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Canadiens Montréal@CanadiensMTL
Les Canadiens quittent le Air Canada Centre avec deux points! / The Habs leave the ice with two points! #GoHabsGo
26 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal@CanadiensMTL
Prolongation au Air Canada Centre! / Overtime at the Air Canada Centre! #GoHabsGo
26 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC
CBC News@CBCNews
Reports of plane sliding off runway at Toronto's Pearson airport investigated
25 Feb, 10:55 PM UTC
CBC Marketplace@cbcmarketplace
What's in your chicken? CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
26 Feb, 07:00 PM UTC
George Hatcher Sr.@GeorgeHatcher
#Aviationsafety Air Canada Airbus A320 runway excursion incident upon landing at Toronto-Pearson…
26 Feb, 06:12 PM UTC
Air Canada’s brand new livery: belly painted black featuring a red AC rondelle allows it to stand out in the sky!…
26 Feb, 03:00 PM UTC
Charlsie Agro@CBCharlsie
Want more @cbcmarketplace ??? What's in your chicken? CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
26 Feb, 05:58 PM UTC
CorpusChristi DPCDSB@CorpusChristiDP
If your child is in the choir today make sure you're at the Air Canada Centre by 4:00 pm for rehearsal. 🇺🇸🇨🇦🎧🎼🏀
26 Feb, 05:56 PM UTC
Canada's Alternative@Canada_Alt
On Air - ChrisCornell - Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart #alt #tunein
26 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
570 NEWS - Kitchener@570NEWS
Rough landing for Air Canada flight at Pearson airport
26 Feb, 02:50 PM UTC
@Bird5Ca Let's hope and pray they're as full of hot air as the "celebrities" who said they'd come to Canada if Trump was elected.
26 Feb, 06:17 PM UTC
Tosca Austen@ToscaAusten
@RealJamesWoods Go baby, go. Rules are for all...what a novel idea. New sheriff. Don't like laws? Join Rosie &Whoopi on Air Canada. #Sunday
26 Feb, 08:14 PM UTC
AirfareSpot: #Portland to #Beijing or #Shanghai, #China from $483 R/T [Air Canada]
26 Feb, 08:03 PM UTC
Fils de presse@FilsDePresse
Douche froide pour les amateurs de plein air sur la Côte-Nord
26 Feb, 07:25 PM UTC
s/o to air canada for losing my luggage, yall trash
26 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC
Flight Deal Dallas (DFW) - Johannesburg (JNB) USD 729 Round Trip with Air Canada
26 Feb, 07:03 PM UTC
Flight Centre Canada@FlightCentreCa
It's called airplane #fashion. Look it up. --> @AirCanada Launches Striking New Livery Look
26 Feb, 07:00 PM UTC
Sandrine Samson@avec_son
@csrolines i dont Knie if they're really cheap but theres cheapflights, kayak, or even the air Canada website ✈️
26 Feb, 06:44 PM UTC
Danièle Revol@daniele_revol
More Tel Aviv with Air Canada: new service ex Montreal, daily nonstops from Toronto
26 Feb, 06:36 PM UTC
ICI Côte-Nord@ici_cote_nord
Douche froide pour les amateurs de plein air sur la Côte-Nord
26 Feb, 08:16 PM UTC
Ran for my flight like will smith in Pursuit of Happyness astaghfiruallah I hate Air Canada so much!
26 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
KevDog Nasty™@KevmanSmith
@AirCanada shout out to the air Canada lady who asked me if I needed help 40 minutes ago then proceeded to tell me "it's a long wait"
26 Feb, 08:08 PM UTC
KevDog Nasty™@KevmanSmith
@AirCanada I've been here for well over an hour and I haven't been checked in... Missing my midterm tomorrow gg thanks air canada
26 Feb, 08:04 PM UTC
Hospitality Lawyer@hospitality_law
Air #Canada Plane Slides off Runway in #Toronto | | #travel
26 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video Shawn Mendes - Ruin (Live On The Honda Stage From The Air Canada Centre)
26 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC
Canada's Alternative@Canada_Alt
#PlayingNow - LimpBizkit - Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) #alt #tunein
26 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC
Snow Addiction@AddictionToSnow
Frozen Air Bubbles in Abraham Lake, Alberta Canada
26 Feb, 07:50 PM UTC
Hamilton Now@topHamiltonNow
Hamilton trends now: Hamilton, Kansas, Air Canada, Toronto.
26 Feb, 07:48 PM UTC
Manuel Riccio@Big_Manuel1
@skycinemaoscar non ti ciucciare tutto il Wi-Fi dell'Air Canada
26 Feb, 07:40 PM UTC
Ryan O'Dell@_ryanodell
@duncantrussell room here on the air mattress I sleep on in my Nana's apt here in Canada if you want watch the US burn from a safe distance
26 Feb, 07:21 PM UTC
SusyKyu Cosmetics@SusyKyuCosmetic
#Canada TSB not ruling out weather as factor after plane slides off runway in Toronto -
26 Feb, 07:16 PM UTC
Local Toronto@LocalToronto
What's in your chicken? CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
26 Feb, 07:15 PM UTC
@slice_tv will real housewives of Melbourne air season 2 in Canada? #missthisshow
26 Feb, 07:11 PM UTC
Marlow Kelly@want2write
⚡️ “Heavy rain causes Air Canada plane to slide off Toronto runway”
26 Feb, 07:01 PM UTC
TrailBlazers Türkiye@TrailBlazersTR
Takasın son günlerinde PJ Tucker ve Ibaka ile güçlenen Toronto ile karşılaşıyoruz. #Matchday ⌚ 02:00 🏟️ Air Canada…
26 Feb, 06:58 PM UTC
Canada's Alternative@Canada_Alt
On Air - KingsOfLeon - Supersoaker #alt #tunein
26 Feb, 06:58 PM UTC
RT & ENTER TO WIN our "Love is in the air" #Giveaway thanks to @Hallmark_Canada 10/17 #LoveHallmarkCA #Sponsored
26 Feb, 06:56 PM UTC
Mike Babineau@mikebabs
Way to go @SUBWAY no more for me. Eat fresh? More like #eatshit
26 Feb, 06:51 PM UTC
Business Commerce@bizcomm123
#CBC #Business #News What's in your chicken? CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet
26 Feb, 06:46 PM UTC
tara danielle@taradgriener
I got 30$'s in meal vouchers for not losing my shit on Air Canada. I think I've grown as a person.
26 Feb, 06:44 PM UTC
Toronto Press@Toronto_CP
Toronto trends now: Toronto, Thorncliffe Park, Air Canada, Line 1, Whitby.
26 Feb, 06:43 PM UTC
Danièle Revol@daniele_revol
How Air Canada Plans to Compete and Expand
26 Feb, 06:37 PM UTC
#news Air Canada Plane Slides off Runway in Toronto
26 Feb, 06:36 PM UTC
Samantha Nelson@NelsSam
#golf: "Man busted trying to sell golf clubs lost by Air Canada on Kijiji - Canoe"
26 Feb, 06:31 PM UTC
Retired air chiefs urge Liberals to ditch ‘costly and unnecessary’ plan to buy Super Hornet jets | National Post
26 Feb, 06:30 PM UTC
Flight Deal Tampa (TPA) - Hong Kong (HKG) USD 688 Round Trip with Air Canada
26 Feb, 06:28 PM UTC
Air Passenger Rights@AirPassRightsCA
@me_lipson WestJet has to rebook you on Air Canada if that is the only flight available. Record/tape your interactions with WestJet.
26 Feb, 06:27 PM UTC
Bob Gemmill@bob_gemmill42
@CDHoweInstitute Only if the gov.'t is prepared 2 totally recuse themselves from controlling who comes & goes by air into & out of Canada.
26 Feb, 06:26 PM UTC
DJ MacLean@dmac322
@DiscoverySciCa Any plans to air 'mythbusters : The search' in Canada ?
26 Feb, 06:22 PM UTC
Marc LaFrance@lafrancedrums
Almost home. — traveling to Vancouver, Canada from Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
26 Feb, 06:19 PM UTC
Billy Bishop - Canada's top flying ace in WW1 with 72 confirmed victories with the Royal Air Force
26 Feb, 06:18 PM UTC
Guy Halford-Thompson@guyht
Fly 6 times round the earth and Air Canada will send you some luggage tags. #aircanada #Travel #jetlagg
26 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
fusion grill@fusiongrill
Restaurants Canada Borg of Directors. 'resistance is futile' #rcshow17 @ Air Canada Centre
26 Feb, 05:55 PM UTC
Lee Thompson@ihatetheleafs1
@Porsche Any idea when this will air in Canada? CNBC is advertising something called "Asia Squawk Box" at 6:30pm EST in Canada.
26 Feb, 05:54 PM UTC
Canada Zone@Canada_Zone
Air Force officer's sexual assault sentence called lenient #news
26 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
Question: YYC-SIN (stop) SIN-BKK (stop) MNL-YYC?? Can I do this Open Jaw: YYC-SIN (stop) SIN-BKK (stop) MNL-YYC …
26 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
Toronto Press@Toronto_CP
Toronto trends now: Toronto, Thorncliffe Park, East, Air Canada, Line 1.
26 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
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