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JAZZ @ayy_jassyy
RT @Kewan_cool_7: #ATLFreakFest Wat is this??? Can somebody tell me wat this is??
Southern Mocha Latte @SuthernMocha
RT @PrinceFYTB: Who df stated #ATLFreakFest lmao . Sound like Freaknik Pt.2 πŸ‘€
Just Matt @Papa_Pruitt
RT @tangyesus: Is this #ATLFreakFest the new Freaknik cause count me in
JAZZ @ayy_jassyy
RT @FanofShan: #ATLFreakFest is trending πŸ€” I'm confused 😭😭
Herman Hobson @shadybaby24
RT @KeeMac: Wait a minute, this is coming back to ATL? Come on now. #ATLFreakFest
Maxwell Fan Account @SumNegro
RT @SumNegro: Catch me and my niggas at #ATLFreakFest
RT @ONEDANDRE: #AtlFreakFest is at mansion elan🀘🏽🀘🏽🀘🏽 Friday the 13th shitπŸ—£
πŸ†–[NoGum] Kosa πŸ†– @KosaHeights
RT @JocKo_Montanna: Diagnosed hiv rates for those of you that are going to this #AtlFreakFest ✌🏾but ijs.... https://t.co/abY6zZgz7C
Tay_&_Nik [ CGEπŸ–•] @_taydaniel_
RT @910escape: When millennials stumbled across freaknik on Google and youtube now they wanna bring it back #ATLFreakFest
Andre @_andreellison
RT @BakariB16: #ATLFreakFest. <---Please stop tryna bring Freaknik back. Y'all not even gon play the right damn music
R E L L Y @_ARMY_vet
I'm good on this .. 1/4 people have HIV in ATL & 80% of em' don't even know it #ATLFreakFest
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