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Glaikit @GlaikitGeezer
RT @RobertTyreBute: Mundell finally admits to @BBCGaryR that he did nothing to argue Scotland's case on #brexit in UK Govt cabinet. #bbcgms
BBC Scotland News @BBCScotlandNews
Chairman of European Parliament's committee on foreign affairs tells #BBCGMS Scotland cannot expect a separate deal… https://t.co/p6DGiE1Rfq
David McKean @dhmck
RT @eliz_lloyd: Fiona Hyslop on #bbcgms "The real test here is how precious is the union to the PM"
Ralph & Hazel Watson @TimeforyouLtd
RT @LauraMaciver3: #bbcgms business at 0740: BBC News - Christmas cheer for Scottish retailers as sales rise https://t.co/i8a13nlvJ9
Mary Burns @Marella1957
RT @newsdirect: #Brexit: Interviewed on #bbcgms @FionaHyslop says the UK Govt must respect Scotland's referendum vote + yesterday's @ScotPa…
Ian Brotherhood @ianbhood
RT @mclaverock: #mundell #bbcgms it's an insult to have this snivelling obsequious cringeing gutless man in charge of Scotland
Betsy @TweakTweak29
RT @BBCGaryR: BBC News - May's Brexit speech: Sturgeon says second referendum 'undoubtedly' closer. @FionaHyslop #bbcgms 0810 https://t.co…
Therese Wardrop @ThereseWardrop
RT @davecbatchelor: #BBCGMS Why doesn't @BBCGaryR talk all over Mundell as he does nationalists. Even pleaded to be allowed to ask a questi…
Therese Wardrop @ThereseWardrop
RT @RobertTyreBute: .@ElmarBrok_MEP says he is sorry for Scotland & it "will be a victim" of #TheresaMay's negotiating stance. #bbcgms #bre…
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