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Baskets @BasketsFX
Grab your finest mumu and join @louieanderson as he live-tweets tonight's episode. 10PM ET on FX. #BasketsFX https://t.co/H3WgDHnwSp
CLou @RICindylou
RT @RyanCartwright: Wow. @LouieAnderson is delivering the most astonishingly good performance on #BasketsFX Every moment so real, nuanced a…
Sweet1 @whitecap74
RT @BasketsFX: Always set the ground rules. #BasketsFX https://t.co/8z0sHhqLSE
Ursula Koenig @ursulakoenig
RT @BasketsFX: This is how Dale gets his groove back. #DogDays #BasketsFX https://t.co/q58X0Fi3Ic
Cin Rich @cldrich
RT @BasketsFX: Shit just hit the fan. #BasketsFX https://t.co/fqo3j0DtwR
Ursula Koenig @ursulakoenig
RT @BasketsFX: Of course Christine's cat is named Ronald Reagan. #BasketsFX
Bonedigger Halford 🔵 @HalfordisMe
RT @BasketsFX: Chip and Dale are drinking too many hours of 5 hour energy now. #BasketsFX
Smexy Liz 📚🔥 @IcyDiamond724GH
RT @noradurbin: Dale's "Dog Days" montage @BasketsFX is one of the best things I've seen on TV. #basketsfx
Sweet1 @whitecap74
RT @itsmea3k: Louie Anderson is the best mom on tv. #basketsfx
Simple Steez @SlmpleSteez
RT @TVAfterDark: #BasketsFX starts right now on FX
Ursula Koenig @ursulakoenig
RT @BasketsFX: "I've never been backstage at Costco before. It's fantastic." We're jealous. #BasketsFX
Taylor @TayiorJbra
RT @TVAfterDark: Ouch... declined #BasketsFX
Baylor Registrar @BUReglstrar
Jay 🤓😘 @oddfxckinJAY
RT @StarryMag: Dale now has a tramp stamp 😂 #basketsfx
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