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الحزن الراقي @shafi_mohmmed
RT @Alwaleed_Talal: تمتلك @Kingdom_KHC ٣٤% بطيران ناس والتي أتمت صفقة بـ٣٢،٢٥ مليار ﷼ KHC owns 34% of @flynas that closed a $8.6B deal ht…
Reuters Top News @Reuters
Airbus CEO sees 'flying car' prototype ready by end of year
Thomas Eisenach @TEisenach
RT @JetPhotos: If the other @Airbus at @flyLAXairport feel small, how do you think the car feels? © Mark H https://…
Maria Odete Madeira @ousiadasein
RT @Drone_Reference: RT @lifeboathq : Airbus working on flying cars, flying buses, ridesharing flying vehicles a… h…
RT @derosnayjoel: Ubériser l'aviation civile avec un avion-taxi autonome. Projet Airbus
SACS @sakthiaviation
RT @AviationWeek: Airbus is installing a large additive-manufacturing machine to 3-D print titanium aircraft structural parts…
C. Pedro Gonçalves @mathematrix
RT @rossdawson: Airbus CEO sees 'flying car' prototype ready by end of year no more asking futurists when flying ca…
Ny @montolymp
RT @MacGeneration: Les voitures autonomes, c’est passé de mode. Airbus veut faire voler sa première voiture dès cette année !…
Chalais Michaël @ChalaisM_AdlH
RT @20Minutes: Taxi volant sans pilote: Airbus veut faire décoller un prototype d’ici la fin de l’année https://t.c…
Petra Campbell @PetraAu
RT @Johny_BGoode: Airbus wants to put its first prototype flying car in the sky by the end of this year. #flyingcar…
oze james @mocknote
RT @TelegraphTech: Flying cars to be tested by end of 2017, says Airbus
caron @Dede621Caron
RT @mobileActus: Airbus veut tester ses taxis aériens autonomes d’ici la fin de l’année 2017
hussein @wisehussein
RT @nitin3kubal: @tr_partha @FoxNews Thank You @airindiain for saving future #FakeCases bcse of #BiasedLaw @AirAsia @IATA @Airbus https://t…
LyShawn Allen @DeLunaVintage
RT @NormanBuffong: Airbus CEO sees 'flying car' prototype ready by end of year via @Reuters
Gilbert Pham Wiz @PhamGilbert
RT @COMELLIStephan: #Airbus veut lancer dans les airs sa #Voiture #Volante dès cette année Via @Siecledigital 🔻
Backlink @_backlink_
RT @lancashirem: Wired UK: Airbus will test a 'flying car' by the end of 2017 #gadgets #science #tech…
Clémence Rigaud @ClmncRgd
RT @Siecledigital: Airbus veut lancer dans les airs sa voiture volante dès cette année !
Dr Claire M Benson @PyroClaire
RT @hervepmorvan: The prospect of flying cars is closer than one might think, say @Airbus, @UoNAerospace @UoNINNOVATIVE @UoNEngineering htt…
atakanulug @ulugatakan
RT @webtekno: Airbus'tan Açıklama: Uçan Otobüsler ve Araçlar Yakında Gökyüzünde! ➤
Pablo @PaBL0gb
RT @muycomputer: Airbus tendrá un prototipo de “coche volador” a finales de año
Wissenschaftsbehörde @hh_bwfg
RT @HAW_Hamburg: Fliegen leiser machen. HAW steuert Rumpfattrappe bei #luftfahrt #aviation #ZAL #HAWissen #akustik
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