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AMC Theatres
Last chance! FOLLOW & RT for a chance to win an @IMAX #AlienCovenant prize pack! Get tix: https://t.co/WDVFNV1ghz
20 May, 02:00 PM UTC
Alien: Covenant
It's an evolution. #AlienCovenant
20 May, 05:45 PM UTC
Alien: Covenant
A masterpiece of fear. See #AlienCovenant in theaters now. https://t.co/Id2G0Ir86F
20 May, 04:00 PM UTC
Alien: Covenant
Danny McBride joins the crew in #AlienCovenant, now playing in theaters. https://t.co/Id2G0Ir86F
20 May, 10:00 PM UTC
I enjoyed #AlienCovenant but y'all know by now I am here for fancy evil gays getting revenge on their heterosexual lessers.
21 May, 04:15 AM UTC
#AlienCovenant เปิดตัวอันดับ 1 อเมริกาวันศุกร์ด้วยรายได้ $15.3 ล้าน คาดสุดสัปดาห์ทำเงิน $38-40 ล้าน ลดลงจากภาค Prom… https://t.co/zfubCZlwrd
21 May, 12:45 AM UTC
Box Office Mojo
Friday #BoxOffice Estimates: #AlienCovenant $15.35m; @Guardians of the Galaxy 2 $8.8m; @EverythingFilm $4.7m… https://t.co/Wh7G6g8fUG
20 May, 03:04 PM UTC
Heather Wixson
In honor of #AlienCovenant, I'm giving away this SXSW exclusive shirt & limited edition Ripley Itty Bitty. Follow &… https://t.co/0HcOSyVwKd
20 May, 09:01 PM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
There are some similarities between #AlienCovenant and #StarWarsTheForceAwakens! https://t.co/LAA2Zs7TLN
21 May, 07:03 AM UTC
"You disturbed people." — Walter to David (#AlienCovenant, 2017) #MichaelFassbender #Alien #Prometheus https://t.co/KXiVxqAecp
21 May, 10:25 AM UTC
James Hancock
Check out my new podcast w/ @SkyeMovies & @WelshBluesman about #AlienCovenant & the history of the #Alien franchise… https://t.co/mrrZc1cCuv
20 May, 09:18 PM UTC
.@AlienAnthology: #COVENANT Expected To Win The Weekend With $40.2 Million Opening. #AlienCovenanthttps://t.co/dTiJ6S8klQ
20 May, 09:06 PM UTC
Trippy Commentaries
Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Heading out now to see #AlienCovenant to celebrate @TrippyMike_TC birthday #StayTrippy
21 May, 02:10 AM UTC
20th Century Fox
#CONCURSO: Tenemos 5 storyboards de una escena de #AlienCovenant firmados por Michael Fassbender​ ¿Quieres uno? >>>… https://t.co/oQwYx0bHZ6
21 May, 11:44 AM UTC
A Beardo Talks Film
Recording our #AlienCovenant review today, please comment if you have a question for us #PodernFamily #MoviePodSquad
21 May, 05:43 AM UTC
What the fuck was with the creepy "Blow into the hole and I'll do the fingering" line from Fassbender #AlienCovenant
21 May, 09:25 AM UTC
ShowPlace ICON
RT to be entered to win an @AlienAnthology Tshirt, Courtesy of @20thcenturyfox Tickets: https://t.co/pU1WLaPxTmhttps://t.co/1sFBJeTNOo
21 May, 12:30 PM UTC
#samuraijack #AlienCovenant Made this for my 2 fave things right now 👌Enjoy! 😘 (#SamuraiJackFinale should have ende… https://t.co/wTISMi7m1x
21 May, 11:17 AM UTC
один фассбендер – прекрасно, а два фассбендера – это просто ахуенно #AlienCovenant
21 May, 11:51 AM UTC
Kerasotes Theatres
RT to be entered to win an @AlienAnthology Tshirt, Courtesy of @20thcenturyfox Tickets: https://t.co/dI42micFdGhttps://t.co/LCGSHBVgCb
21 May, 12:30 PM UTC
VOX Cinemas Qatar
Wondering how Prometheus & #AlienCovenant are connected?Check out the official prologue. Book tickets at… https://t.co/nfCjFWRlrs
21 May, 05:48 AM UTC
Watching Prometheus w/a special appearance from a giant claw machine before heading out to #aliencovenant because… https://t.co/r62p5HBoST
21 May, 12:19 PM UTC
Sean Murphy
My #AlienCovenant review 🐼🤹‍♀️📲💩🤢💇😴🦁🍆
21 May, 12:16 PM UTC
Brennen 🥃
The best part about #AlienCovenant was the dude in the front getting drunk during the movie.
21 May, 12:16 PM UTC
Jason Wiese
It appears I'm the only one in the world disappointed by #AlienCovenant. Should I watch it again, Ripley?
21 May, 12:15 PM UTC
Nachher gehts in #AlienCovenant Und irgendwie hab ich sogar Bock. Kann also nur scheiße werden.
21 May, 12:13 PM UTC
Chris Whayman
@LASTEXITshirts . Pre Alien lunch. Appropriately attired, naturally. #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:11 PM UTC
Pascal Trottier
I try to watch a movie within the context of that one movie. Not by what came before. By that token, #AlienCovenant is pretty great.
21 May, 12:11 PM UTC
Andrea Calamia
#AlienCovenant was so underwhelming. A 6.5/10 at most. This is not the same league, nor even the same sport when compared to Alien & Aliens
21 May, 12:07 PM UTC
En el blog estamos repasando las películas de la saga Alien. https://t.co/yxSFUtNkcv #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:05 PM UTC
Time to watch some colonists get chest bursted! #AlienCovenant #potatophoto
21 May, 12:33 PM UTC
Michael Fassbender is the best part of #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:32 PM UTC
🐨 Michaël 🐨
Je connais enfin la genèse des aliens #AlienCovenant #genese
21 May, 12:31 PM UTC
George Arnaoutoglou
The latest The music Daily! https://t.co/vW5c45uCY8 Thanks to @NME #twinpeaks #aliencovenant
21 May, 12:31 PM UTC
Professional Human
I was told to read Milton's Paradise Lose if I want to understand #AlienCovenant. That won't explain the potholes. XD
21 May, 12:30 PM UTC
carla 🇩🇴
#AlienCovenant is some good shit
21 May, 12:30 PM UTC
David Somerville
My #AlienCovenant review: Ridley Scott is very disappointed in all of us for not liking #Prometheus.
21 May, 12:29 PM UTC
Mr Styles ☎️
Covenant time to two damn lovebirds 🕊 #aliencovenant https://t.co/wCSfmqkJIR
21 May, 12:28 PM UTC
Alan Bilbao
Alien: Covenant is Alien, Aliens, and a sprinkle of Prometheus thrown into a blender. And it ain't that bad. #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:27 PM UTC
Pascal Trottier
There's a kid out there, who has not seen the original films, thinking #AlienCovenant is his new favorite movie. I'd give that kid a high5.
21 May, 12:23 PM UTC
Dino Paulo
A return to form for Mr Ridley Scott! Alien is back in a BIG way! #AlienCovenant #xenomorph #neomorph #epic
21 May, 12:22 PM UTC
Jon snow
Je viens​de voir #AlienCovenant je suis ultra vnr
21 May, 12:22 PM UTC
Ismael Tillawi
The latest The Ismael Tillawi Daily Gazette ! https://t.co/f9kzg9nHlf #fallontonight #aliencovenant
21 May, 12:20 PM UTC
Laur misses Lexa 🍍
Btw David is a synthetic scumbag. #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:19 PM UTC
Pascal Trottier
If I were a 15 year old watching #AlienCovenant without having seen the original films, I'd be losing my mind by how good it is.
21 May, 12:17 PM UTC
Jacki King
Caught #AlienCovenant - gorgeous, gory, scary bt "twist" ending pissed me off. Done so many ways now, not creative bt lazy. #Cliche #Sigh
21 May, 12:17 PM UTC
Tom Buxton
@GethinPearce I'd question your knowledge of pop cult references were I not so grateful for your explanation given… https://t.co/KcKiNTo3Ci
21 May, 12:17 PM UTC
Daria Myakisheva
БОЛЬШЕ библейских отсылок в следующем фильме, пожалуйста #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:12 PM UTC
David Bradshaw
Really enjoyed AlienCovenant last night! 👾👾 Now we need the next Predator movie to come out asap. #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:10 PM UTC
#AlienCovenant is ideaal voor een zondags bioscoopbezoekje. https://t.co/fu7WRC9gDX
21 May, 12:10 PM UTC
Harry Rubio
@marina_vg @AlienAnthology Uffffff con nuestra coincidencia cinematográfica estoy seguro de que la película me va a encantar #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:09 PM UTC
Dino Paulo
@screenrant I jus can't wait for the sequel!!! #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:08 PM UTC
Mon 1er avis à chaud d'#AlienCovenant en attendant quelques chose de plus rédigé => https://t.co/3EkU7rujLq
21 May, 12:08 PM UTC
Planet Schumi
Going to watch #AlienCovenant ....wish me luck #AlienSunday
21 May, 12:06 PM UTC
Pascal Trottier
I know it's hard, but try viewing #AlienCovenant on its own, without the context of the original films, and you'll see it's great.
21 May, 12:06 PM UTC
Myslel jsem, že máme v garáži jen auto, lyže a kola... #vetrelec #alien #AlienCovenant
21 May, 12:05 PM UTC
Pundits Shøw
#AlienCovenant est génial just un peu déçu de la mini apparition de #JamesFranco qui mérite un plus important rôle ..
21 May, 12:05 PM UTC
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