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Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas
Surely now Govt •must• step in & bring line back into public hands. We deserve better than this failing company:
jcarrilloromano @jcarrilloromano
RT @BBCBreaking: Aslef members reject deal with operators of Southern rail that would have ended long-running UK industrial dispute https:/…
Ups & Downs @kona92
RT @MarcherLord1: ASLEF reporting that Southern drivers have rejected the new deal; next strike goes ahead. You have to admit, the T&Cs l…
Martyn Cheney @marto1971
RT @SkyNewsBreak: Aslef union says drivers on Southern Railway have rejected a deal aimed at resolving a long-running dispute over driver-o…
Max Schumacher @kocherpirat
RT @JerryHicksUnite: Brilliant #Aslef members far better trade unionists than their leaders & #TUC who tried to undermine #RMT Solidarity h…
Hieronymous Tosh @leftnutter
RT @conradlandin: BREAKING: Aslef drivers reject TUC-brokered deal with Southern rail by 54.1% to 45.9%.
David Smith @insportfoto
RT @PeterStefanovi2: As ASLEF members reject Southern deal a reminder this dispute IS ABOUT PASSENGER SAFETY! https…
Kulgan of Crydee @KulganofCrydee
RT @MarcherLord1: The #ASLEF & #SouthernRail/RMT strikes. Vote & RT
Service @notlistenning1
RT @KayBurley: Bad news for southern rail commuters. Drivers reject a deal aimed at resolving a long-running dispute over driver-only train…
(((AnnRussell-Day))) @Granny_Day
RT @MarcherLord1: #ASLEF #southernstrike Your days are numbered boys. We have the technology.
}Bliadhnaichean{ 48% @Bliadhnaichean
RT @JamesSorah: Well done to rank & file Southern ASLEF members. Showing true solidarity & standing with their @RMTunion workmates. https:/…
Ian Sharps @ircsharps
RT @newsthump: NEWS! UKIP calls for ban on Aslef for sounding a bit foreign
John D Thomson @ThomsonJD
RT @TilouHdF: Well, well @theresa_may #ASLEF driver's have voted 54:46 to continue #southernstrike - Isn't that what you call the "will of…
RT @VaughanThomas1: #ASLEF well done to Aslef members for rejecting the unsafe and divisive Southern deal
marshlinktrains @marshlinktrains
RT @TheBalfOfficial: Sack all the union fuckers. I'm happy for no service for a month to train a bunch of monkeys to do their jobs #ASLEF #…
SuttonCroydonTUSC @steveaappleton
RT @Socialist_party: Aslef members reject Southern deal - Now for coordinated action to fight to win #southernFail
SouthernRailOK @SouthernRailOK
RT @MarcherLord1: A robot wouldn't have done this. The train driver said he was 'distracted' #GoDriverless #ASLEF
john burgess @John_Burgess001
RT @davidhencke: Now even more necessary after Aslef ballot
brown_eyed09 @brown_eyed09
RT @CityAM: Members of Aslef union reject Southern rail deal
keith stainer @SamAmexks
RT @neilmonnery: ASLEF drivers have rejected the deal to end their industrial dispute on Southern. Looks like this nightmare will never end…
marshlinktrains @marshlinktrains
RT @frontwards: The driver on the 17:52 London Bridge to Victoria singing "always look on the bright side of life" re: the #aslef #southern…
marshlinktrains @marshlinktrains
RT @EIliott: #Southern. Bin. #Aslef. Bin. Aslef members. Bin. #southernstrike
marshlinktrains @marshlinktrains
RT @RichardNorthey: Proof #ASLEF union members are worryingly even more left-wing than their leadership #SouthernStrike…
Simon Webster Hair @websterhair
RT @bhcitynews: Train drivers reject ASLEF deal with Southern
SouthernRailOK @SouthernRailOK
RT @feeelCC: Literally a few hours after the Aslef vote, driver fails to show up on my train. Well done @SouthernRailUK #southernfail
Paul @rtwdreamer
RT @bendy_beth: Glad that ASLEF members have voted against the #Southerntrains deal, 2 members of staff are good for disabled people & gene…
KarenCharles @CharleyECup
RT @TheBalfOfficial: The reason #Aslef drivers stopped striking in Jan coz their Xmas bills came in & they had no overtime pay to cover the…
SouthernRailOK @SouthernRailOK
RT @thegarypayne: @la_crip @SouthernRailOK that'll still be quicker than waiting for #ASLEF and #SouthernRail to agree!
SouthernRailOK @SouthernRailOK
RT @neilwinton1: .@bbcsouthtoday after #ASLEF vote, govt must forbid further strikes and end suffering of the 300,000. What is it for? #Sou…
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