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Herman Cain @THEHermanCain
Angela Merkel to start paying refugees to leave Germany voluntarily
Wize Media @WizeMediaNews
RT @V_of_Europe: Another Merkel u-turn: German chancellor calls for FASTER deportation of failed migrants
Huber Walter @huber2017walter
RT @claudio_schmid: Was ist eigentlich der PR-Berater von Angela Merkel von Beruf?
Berke ϜϓſϞ @mehmetsari32
RT @paraantez: ABD'nin Alman siyasetçileri dinlemesine ilişkin Angela Merkel 5 saat ifade verdi Başbakan ifade mi verir Bunların Demokrasid…
MrsTillieShimelstone @TillieReturns
RT @V_of_Europe: How cosy! Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau share CANDLE-LIT DINNER before sharing a kiss
rhonda go @rhondago2
RT @CanadianPM: PM Trudeau is officially welcomed to the Federal Chancellery of Germany by Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Newsbreak Canada @NewsbreakCanada
RT @DavidJo52951945: This really is enough to make anyone sick, poor Canada
Roman Pollmeier @RomanPollmeier
RT @plasticfinger: Mein Name ist Angela Dorothea Kasner. Ich weiß von nichts. Und das was ich weiß, habe ich aus der Zeitung.…
verkeyn.ivan @2009bess
RT @NIRPUmbrella: Classic Putin bringing his labrador into a press conference with Angela Merkel in 2007; the German Chancellor has a well…
Deplorable Cindy @cindyannga
RT @pmclauth: Merkel invites 1 million Muslims a year into Germany. Within 2 years her MPs call for martial law
🇨🇦Dartn Vapour @MCMikeSkywalker
RT @TMZ: Justin Trudeau & Angela Merkel Share VERY Close Moment (PHOTOS)
Khaoula ⚜️Joudani @khawlix
RT @CPAC_TV: PM @JustinTrudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel lay flowers at Breitscheidplatz, the site of the December 2016 Christmas…
michel banville @mbmbveri
RT @cherielle100: « Nous avons perdu le contrôle de nos rues ». L’Allemagne de Merkel sombre dans l’anarchie - Angela Merkel #polqc https:/…
Oren Dorell @OrenDorell
RT @silvalis75: @AFP Angela Merkel is now leader of the free world. Remember when that was us? Now we are being warned cuz the world sees u…
Dave Smith @Dave_Sm1th
RT @heatherm999: Dear god. Angela Merkel .. What have you DONE? ..You've invited 1 million+ 'third world' blokes to Europe - who consider w…
Highballer @PatKell63655699
RT @CBCNews: From @NahlahAyed: Among 'last defenders' of liberal world order, Angela Merkel does heavier lifting ht…
Stefan Eich @eich_se
RT @tbgstephen: New Poll Angela Merkel Ready to Be OUSTED 64% want her GONE over her disastrous refugee invasion policy…
Khaoula ⚜️Joudani @khawlix
RT @CPAC_TV: Watch today's full news conference with PM Trudeau and Angela Merkel:
WA @WA4041
RT @ZDFheute: Angela Merkel: „Die NATO ist auch für die USA eine wichtige Institution.“
Zany @zanygranny
RT @CPAC_TV: At news conference w/ Angela Merkel @JustinTrudeau defends Canada's NATO role: Germany, Canada "have always been among the str…
Alicia Garcia @caligi14
RT @Dinamico_7: @AFP Angela Merkel, the new leader of the free world makes a warning
ProjectCounselGroup @ProjectCounsel
RT @GregBufithis: "We just need one more election to go wrong, and the EU will no longer be what it is today" #MSC2017…
Je suis Zhengzhou @DoctorEuge
RT @SCroixFreePress: VP Mike Pence to Meet with Angela Merkel, Speak at Munich Security Conference…
Elvira Serra @elvira_serra
RT @leonard_berberi: E niente, il primo ministro canadese #Trudeau ha conquistato pure la cancelliera tedesca Angela #Merkel (foto Markus S…
Rosie @Blue_Star_mv1
RT @CP24: Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to meet in Berlin
Niki Kelley @AJDGNK17
RT @lidiya_selwood: This is all the world needs to know about "Open Borders", "Refugee Invasions" & "Migrant Crisi…
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