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Sandra Speer @SandraSpeer7
RT @SilvernestLife: Redefine how we use technology to create a stronger quality of life & future for older adults. #AgingIntotheFuture http…
Barbie D H @barbiesway
RT @SBSSla: @citrisnews David Lindeman-showing how older adults use of technology is changing #agingintothefuture https://t.co/Qbv6q2eaAa
Sandra Speer @SandraSpeer7
RT @EisnerFound: 80% of all long term care is by unpaid family caregivers, says @KKellyFCA of @CaregiverAlly #agingintothefuture
RT @TheSCANFndtn: #Agingintothefuture: Right now, people go from being drivers 2 non-drivers w/no transition. & they lose access 2 beauty i…
AKA Mikki @akamikki08
RT @lisanapoli: 80% of all longterm care assistance comes from family #agingintothefuture
Mary Furlong @maryfurlong
RT @MIAging: We're at the @casciencecenter for #AgingIntoTheFuture w/ @SBSSla today! Stay tuned for more news on tech & #aging. @USCDavisSc…
Dan Trigub @datrigub
RT @AARPCA: #AgingIntotheFuture @jholtzman moderating the panel on Tech, Innovation + Mobility w/ panelists Ken Pickar @datrigub and @JudiB…
Sandra Speer @SandraSpeer7
RT @MIAging: Heading to LA’s Tech + Aging Conference - #AgingIntoTheFuture today to discuss Tech, #Innovation + Social Connection! @EisnerF…
John Bwarie @JB4LA
RT @Stratiscope: We're proud to be a part of the planning team for LA's 1st Tech+Aging Conference: #agingintothefuture. Congrats to @sbssla…
Honor @honor
RT @TheSCANFndtn: .@CaregiverAlly: #Caregiving is dynamic. Needs change over time and must be continually re-evaluated. #agingintothefuture
Stratiscope @Stratiscope
RT @HettyGroup: Tech demo of @GoGoGrandparent at LA's #agingintothefuture conference by a Professional Grandson, bringing Uber and Lyft to…
Sandra Speer @SandraSpeer7
RT @NinaBelforte: Last night an acquaintance told me I'm too nerdy to be cool and it was such a compliment #agingintothefuture
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