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Adweek @Adweek
Pretty clear from the responses that excellent storytelling needs to be at least authentic. #AdweekChat https://t.co/nSafGiODIE
Corporate Shorts @corpshort
RT @Adweek: Q1: Which ad do you think has featured the best storytelling of all time? What made it great? #AdweekChat
indiabrazil @rreapwhatyousow
RT @Adweek: Q2: What three words would you use to describe excellent storytelling? #AdweekChat
Gurú empresarial @JorgeBa23872456
RT @OlenaGapon: Looking forward to coming #adweekchat Storytelling is our all! Join at 2PM ET! #marketing #advertising #socialmedia #busine…
Chanel Bevis @ChanelBevis
RT @cortezbrothers: When it's @Adweek #adweekchat time & the theme is #storytelling and you have had an internal Storytelling Department fo…
Malcolm @Malc_V
RT @Wilde_Agency: @Adweek You can accomplish great storytelling in ALL of these ways. Just look to @tasty as an example. #AdweekChat https:…
Chanel Bevis @ChanelBevis
RT @VanderwagenM: This. It's sad that some think otherwise. Ask what they want. Don't tell them what you want #AdweekChat https://t.co/pb7h…
Chanel Bevis @ChanelBevis
RT @VanderwagenM: A3: One of my favorites is @carlosgil83 #AdweekChat
RT @Rochelle_Alexa: .@PINsykes & @dollyalderton from #PanDolly podcast @TheSTStyle are the masters of storytelling! #AdWeekChat https://t.c…
Sophia @sophiaideas
RT @ChrisSkinner_: @Adweek A2: Real. Human. Emotion. #AdweekChat
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