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Ed Sheeran
So heartbreaking. Love and prayers for Manchester.
23 May, 03:21 PM UTC
BBC Newsnight
"We can react in anger. Or we can react by doing" - powerful interview with blood donor Ian in Manchester
23 May, 06:26 PM UTC
Harry Updates.
“There’s been a tragedy in my home town of Manchester. And I’ve been left with a hole in my heart.” - Harry at the show tonight
24 May, 12:45 AM UTC
Usher Raymond IV
I'm heartbroken by the senseless attack that took place in Manchester. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected. #PrayForManchester
23 May, 07:11 PM UTC
People of Manchester "opened their doors to strangers" after Ariana Grande concert attack, says Mayor Andy Burnham…
23 May, 07:04 AM UTC
BBC Breaking News
Important to send message that "we are grieving, we are strong and we are together" - @MayorofGM Andy Burnham…
23 May, 09:57 AM UTC
BBC Breaking News
Manchester Arena attack was "evil act", the city is "grieving today but we are strong"- @MayorofGM Andy Burnham…
23 May, 06:57 AM UTC
andy lassner
Contact all of them and tell them @seanhannity exploits grieving families without shame or remorse. Tell them And…
23 May, 09:25 PM UTC
Legion Hoops
Nooooooo. 😂 (via @ringer)
24 May, 04:04 AM UTC
日本の共謀罪の事は世界中の人達が心配してTwitterで呟いています コレをコピペして検索してみてください⇒ conspiracy bill Japan 日本人の人達の反対の声は世界中に届いていますよ 日本政府も知らんぷりは不可…
23 May, 01:07 PM UTC
Because I'm a Guy
best highlight of Manu's career was when he killed a bat with his bare hand
24 May, 04:35 AM UTC
History Lovers Club
Andy Warhol with the Velvet Underground. 1960s
23 May, 12:23 PM UTC
Borys Kit
Studio is already looking for new director on JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, with one source saying IT director Andy Muschietti is on the list.
24 May, 12:10 AM UTC
History in Moments
Andy Warhol Polaroids
24 May, 03:27 AM UTC
✈️ Lisa Harding ✏️✏️
It was a belter of a shot Andy! Thanks for this glorious sight @BBMF_Preecey @BBMF_Spitflyer @Disco_BBMF & Parky…
23 May, 05:42 PM UTC
23 May, 11:25 PM UTC
We Are Tennis
World No. 1 Andy #Murray has landed in Paris @rolandgarros! (Photos @TennisActu) #RG17
23 May, 10:24 AM UTC
Daniel Cohan
DOE energy efficiency research yields 300% return on investment. Fossil programs: 2% ROI. via @ConversationUS
23 May, 11:37 PM UTC
23 May, 08:48 PM UTC
BREAKING: #JusticeLeagueDark Loses Director Doug Liman #DC #DCFilms #DCEU
24 May, 12:15 AM UTC
USTA Player Dev.
.@usta National Coach @brandi_andy with today's Training Drill: The Turning Drill Watch:
23 May, 05:50 PM UTC
Ben Tranellio ᏍᏏᏉᏯ
#Sanità Oggi leggo questo articolo, anche se mi basta la nn obbligatorietà. "Se è palese che è per soldi la sfiduci…
24 May, 01:47 AM UTC
RT @aracelyarambula #compartiendo #friends me encanta verlas y disfrutar , reír ✨#gazopolanco Janeth 🌈Andy ✨ and I……
24 May, 04:07 AM UTC
c h a o t i c.
Nunca conocí a una persona fuerte con un pasado fácil.
24 May, 04:09 AM UTC
@ArnCrayonderson @BrianAudley What Andy said... also you can talk about how fucking bad you are at beer pong
23 May, 11:25 PM UTC
Museums Aotearoa
Andy Lowe from @temanawanz reckons we've got so much to do to make sure people get in. #MA17NZ
24 May, 04:23 AM UTC
Red Bearded Fuck
Is Central Jersey real?
24 May, 04:24 AM UTC
Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube: Checco Zalone - incontri online al buio
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Brenda Barbosa
@ItsAndyBitch Love you too Andy
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Reposting @intrepy: The goal of your marketing efforts should be on creating actually value #blogging
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
@Ismaamp Ok córtalas forever bais 🙃
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
Lee Easton
@pupspl0x @ANDY_P_S I'd rather they clean the house and don't shit, otherwise they need to clean it again 😉
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
#Rudy S.
@andy_bud @mkusumawijaya ide yg bagus, program dr jaman jebod itu..
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
@kokoron0304 フジグラン安藤店
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
Junk Yard Blonde
Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Wall HangingBobbs Merrill CoRag via @Etsy
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
gonna feel so weird driving to andy by myself .
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
*watching UFC and a dude gets knocked out* @fannyduraaan : "that's how fucked up I wanna get"
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
@LiamPayne @zaynmalik I didn't have the heart to tell her that Liam and Zayn weren't Jake and Andy so she probably…
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
andy schauer
man we are so #blessed to have this master negotiator as potus
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
Andy magongo
Just the one unfollower today found tracked by
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
Andi Darmawan
Mbok ya dibaca yg lengkap dan seksama tho.. @andy_bud "@mkusumawijaya: Andy juga? 🤔
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
@Robert_bikei @bikeikaigi_ukyo 後はKOF、風雲、月華から選りすぐりの美形キャラ達が集う予定さ。一応、KOFからはすでに紅丸君を呼んである。月華の剣士からは…… 守矢さんに電話を入れてみようか?
24 May, 04:46 AM UTC
David gilmour
I liked a @YouTube video Rosanna cover by Richie Castellano & Andy Ascolese
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Highway Rock Radio
#NP Andy J Gallagher @andyjgallagher @plugginbaby @emma_scott - Boy Racer on @HighwayRock365
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Girls who text first 😍
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Raeu Guerrero🇦🇴 ✖❌
@sao_andy Sei que sou #TeamYuko kkkkk Mesmo sabendo que ela não vai chegar la. Mas adoro ela
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
kyaanuhh 🐴
@Andyy_301 "how many donuts should I eat one or two" Me: "1" Andy: "fuck it I'm eating three" 😂😂
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Don Murray
Cheeck out this little clip of Andy Wilksch from the Motul Pirelli Sherco Team:...
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Raeu Guerrero🇦🇴 ✖❌
@sao_andy Verdade Gleice e Fernando Enfim Vamos ver no que dará esse embroleo todo.
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Kristi "Jessica"
You people have NO IDEA I am sorry Andy.
24 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Collin Berend 🖤
@ClackamasPrint report former @ClackCollege teacher @AndyMingo resigned after accused of falsifying student records.
24 May, 04:44 AM UTC
@treelesbian @hivehum Brb gotta cancel an order
24 May, 04:44 AM UTC
@andy_sanchezro Cámara, ya deja dormir
24 May, 04:44 AM UTC
@Andy My ? Is for u. Why Conan 🤔
24 May, 04:44 AM UTC
@Andy_Officer Oh FUG. Yeah it's not a normal day here unless someone's been shot
24 May, 04:44 AM UTC
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