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Катя @goldnuallsubse1
RT @ALT_DOJ: The Senators who voted for DeVos whose terms are up in 2018 Flake AZ Wicker MS Fischer NE Heller NV Corker TN Cruz TX Hatch U…
Greta Van Susteren @greta
.@SenJohnBarrasso: Trump is Right, He 'Inherited a Mess' via @MSNBC
Michelle Byrne @Cecelia1967
RT @DSenFloor: Sen. Barrasso is talking about "relentless and needless delays" of Trump nominees, opposed cloture on Obama nominees 159 tim…
Melinda @MelindaThinker
RT @USARedOrchestra: Sen. Barrasso who complained about "relentless and needless delays" of Trump nominees, opposed cloture on Obama nomine…
Carol Roser @CarolRoser1980
RT @Celeste_pewter: Senator Barrasso (R-Wyoming) is a doctor. Who is now on the floor, defending Pruitt. Someone who is a constituent, plea…
So Say We All @HenYay
RT @Celeste_pewter: Barrasso: "This is about Hillary Clinton not winning." No, dude. This is about all of us liking fresh air, clean water…
Jonathan Evans @jrevans1963
RT @DSenFloor: In 2013, Sen. Barrasso joined a boycott of a hearing for Obama EPA nominee McCarthy over a lack of transparency. https://t.c…
So Say We All @HenYay
RT @Celeste_pewter: .@alfranken basically just said that Barrasso's comments re: Dems delaying vote over HRC, is conduct unbecoming to a Se…
Cg in Exile @ceeeeggg
RT @Celeste_pewter: Guys, I love the fact that we're all calling, and also taking a moment to appreciate what Franken just did to Barrasso.…
Lurcher @gameslib
RT @johnupton: By attacking Dems, @alfranken argued Barrasso broke same rule @SenWarren broke during Sessions vote. #ShePersisted. https://…
Carol Roser @CarolRoser1980
RT @SarahPinsker: .@alfranken is calling Barrasso out on having impugned the motives of Democrat Senators.
Carol Roser @CarolRoser1980
RT @SarahPinsker: .@alfranken said Dems are not participating in political theater as Barrasso implied. Genuine concerns over #Pruitt 's qu…
So Say We All @HenYay
RT @Celeste_pewter: Barrasso huffily yields back his time. @alfranken admits he originally didn't want to ask for a Rule 19 objection (what…
ToWhomMyConcern @PlankySmith
RT @SteveZiss0u: Senator John Barrasso, grade A asshat from Wyoming.
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