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Alejandro Cabello
Good day .for 🎶bad things 🎶or not, what do you think? #RDMA
29 Apr, 08:14 PM UTC
Disney Channel
Your #RDMA winner for MASHUP: Best Collaboration is 'Bad Things' with @Camila_Cabello and MGK! RT to celebrate!
29 Apr, 10:36 PM UTC
Camila Cabello BR
Camila e @machinegunkelly ganharam o #RDMA de Melhor Colaboração por Bad Things! Congrats! 🎉 (via @radiodisney no I…
29 Apr, 10:36 PM UTC
I am a very sensitive person. no one can make me feel bad or embarrassed for being able to feel the root of things rather than the surface
29 Apr, 09:01 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
Key point about how often people depict bad things as unique Trumpian inventions that are actually long-standing ev…
29 Apr, 02:32 PM UTC
Disney Channel PR
"Mashup! - Best Collaboration" winner is @Camila_Cabello for "Bad Things."
30 Apr, 01:26 AM UTC
Daniel Valenzuela
My sister was having a bad day because of some guy so I decided to buy all her favorite things to show her how a gu…
29 Apr, 05:51 AM UTC
win #WangoTango tix & meet @Camila_Cabello !! Call 800-520-1027 when u hear Camila & @machinegunkelly Bad Things!!…
29 Apr, 11:03 PM UTC
Pop Crave
Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello wins the Ardy for 'Best Collaboration' for their hit 'Bad Things' at this year's…
29 Apr, 11:41 PM UTC
Camila Cabello Bahia
Bad things ganhou na categoria "Mashup Best Collaboration". AAAAA, parabéns pra nós !!! #RDMA
29 Apr, 10:45 PM UTC
Fifth Harmony Brasil
ATENÇÃO CAMILIZERS! Camila e MGK ganharam a categoria #Mashup "Best Collaboration" com Bad Things #RDMA
29 Apr, 10:41 PM UTC
Breitbart News
if only you knew how bad things really are
29 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
Don't matter what you say Don't matter what you do I only wanna do bad things to you. ❤ @kavinpat_t #kavinkvp
29 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
if the night could talk i hope it would apologize for being there when so many bad things happened to me and doing nothing to stop it
29 Apr, 09:39 PM UTC
People will believe what they want to believe. And haters will only see the bad side of things. Let it stay as it is: a nonsense issue.
29 Apr, 09:12 PM UTC
Stop thinking about all the bad things that can happen and just accept that they will happen and no matter what, you'll be positive as fuck.
30 Apr, 01:30 AM UTC
Congratulations to MGK and @Camila_Cabello for winning the award for the #Mashup! Best Collaboration with Bad Thing…
29 Apr, 10:54 PM UTC
victoria ;-)
I already feel bad asking for a small milkshake from sonic how is she asking for 20 things in a row
30 Apr, 01:17 AM UTC
why do bad things happen to good people
30 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC
Will Moriarty
My 4th step on bad things I've said and done to relieve the pain of Tony Sipp outings will be...very NSFW or any ot…
30 Apr, 01:10 AM UTC
Hey, you know I've done bad things in life that meant nothing to me And this whole drama thing is one of them Sure I like to make jokes cuz-
30 Apr, 12:44 AM UTC
when you feel bad about yourself remember that most of those things don't have anything to do with your self worth
29 Apr, 03:34 AM UTC
30 Apr, 01:49 AM UTC
@ShawnMendes Smile baby😁 Things can become difficult but they always get better, I promise💕 #ShawnWeAreWithYou
30 Apr, 02:11 AM UTC
poor yorick
@ARTVReviews Correct me if I'm wrong but Breaking Bad and Dexter frame the people doing the bad things as in the wrong morally.
30 Apr, 02:12 AM UTC
Antifa Ted Kazcynski
dum dumb: i am sesxually attracted to living things same dum!!!: holy shit racism is bad you guys i jsut figured…
30 Apr, 02:11 AM UTC
Yasmin Zaini
It's okay, sometimes bad things happen.
30 Apr, 02:15 AM UTC
Amy Edmonds
@joekissfm that's been asked & answered - they leave their fingerprints as evidence in case things go bad and the car takes off
30 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
EitherGasm ™©®
But if you constantly lie or refuse to report on certain things that would make ppl you like look bad aren't kind o…
30 Apr, 02:05 AM UTC
@jbaraldi11 @MathHappens51 @Sports_Are_Bad It's probably not a lock, no, but gun to my head I'd guess they are. Thi…
30 Apr, 02:10 AM UTC
Matt Brown
One of first things I learned in college was to avoid bad Thanksgiving ledes. 1910 Arkansas Democrat disagreed…
30 Apr, 02:17 AM UTC
@TotalWine @Corralejo_mx @TotalWine @Corralejo_mx check the lot number, sometime things happen, don't call your loy…
30 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
Chasie Johnson
Trying not to get your hopes up about something you want to happen soooooo bad is one of the hardest things to do.
30 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
Anthony Getty
@NikkiSixx Crue was a big part of my life but all bad things must come to an end love u and all the guys change my life
30 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
@CamrenLatinOff De hecho Lauren también ganó como encargada de vestuario y creativa en bad things, porque la influe…
30 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
Don't stay in the past. Only bad things will come out of it. Look forward!
30 Apr, 02:15 AM UTC
Lynda G Wonn
@CNN Translation: 'I'm too scared 2 attend cause they'll say bad things about me & make me cry but I wish they'd be…
30 Apr, 02:15 AM UTC
Cheshire Communist​
@casaofballoons @laurn02 Hey things are never as bad as you think they are
30 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
Sarah B.
The littlest things put me in the worst moods. Like bad wifi
30 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
I used to be so bad about letting little things break my happiness and I'm so glad I'm getting out of that habit
30 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
my luck today has been so bad it's probably because i didn't retweet those dumb things on twitter smh
30 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
Lisa Hoffman
@AnthonySMontana @SteveTatum1985 @Corrynmb Trump to FoxNews: On getting things done in govt "It's a very rough syst…
30 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
14 Psychological Forces That Make Good People Do Bad Things #cmo #Transformationdigital @inc
30 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
Be there as a Friend when things are bad Hold their hands and comfort them!
30 Apr, 02:13 AM UTC
Cameron Robinson
Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly follows me like everywhere I go
30 Apr, 02:13 AM UTC
Neal Schulz
Frustrated Dictator Trump Says ‘Archaic’ Constitution is a Bad Thing for the Country @POTUS on getting things...
30 Apr, 02:12 AM UTC
I ❤️🇺🇸
@greggutfeld Black dude is wrong he's tried with the dumb democrats it's them who won't budge to bring USA together…
30 Apr, 02:12 AM UTC
CC1? Yes please!💞
@machinegunkelly Awww, feel better soon💐know you'll be rockin' out again soon... & CONGRATS on your RDMA best colla…
30 Apr, 02:12 AM UTC
Zion Carlo Martinez
The problem with alak is that you drink to forget some things, and then you wake up feeling bad and all and still think about some things.
30 Apr, 02:12 AM UTC
fuck alchohol man putangina bad things happen nope nope no
30 Apr, 02:12 AM UTC
@Zak_Bagans Disposing of Bad Things is Good. Hope u stay safe. Use Hiddenite for yourself. It might Help. Ok.
30 Apr, 02:11 AM UTC
Kevin pawlak
There's good days, there's bad days. The goal is to learn from them, and progress no matter what it's all how you look at things in life
30 Apr, 02:11 AM UTC
Let's face it. He's a carnival hawker and bad comedian who needs these things to make him feel important.
30 Apr, 02:11 AM UTC
@YerDaAdi i tried... and things got really really really bad... to the point she wants to take me to an asylum
30 Apr, 02:11 AM UTC
Austin Williams
All three of those things were stated in the article. Tired of seeing writers take public Ls as a result of editors…
30 Apr, 02:10 AM UTC
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