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Ryan David Grant
#PayItForward #adviseredge @iambazgardner's expectations from us! Love it!
20 Mar, 04:50 AM UTC
Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Great read recommended by @GideonShalwick #AdviserEdge #flow
20 Mar, 07:30 AM UTC
THE PRIMAL CODE — POWER x VALUE x LEVERAGE = MOVEMENT @GideonShalwick @Veeroll #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 07:13 AM UTC
Dean Johnson
Best advice from @GideonShalwick @AdviserEdge is "don't scale crap!". I tend to agree 😆. #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 07:37 AM UTC
"It doesn't matter how good your audience and your offer is, if you don't have trust then nothing will happen"… https://t.co/VMUnItdrME
20 Mar, 07:41 AM UTC
Matt Kerr
Awesome talk by Phil Richards day 2 #AdviserEdge Great messages about making the most of your life
20 Mar, 12:12 AM UTC
"That's how you get to burnout." Look after yourselves! @GideonShalwick #AdviserEdge #burnout
20 Mar, 07:22 AM UTC
#energyflow #naturalflowstate #AdviserEdge Are you flowing? I think I need to work on this!!
20 Mar, 07:30 AM UTC
"The 'WHY' - you don't start with it, you end up with it." @GideonShalwick #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 07:32 AM UTC
Ross Marais
Word - GOD + bonus hair points #adviseredge #socialscrabble
20 Mar, 06:50 AM UTC
"It's one thing to have a good audience, it's another to have the right message." @GideonShalwick #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 07:43 AM UTC
Bernard Raffaut
#AdviserEdge #socialscrabble Gideon shares the Primal Code with us. @AdviserEdge @socialadviser
20 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Penny Armytage
Heros rather than targets. Like it. #AdviserEdge @GideonShalwick
20 Mar, 07:50 AM UTC
Jacob Wilkins
@bonjoroapp sent me a personal Bonjoro mentioning that I was at #AdviserEdge. Love it guys #walkingthewalk and… https://t.co/vOiVmd6Zk6
20 Mar, 12:27 PM UTC
Patrick Flynn
Great job @GideonShalwick, or should I say... THE ILLUMINATI #FibonacciSequenceFTW #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 08:11 AM UTC
Luke G Marshall
#AdviserEdge #SocialScrabble QUIZ very cheeky so I'll just do one with the blanks
20 Mar, 09:31 AM UTC
Tiffany Nguyen
It is amazing to get insightful advice from #johnstrange at #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 09:02 AM UTC
Gavin Latz
Inspiring stuff by @philrichards99 today. 'Lifes lessons' really resonated with me. Found on you tube https://t.co/tKCqy9ml5p #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 12:34 PM UTC
@socialadviser Can you send list of all speakers & Q&A participants so we can connect to them? Thanks!! #AdviserEdge #MakeAdvisersGreatAgain
20 Mar, 11:54 AM UTC
Scott Donoghue
#AdviserEdge @iambazgardner Just wondering? What's a team called when it's all mugs? Impressive is the right answer… https://t.co/JOIhuap9nA
20 Mar, 09:38 AM UTC
Ross Marais
Word - OX + hair + sponsor #socialscrabble #adviseredge
20 Mar, 08:47 AM UTC
Larry Raymond
Another awesome day of learning at #AdviserEdge! Looking forward to day 3. Thanks @socialadviser.
20 Mar, 01:01 PM UTC
Ryan David Grant
Wet ride home! Stay safe & see you tomorrow at #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 10:27 AM UTC
Krista Soerensen
Testing the photo booth at #AdviserEdge
20 Mar, 10:12 AM UTC
Scott Donoghue
Enjoying #AdviserEdge ...maybe too much? Flashing lights mean...I've mastered video
20 Mar, 09:34 AM UTC
David Baccinelli
Awesome day. Thanks for great energy and sharing. #adviseredge @iambazgardner
20 Mar, 09:22 AM UTC
Dimi Bartolillo
#AdviserEdge hubby tried to call and was mesmerised by @GideonShalwick he blamed Baz and said timekeeper could be sacked for going overtime
20 Mar, 08:13 AM UTC
Ryan David Grant
I wouldn't LIE to you! I'm a trusted adviser!! #AdviserEdge #socialscrabble
20 Mar, 10:20 AM UTC
Ryan David Grant
LOX exists in the Scrabble dictionary #DontJudgeMe Lukes idea! #AdviserEdge #socialscrabble
20 Mar, 10:19 AM UTC
Julie Tassone
Fantastic session - the Primal Code in Action #AdviserEdge @GideonShalwick
20 Mar, 10:05 AM UTC
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