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Lars-Göran @LarsGra02018210
RT @VS_Artist: #ArianaGrande VS #Adele RT for Ariana Grande FAV for Adele https://t.co/UofsdBJnEl
Adkins @laurievalee
RT @AlbumsUSA: RT if you believe the massive blockbuster of #Adele 25 will be the Album of the Year in the US at the next Grammys Awards in…
#Adele to Perform at the Grammys! https://t.co/882PRmurjg https://t.co/1TBTQD55tW
D. Thijssen @DaniqueThijssn
RT @VLeenheer: #Adèle.. In 2006 te gast bij @pauldeleeuw1962 Zo eigenzinnig en grappig! Ze wilde niet zingen, maar deed het toch <3 https:/…
Sophie Guillaudin @PopySophie
RT @PopySophie: Hello, it's me Hello, can you hear me? Hello, how are you? https://t.co/aXvq6Mrby4 #Hello2017 #hello #adele #covers #music
Pierre Prieur @PPrieur5
RT @stickyfuzzbear: Places #Adele never thought her music would reach? 😆 https://t.co/aviJ5Ha0rb
ᴀɴᴡᴀʀɪᴛᴀ @anwarita_
RT @anwarita_: This is amazing ❤ #Adele https://t.co/9SnX8kVS7K
LiesbethvBerkel @LiesbethvBerkel
RT @JaapFriso: Bros, bros, bros #Adele https://t.co/UJjODOssOm
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