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Car bomb explosion kills at least 45 people and injures at least 56 others in southwestern Baghdad
Leila Dorling @LeilaDorling
RT @jamesjammcmahon: Awful hearing about the terrorist bombings in Baghdad and Pakistan. A reminder that most of ISIS's victims are other M…
Lexi Alexander ‎ @Lexialex
RT @AJENews: BREAKING: Death toll from Baghdad bombing rises to at least 47, medical sources tell Al Jazeera https:…
julia carstairs @evakhstyles
RT @AJEnglish: BREAKING: Car bombing kills at least 47 Iraqis in Baghdad amid renewed wave of attacks…
Ali Sufian @VolAliS
RT @BorisJohnson: Sickened by shrine attack in #Sehwan and car bomb in #Baghdad. UK stands with #Pakistan and #Iraq in fight against terror…
Sarah @Indychick31
RT @AP: Iraq's Interior Ministry says a car bomb in Baghdad has killed at least 45 people and wounded nearly 50 others.…
M.Mubarak @somalianalyst
RT @jenanmoussa: It shouldn't only be Trump, Trump, Trump... 50+ killed today in ISIS attack in Baghdad. Over 70 killed in ISIS attack in P…
Angela Boskovitch @aboskovitch
RT @Iraqesque: Female Education First school 4 girls in modern Iraq was opened in Baghdad 1853 A private primary by Armenian Orthodox Iraqi…
Aoun @Mysterious3ouno
RT @IraqiSecurity: At least 48 dead and 50 wounded after a car bomb blast in Baya'a, southwestern #Baghdad. Target was car dealerships. htt…
fadak @ffadak1
RT @iraqi_day: Horrific video of the car bomb that rocked Bayaa south #Baghdad moments ago. 8 dead and 40 wounded. #Iraq…
Zainab Ali @ZainabAli_Khan
RT @IraqiSecurity: Heartbreaking day. •Da'ish bombing kills 50 in Baghdad. •Da'ish bombing kills 100 in Pakistan. •Turkish bombing kills 3…
Liberal=un-American @freedom_winner
RT @tmillennialpost: 45 killed in Baghdad car bombing. #TMPNews #Baghdad #Bombing #News
Martin. D. @MartinDaniel100
RT @Nervana_1: #RIP to all victims of terrorism. #Pakistan #Sufi #Baghdad #Sadr_City. We should all stand united the sick barbarism of #IS…
Nexus.Vanwilder @Nexus_Vanwilder
RT @stefanie__92: Tell me, liberals, is this not completely true? That is, true for the terrorist attacks we actually hear about. #Baghdad
عبدالله البلوشي 🕋 @abdulla_younes
RT @alain_4u: تفجير يقتل 15 شخصًا في سوق للسيارات ببغداد. #العراق #بوابة_العين
(((Tim Morton))) @TimMorton2
RT @AJENews: Baghdad attack: "There are so many victims, not just one or two."
Mary Calhoun @m42calhoun
RT @nytimesworld: Your Morning Briefing, Australia Edition: What you need to know to start your day.…
Saima Sheikh @SaimaGSheikh
RT @TrueIslamUSA: The terrorist actions in #Iraq are in absolute contravention of #TrueIslam's teachings. #PrayForIraq #Baghdad https://t.c…
n joan york @njoanyork
RT @AgendaOfEvil: Baghdad car bomb claimed by #IslamicState kills 55 | News Talk 650 CKOM
nawaf @nawaf39965848
RT @baghdad_salam: مفتي العراق العلامة الشيخ عبد الكريم المدرس في اللحظات الاخيرة من حياته توفي في آب 2005 م عن عمر ناهز ال"110"عام #Baghda…
Free Helsem Memedela @mandelawasndoos
RT @RichardWellings: Mosul will be completely 'destroyed' in battle to liberate it from ISIS Why so little media…
RT @MadLikeAPit: Theif of Baghdad
Amor Shabbi عمر شابي @AmorShabbi
RT @nzmkh: #MAEDZ :L'Ambassade d'#Algérie à #baghdad suit de très près l'état de la journaliste algérienne samira Mouaki blessée dernièreme…
A. Başar Şen @abasarsen
RT @FATIHYILDIZ_MFA: We deplore in the strongest terms the heinous terrorist attack in #Baghdad today.We stand w/our Iraqi brothers in thei…
ANONYMOUSOps #SLY @AnonsFamily
RT @4n0nc47: Car bomb kills at least 45 in Baghdad
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