4corners Inaction is as much a decision as inaction #climatechange Are you listening @TurnbullMalcolm?
20 Mar, 10:16 AM UTC
Grandee Zip
#4corners Maybe if we send Tim Flannery to middle east it will start raining. This journalism is as pathetic as Ti… https://t.co/VZDB4pzANe
20 Mar, 09:51 AM UTC
Danielle Stocks
Last night's #4corners is a must. On #iview if you missed it. #climatechange is a catalyst for more instability tha… https://t.co/pozN8cElWY
20 Mar, 06:55 PM UTC
Jo McCubbin
⚡️ “Climate change risk is a catalyst for conflict, experts warn”#4corners https://t.co/KwBPmKS75M
20 Mar, 10:55 AM UTC
Wars have always been fought for water & land resources. Just on a larger scale now #4corners
20 Mar, 10:02 AM UTC
Prime HipHop Music
Get that hit - #Soweto by @sparzito_ (ft syba & Brika) on #iTunes https://t.co/uDx7FI1oYX #4corners
20 Mar, 09:02 PM UTC
I Sell Beats @R150
Get that hit - #Soweto by @sparzito_ (ft syba & Brika) on #iTunes https://t.co/auSpmMhzyH #4corners
20 Mar, 09:02 PM UTC
Lighter Footprints
No way that we will allow the #Adani #Carmichael mine to start - Galilee Basin is one of 3 largest global sites… https://t.co/DEzLoENhf9
20 Mar, 08:56 PM UTC
Lighter Footprints
Be warned, the people of Australia who care about our land, water and children will not tolerate #Adani carbon bomb… https://t.co/edeurdKA8t
20 Mar, 08:54 PM UTC
Lighter Footprints
#climatechange is the biggest strategic threat because lack of food from drought sets the tinderbox of regional ins… https://t.co/TriCdkLl6x
20 Mar, 08:53 PM UTC
S.E Mitch
@twitperth evidently not.. I'm not sure if those experts from #4corners were speaking for the entire U.S Navy.
20 Mar, 08:45 PM UTC
jackie cullen
Government ... Educate yourselves ... Our lives depend on it #auspol #4corners #government https://t.co/uM8H9WIVTy
20 Mar, 08:43 PM UTC
Tactical Advantage
Whitewater construction on Animas River faces uncertain timeline #4corners ⚡🌟➡️ https://t.co/Gr5EGIPe3m
20 Mar, 08:37 PM UTC
TT Mobile AU
TT AUSTRALIA 05:27 1.#AdobeTT 2.#ComeyHearing 3.#HarmonyDay 4.#InternationalDayOfHappiness 5.#4corners 6.Jason Taylor 7.Gabba 8.Paul Keating
20 Mar, 08:27 PM UTC
Nicola Sturgeon
Whitewater construction on Animas River faces uncertain timeline #4corners ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ https://t.co/TGn1XRNzy6
20 Mar, 08:16 PM UTC
TT Mobile AU
TT AUSTRALIA 05:07 1.#AdobeTT 2.#4corners 3.#InternationalDayOfHappiness 4.#IndvAus 5.Jason Taylor 6.#9Married 7.Gabba 8.Paul Keating
20 Mar, 08:07 PM UTC
😺 #4corners Supplements and Safety ♥♥♥♥ https://t.co/8OLtEv8PDy
20 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
Top 5: 1: #AdobeTT 2: #4corners +3 3: #IndvAus +8 4: Jason Taylor +7 5: #9Married +6
20 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
😹 #4corners Big Fish ➡️ ➡️ https://t.co/vjYpbKhw93
20 Mar, 07:51 PM UTC
💋 #4corners 'Big Sing' performance leaves children 'Full of Energy' ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ https://t.co/QJs8VvbaXs
20 Mar, 07:50 PM UTC
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