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Australian Story
We pay tribute to the men of 'Z Special Unit' in our Anzac special on #MVKrait TONIGHT #AustralianStory 8pm on… https://t.co/vqGeEDFy0C
24 Apr, 07:42 AM UTC
Australian Story
From Sydney to Singapore, restoration brings new life to secret #WWII commando vessel #AustralianStory @ANMMuseumhttps://t.co/GynmPtoXbN
23 Apr, 09:04 PM UTC
Strong, moving story on the eve of Anzac Day celebrating the great courage of young Australian men at war. #AustralianStory
24 Apr, 10:28 AM UTC
Australian Story
Australian elite commandos in training on Queensland's #FraserIsland #ZSpecialUnit #AustralianStory TONIGHT… https://t.co/AktVWmBTmk
24 Apr, 01:18 AM UTC
Australian Story
Read more about the MV Krait restoration project here https://t.co/DVOHiblYIh #AustralianStory #WWII
24 Apr, 10:39 AM UTC
Australian Story
How an fishing boat became an unlikely war hero for Australia's Z Special Unit #AustralianStory TONIGHT
24 Apr, 04:52 AM UTC
Australian Story
Roma Page had no idea her husband Bob was on a top secret mission into enemy territory during WWII when she said go… https://t.co/bTIRwtkanV
24 Apr, 10:00 AM UTC
Louise Thomson
Thank you @AustralianStory for a great #anzac story - of heroic nature & love #australianstory
24 Apr, 10:45 AM UTC
Matt Macklin
All the feels from tonight's #australianstory
24 Apr, 10:26 AM UTC
Ren K
Roma is now back with the love of her life... #australianstory
24 Apr, 10:29 AM UTC
The Resistance Robin
Isn't this an old #AustralianStory? Not that I mind. They were true heroes.
24 Apr, 10:11 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
3 days after meeting someone, can lead to marriage! #AustralianStory
24 Apr, 10:08 AM UTC
TT Mobile AU
#AustralianStory is now trending in Australia, ranking 21
24 Apr, 10:53 AM UTC
LadyMitzi von Sport
I remembered MV #Krait at @ANMMuseum . Happy that it will be restored & kept as memorial tribute to brave men #AustralianStory
24 Apr, 10:36 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
Now's probly the wrong time to raise #LEGO movie's #Krachen, while we watch on at travels of the #Krait. #AustralianStory
24 Apr, 10:17 AM UTC
Shocked that a story using McPhedran as a source could have basic facts wrong within the first few minutes. #australianstory
24 Apr, 10:05 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
Opening with 'the Krait', #AustralianStory covers quite a memorable Australian Navy mission in WWII.
24 Apr, 10:03 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
The rest of us, also look forward to tonight's #australianstory! https://t.co/1iPY7UvKrr
24 Apr, 09:03 AM UTC
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