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Arlene 🖤 @arlene_wehrle
RT @sequaIs: if you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the oc…
Arlene Mumphord @arlene_mumphord
RT @HouseMovie: Today, we go all in. #TheHouseMovie trailer is finally here.
Sinn Féin @sinnfeinireland
Arlene, were you looking for someone? #AE17 #vote17
Arlene Angulo @arlene__angulo
RT @Luvvie: B/c white men can be misogynist xenophobes w/ no qualifications and still rise to control the world. The ultimate participation…
lucysilvawu @Lucylui_uw
RT @mzkayel: #MyExAndWhysMegablockbusterDay2 Ganito po sila sa set. Kaya deserve na deserve nila ang 31.5M on its first day! Cto ms.arlene…
Amy Garrett Dikkers @Konijn
RT @freedom4allusa: UNANIMOUS WIN: #Washington Supreme Court rules against anti-#LGBT discrimination in @ACLU Arlene's Flowers case https:/…
Edward connolly @edward_eddcara
RT @MarkMcL94: EXCLUSIVE: leaked photo of Arlene Foster's notes for #vote17 #ae17 debate
Sean Keenan @seantkeenan
RT @AlexKane221b: It can't be long before Arlene Foster blames Gerry Adams for the RHI scheme.
🐊An crogall 🐊 @MarkSpur61
RT @AlexKane221b: If I'd had a shot of vodka every time Arlene mentions Gerry Adams then I'd be blotto by now. And, to be honest, I kind of…
Rory C @weebuns26
RT @BarryMcColgan: BREAKING: An exclusive glimpse inside Arlene Foster's brain. #Vote17
Arlene Mumphord @arlene_mumphord
RT @e_entertainment: Us after hearing the news of #TheRoyalsSeason4. ☺️
RT @SJAMcBride: In Friday's News Letter: civil service minute leaked; Arlene Foster denies her ex-official's claim she had role in delaying…
🐊An crogall 🐊 @MarkSpur61
RT @AllisonMorris1: If you'd to drink a shot every time Arlene Foster said Gerry Adams you'd be pished by now #AE17
Paul @endtimesone
RT @apurposefulwife: Arlene's Flowers is forced to cater same sex wedding. Our freedom of association is being stripped state by state by l…
Força Chape @98e4c629f4ef41c
RT @leahlupa: Why does Arlene Foster think it's only Sinn Féin party members that want an Irish Language act? The Irish language is for eve…
Arlene Kessler @arlene_kessler
RT @dailykos: Expect the special rights of Christians to trample everyone else's in Sessions' Justice Department
Seán South @Seanofthesouth
RT @jjnorthbelfast: So Arlene says the Irish government spends 20/30 million on Irish Language Act. That's 80/70 million less than Nelson M…
Julie Hatfield @golfingbunny
RT @SutherlandInst: Ruling in Washington v. Arlene’s Flowers should chill 1st Amendment advocates everywhere. @Alli…
Simey @SimonArtherton
RT @SJAMcBride: Arlene Foster declines to tell @MarkCarruthers7 the sum of the donation & won't say who donated it, but says it was "proper…
Anne-Marie Phillips @chloe7719
RT @GerryKellyMLA: Were we watching The Election Debate tonight or The Blame Game. Arlene, who do you blame for ....everything? Aaaah Gerry…
Sam Nicholson @stjnicholson
RT @HamillOSF: Arlene Foster on tonight's election debate. #SinkingShip #Vote17 #AE17
Sam Nicholson @stjnicholson
RT @bbctheview: .@deirdreheenan says @dupleader intv was a shocker for Arlene Foster
suuzzy que @heroesofmine
RT @NAACP_LDF: Read our brief explaining why religious motivations can't justify discrimination in public accommodations…
Richard Kolk @RichardKolk39
RT @wee_baldy_ian: Arlene Foster would piss on your sofa then complain Gerry Adams was hogging the bathroom , #NolanLIVE
Sam Nicholson @stjnicholson
RT @AlexKane221b: .@bbctheview I suspect Arlene doesn't give a damn about 'humility' because she's actually pretty sure she's heading for a…
James Morgan @JamesDuffym68
RT @keithbelfast: Arlene 9pm UTV: "Gerry Adams, Gerry Adams, Gerry A.." Arlene 11pm BBC: "Just because you say something more than once doe…
Laura Schwenk 💃🏽 @schwenkmom
RT @BillWixey: BREAKING: State Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex couple refused service by Arlene's Flowers to provide flowers for t…
Sam Nicholson @stjnicholson
RT @Seamus_Close: #vote17. That was a very poor performance by Arlene Foster.
Stephen Douthart @SteffDouff
RT @eoinyk: @DUPleader Arlene Foster "can't remember" the amount & won't say who gave Brexit 'donation'. How convenient…
Josh Smith @Firemonkey47
RT @JeffPohjola: WA St Supreme Court ruling in Arlene's Flowers case. Unanimous 9-0 ruling. Owner plans appeal to SCOTUS.…
arlene gacia @arlene_gacia
RT @samanthaesc916: Shut him up real quick. 🤗
Sam Nicholson @stjnicholson
RT @DavidRoe92: To be fair to Arlene, she's consistent in having no idea how much money is being spent and on whom.
Lytel @sanrio0501
RT @RuizLigaya: Hello Arlene welcome to the young at hearts family ! #LLInvite
Sam Nicholson @stjnicholson
RT @Mark_theMoff: Obviously Arlene has been watching those horror films where if you say the boogeyman's name 3 times or more he appears #U…
Arlene Sheen @ringleader1010
RT @candysandra78: I love this season😊Thank you Arlene happy thursday❤ #TWDFamily
JMC @JmcFamily1st
RT @AllenDavidBell: @DUPleader You just have no idea Arlene. When are you going to apologise. Incompetence or corruption. Both need an apol…
JMC @JmcFamily1st
RT @marty_0007: @DUPleader see arlene thats what normal human beings do, apoloigise when they are wrong
Paddy Cronan @Paddyotg
RT @ManachainO: @duponline @DUPleader Arlene Foster probably the most shifty, dodgy person I've seen on TV since Arthur Daly.
Dee Tallarico @IamDeenaT
RT @mrrickhits: The Burbans has a show on 02/18/2017 at 07:00 PM @ Arlene's Grocery in New York, NY...
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