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Neal Curtis @NealCurtis
RT @BrianSpanner1: #askpaulnuttall What kept you going while you were trapped in that Chilean Mine? https://t.co/yRY0BCa86G
Jackie Young @jackie51young
RT @TheProleStar: #askpaulnuttall On a scale of 1-10, how welcome are you going to be back in Merseyside? https://t.co/FbbbM8O3iI
Archaeomanda @arwintcher
RT @dawnwelsh10: Keeping those #Immigrants at bay since #1066 #AskPaulNuttall https://t.co/55HgbP6t2v
Scott Wilks @scottwilks
RT @mathewhbenham: Wow! I forgot about his performance at Live Aid. #paulnutallfacts #askpaulnuttall https://t.co/jaMmGYqjJC
Andrew Tate. 🕊️ @Spudfish83
RT @Mark_85: #askpaulnuttall can you confirm this picture is true and that you did actually knock down the Berlin Wall? https://t.co/GLBbes…
Twenty Sarahteen @sarahlicity
RT @BillSmi12504401: #askpaulnuttall will you ever consider privatizing yourself since you're publicly being owned right now?
Nigel Holt @AberPsych
RT @grumbleandgripe: #askpaulnuttall will you ever forgive Lee Harvey? https://t.co/kzOkdSpCUm
HuffPost UK Politics @HuffPostUKPol
#AskPaulNuttall sees Ukip leader pay the price for his latest backtrack brag https://t.co/dWdDV7KRD1 https://t.co/NY07KQuVL4
Steve Carter - THFC @SteveCarter66
RT @jamesian01: Given all the abuse you are receiving do you now regret inventing the internet?#askpaulnuttall
Nigel Holt @AberPsych
RT @OneJoshAdams_: #askpaulnuttall - It's like looking at a poor mans version of Bottom. https://t.co/qNJ9JAsMz4
phillip prince @phillipxprince1
RT @Franco2809: Paul Nuttall celebrating winning the Leyland DAF Cup for Tranmere with Ian Muir #AskPaulNuttall https://t.co/rEMQ3hh6pd
Brenda Powell @BrendaJoan196
RT @Rachael_Swindon: Are you deleting page after page of lies from your website as I type?? #AskPaulNuttall #StokeCentral https://t.co/rSc1…
Andrew Tate. 🕊️ @Spudfish83
RT @twataboutery: What was it like sitting for Da Vinci? #askpaulnuttall https://t.co/MNowIZ4oyj
MaoALun @maoalun
RT @Alexicon83: #AskPaulNuttall - do you think the average person is aware that the mainstream media is pumping out biased propaganda? http…
Jennifer Thomas @JennieW46
RT @WillBlackWriter: #AskPaulNuttall - You blamed a press officer for a statement by YOU on YOUR site. And this one? https://t.co/IE6G…
Avalanche @Avalanche4EU
RT @SKZCartoons: There is nothing I would like to #askpaulnuttall. I have all the answers. I made them up. Just like he did. https://t.co/2…
john west @johnboin5
RT @johnamcgowan: #askpaulnuttall If I saw you and Nigel Farage both drowning in a river, which sandwich should I eat?
GreenSnake @GreenSnake11_
RT @Alexicon83: In #StokeCentral with @OwaisRajput3 campaigning for @ukip and @paulnuttallukip #stokebyelection #askpaulnuttall https://t.c…
Chris Mansfield ✊✌️ @chrismanse1981
RT @Rachael_Swindon: Hi @paulnuttallukip Do you mind if I call you #FakeNewsNuttall from now on? #AskPaulNuttall https://t.co/qVxphWPk8u
karen tily @Stormkat454
RT @Tuckleton: @AmberRudd_MP #askpaulnuttall if he was at #orgreave. But seriously We need an inquiry. We need @orgreavejustice https://t.…
adamc0mmun15m @neon_black1871
RT @GusTheFox: #askpaulnuttall How did you keep your spirits up when you were trapped in the 2010 Copiapó mining accident in Chile with you…
Steve Carter - THFC @SteveCarter66
RT @JoshuaMurrayNev: Is it the heavy wool of your tweed trousers that led to your pants to being on fire? #askpaulnuttall
Pete @PlantPete
RT @Hepworthclare: Is it true that you single handedly built the *Ark* ( with Migrant labour ) #askpaulnuttall
Kek 🐸 Smiles @Kenny_D93
RT @teeeeej_: #askpaulnuttall If you were in a room with Hitler and Bin Laden and had a gun with 1 bullet, which press officer would you sh…
Artifactorfiction @Artifactorficti
RT @MarieAnnUK: Do you think the World thanked you enough for single handedly winning World War Two ? #AskPaulNuttall https://t.co/OJNikiJ0…
Richard James @Richard_James30
RT @OwaisRajput3: UKIP team always visible on streets of Stoke Central #UKIPStoke #StokeCentral #stokebyelection #AskPaulNuttall #UKIP http…
Patrick Quinn @baddogOTM
RT @brijmohun: OMG, Truth is Out, menage et trois, #Lewinsky was the scapegoat, for @paulnuttallukip & #Clinton. #Brexit #askpaulnuttall #p…
Emily Thornbird @LadyNugee
RT @LadyNugeeMP: How long until @Nigel_Farage is back as interim @UKIP leader, again? #askpaulnuttall
Neil Taggart @TigerTaggart
RT @jimmoores: @MichaelLCrick I hope they extend the by election for six months. The @paulnuttallukip show is hilarious. #askpaulnuttall
Chase Carbon @ChaseCarbon
RT @Tobysdad41: BREAKING NEWS-Paul Nuttall confirms he is in fact Lord Lucan...😳 #askpaulnuttall
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