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jeannie @petitejean1
RT @welby_aaron: Tony Blair has done a great service to Brexiters today. I mean, who on earth would believe and follow him? #bbcpm #bbcnews
Natalie Jordan @nataliej047
RT @Clive_laddie: Four-times-a-night Tone has shot his load prematurely again! Just shut up Tony Blair!!! #bbcnews #bbcnewsnight #bbcpm
Josephine V Thomas @jobutlerthomas
RT @garyfoskett: So every time Blair makes a speech he's entitled to be all over prime time radio & TV? #bbcpm He's not even saying anythin…
And Another Thing @politicalkitty
RT @JamesHarris1u: From at least 2004 Tony Blair has wanted to be 'President of Europe' https://t.co/3PsoWhGbvg #bbcpm
For sake of Humanity @parvazzz
RT @bitgit: apples and oranges comparing NHS to channel islands ~ but we've already paid for NHS through National Insurance! #bbcpm
Tanweer Dar @tanweer_dar
RT @garyfoskett: Blair: "They will say we don't represent millions of people." #bbcpm *You* don't. The last thing this discussion needs is…
Tanweer Dar @tanweer_dar
RT @1957AJB: #bbcpm Comparing old tweets about a lunchtime TV show to lying about Hillsborough? Call yourselves journalists? Pathetic 'bala…
paul @sullo_58457
RT @anngodden: #bbcpm obviously following instructions to soften us up for idea of paying for health care. Tory agenda as usual.
Dale Jones @icewinddale1
RT @henrypage: The management company, #SODEXO, is the same one that has mismanaged #NorthumberlandPrison #bbcpm #NoPrivatisation https://t…
Bridget D @BJ_Gardener
RT @henrypage: A very good idea. We must have one organisation leading the fight to #Remain European #bbcpm https://t.co/pLsYaGMZXl
Hemorrlloyd 48% 🌐 @hemorrlloyd
RT @DavidoOrr: #bbcpm and didn't Brexiteers like Farge say we will at least be staying within the single market & customers union? We need…
Hemorrlloyd 48% 🌐 @hemorrlloyd
RT @DavidoOrr: #bbcpm on this Tony Blair is right! Democracy always means the right 2 change your mind and brexiteers telling us to keep qu…
Paul ❄️❤️🇪🇺☠️ @POCX100
RT @Jen_Hol: @DarkRobinRising @zerozzyzzz @BBCPM All together now: "we haven't left yet!" #bbcpm
Diane Hain @dianehain
RT @davidrghendy: #bbcpm softening us up for #NHS charges? That is the so far unpublished tory plan.
Stuart Firth @stuartfirth1
'Make Saint George's day a bank holiday' https://t.co/pwnSBNji0l via @YouTube.. #bbcpm
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