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Sam McBride @SJAMcBride
Alluding to this(, Arlene Foster says DUP got money from "organisation in England that wants to see the Union kept"
Alannah Clarke ϟ @alannahJc
RT @MarkMcL94: EXCLUSIVE: leaked photo of Arlene Foster's notes for #vote17 #ae17 debate
Séamus O'Kane @Seamus_Belfast
RT @AlexKane221b: It can't be long before Arlene Foster blames Gerry Adams for the RHI scheme.
Rory C @weebuns26
RT @BarryMcColgan: BREAKING: An exclusive glimpse inside Arlene Foster's brain. #Vote17
Mark Guilfoyle @markguilfoyle1
RT @AllisonMorris1: If you'd to drink a shot every time Arlene Foster said Gerry Adams you'd be pished by now #AE17
David Swanson @SwannyBhoy756
RT @AlexKane221b: A bit more detail about Arlene Foster's unionism and policy would be less tiresome than her spooking guff about Adams and…
C๏nn๏r Smyth @csmyth67
RT @RadioBlake: If I had £1 for every time Arlene Foster mentioned Sinn Fein I'd have £1.60 #Vote17
Dr. Vapor™ @tayy_sims
RT @GerryKellyMLA: Arlene Foster still in denial that the RHI scandal and her refusal to stand aside caused this election.
I Hate Racists @alipacino333
RT @RedDiesel_: Arlene Foster is so obsessed with Gerry Adams she's beginning to look like him. 🐊🐊
pauline kelly @pcailin
RT @brendanhughes64: Arlene Foster says donations for DUP #Brexit campaign were from 'an organisation in England that wants to see the unio…
Patrick Harvie @patrickharvie
RT @SJAMcBride: Arlene Foster declines to tell @MarkCarruthers7 the sum of the donation & won't say who donated it, but says it was "proper…
Martin @martycon73
RT @HamillOSF: Arlene Foster on tonight's election debate. #SinkingShip #Vote17 #AE17
Mirren @mirrenmckenna_
RT @BarryMcColgan: Arlene Foster mentioned Sinn Féin 4 times & Gerry Adams twice in opening statement.
Love, Not Hate. @End_Hate_NI
RT @bbctheview: .@deirdreheenan says @dupleader intv was a shocker for Arlene Foster
sam baker @bakersf71
RT @BBCMarkSimpson: Arlene Foster confirms on @bbctheview she rejected invite to Republic of Ireland v Italy match at Euros: "I'm not into…
caitlin @Ixmitless
RT @Aubs93: If I got £1 every time Arlene Foster said "Gerry Adams" , I'd probably be able to finance the entire RHI scheme myself. #vote17
Richard Kolk @RichardKolk39
RT @wee_baldy_ian: Arlene Foster would piss on your sofa then complain Gerry Adams was hogging the bathroom , #NolanLIVE
Dr. Vapor™ @tayy_sims
RT @sinnfeinireland: I couldn't support Arlene Foster as FM or dFM while the investigation is ongoing - @moneillsf on UTV leaders debate #…
Clodagh Ní Seách @clodaghshaw12
RT @PatSheehanMLA: I think Arlene Foster secretly fancies @GerryAdamsSF xoxo #Vote17 💘
Cllr Stephen Cooper @S_J_Cooper
RT @JimAllister: Arlene Foster eager to scaremonger but less keen to answer if she would block a SF First Minister by refusing to nominate…
tess ni ghallachoir @tessieharkin
RT @eoinmcshanesf: Mark Carruthers is literally verbally tearing Arlene Foster to shreds on @bbctheview. 🐊🐊
Seán Maguire @seanpoetwriter
RT @SJAMcBride: Arlene Foster: "It is absolutely wrong for Mike Nesbitt to advocate transferring to may lead us into a v di…
tess ni ghallachoir @tessieharkin
RT @AineEibhlin: Arlene foster ' the irish govt spend 20 or 30 million on the irish language' @bbctheview @RTERnaG
Paul Evans @Kalista63
RT @AndrewMuirNI: Arlene Foster yet again not across ever 'jot and tittle' Could voluntarily declare DUP donors today but clearly prefers k…
Arduns Anne @annearduns
RT @jusraff: Arlene Foster can't quite remember how much an "English organisation" paid her to take out a Brexit advert in metro.... a Lond…
Paul Evans @Kalista63
RT @Ehaughian: Says it all when Arlene Foster can't even look at Mark Carruthers when she is arrogantly spouting her lies on @bbctheview #g…
Paul Evans @Kalista63
RT @Samm_Mills20: Arlene Foster has completely lost her marbles. How can you be so dismissive of the Irish language? It's part of our cultu…
Paul Evans @Kalista63
RT @LukeJBloomer: Arlene Foster lacks humility but arrogance is abundant. Arrogant Arlene, Chief DUPer. #ArrogantArlene #DUP #Vote17
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