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Scottish Greens
The only way to resolve the 2014 and 2016 referendums is to ask the people. @patrickharvie on #bbcgms.
21 Mar, 07:16 AM UTC
BBC Scotland News
Scottish Conservatives tell #BBCGMS that there is no desire for an #indyref2 vote https://t.co/8TxtrC18fY
21 Mar, 08:16 AM UTC
Stephen Dedalus
Still no further mention on #bbcgms of Lord King's view that Scotland could be viable independent state
21 Mar, 08:03 AM UTC
Stephen Dedalus
#BBCgms going big on petition to HoC against holding #ScotRef No mention that this is UKwide or any breakdown of where support comes from
21 Mar, 08:05 AM UTC
Turns out on #BBCgms the yes to no person, David Robertson, is a professional pundit. #ScotRef
21 Mar, 08:48 AM UTC
Robert Bouchè
@BBCRadioScot a light dusting of snow? #bbcgms #newhouse #gridlock
21 Mar, 06:45 AM UTC
Donald Kerr
If @ProfTomkins is so sure there's no majority support for #ScotRef or independence then let's test it properly. #bbcgms
21 Mar, 07:30 AM UTC
Donald Kerr
Good that @patrickharvie maintained moral high ground on #bbcgms as all around reduce debate to 'you said' 'she said'. Hello BREXIT #ScotRef
21 Mar, 07:36 AM UTC
Caron Lindsay
The troubles of the Labour Party, laid bare for all to hear on #bbcgms. Confirms their death & that @LibDems only effective opposition.
21 Mar, 07:49 AM UTC
Stephen Dedalus
Has anyone noticed that Tom Harris is seldom off @BBCScotland? #bbcgms He has become the StateBroadcaster's favourite #redtory
21 Mar, 07:21 AM UTC
'I'd vote No because the SNP would lose' 'not a separate nation' 'devious' Do they actually expect us to believe this guy on #bbcgms ?
21 Mar, 08:47 AM UTC
Sir Duke of Fa'side
#BBCGMS a disgraceful question 2 ask @patrickharvie this morning, U wanna B ashamed, #Scotref is not a whim of @NicolaSturgeon its all of us
21 Mar, 09:05 AM UTC
@BBCScotlandNews #bbcgms Did Rev Robertson accuse Jackie Kemp of being racist? #scotref https://t.co/t6glQPzbQa
21 Mar, 08:52 AM UTC
@BBCScotlandNews Only took #bbcgms 5 mins to hit twitter with its pro unionist #bbcbias. What did @patrickharvie have to say? #scotref
21 Mar, 08:20 AM UTC
Was this the same David Robertson who was just on #bbcgms posing as a SNP supporting Yes to No? https://t.co/TBEZEXQzWy
21 Mar, 08:55 AM UTC
Kevin Thomson
@BBCScotlandNews now is it a debate , debate on Indyref or a "BBC" debate on Indyref?? #BBCGMS
21 Mar, 08:42 AM UTC
@BBCScotlandNews #bbcgms would you mind letting your followers know about the https://t.co/pHEazQviIR 28/3 DM us for ticket & event details
21 Mar, 08:41 AM UTC
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