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Solution Tree @SolutionTree
What do we do with students who have already mastered content? Give them a choice: https://t.co/c65MhZlx3Zhttps://t.co/A6hKlCRnJH
Rhett Larson @rlars7
RT @mikemattos65: A3: When students don’t learn, a PLC learns about better practices and discontinues practices that are ineffective. #atplc
Tools Great Teachers @ToolsTeachers
RT @mikemattos65: Keep up the good fight…our students need us more than ever! #atplc
Robin Pegg @RSPegg
RT @curriculumblog: A6: All adults should address topics that interfere with teaching and learning. 5 Dysfunctions of a Team #atplc https:/…
Jeff Davis @JeffDavisDE
RT @PaulaMaeker: A3 Because intentions are not enough #atplc https://t.co/mumQcys6hM
RT @twhitford: BOOM!! Easy Answer. Right Answer. Yet it is rarely done. #atplc https://t.co/EKv3ej3TNl
Suleyma Moss @4mosss
RT @RosaIsiah: repeat repeat repeat #atplc https://t.co/it2w3swSIV
Kathleen Freimuth @freimuthk
RT @PaulaMaeker: So. Worth. It. #atplc https://t.co/AF3J8js2wW
Lisa Sims @LiaSims
RT @bethhill2829: A3: We never arrive! Always learning more for our kids...about our kids...with our kids... #atplc
Andrea Rodich-Vitek @DreaRodichVitek
RT @Supt_Jordan: A6: Leaders that are courageous create a culture of courage. Risk taking is encouraged and celebrated. #atplc https://t.co…
Solution Tree @SolutionTree
RT @PaulaMaeker: Would love to see you all back to lead learning next week as we tackle Beliefs and Behaviors! Join me 2/23 at 8CST #atplc
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