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liz🌋 @sourlizzy
💋 @farraazham
🍁 @nabilaaahassim
RT @wanmafiq: In case you're having a bad day here's a video of a cute bear giving teddy bears, flowers and free hugs…
Anna Rosenberg @annamrosenberg
mj @mjoiner_12
RT @FascinatingVids: This is how a baby polar bear learns to catch a fish
Judd Legum @JuddLegum
The NRA just persuaded Congress to legalize the killing of bear cubs in wildlife refuges
King David @Biset2David
RT @Riverdale_Guy: Bitches skipping school and took off work to suck some dick for 2 balloons and a lil ass teddy bear
DoYū Risa Bear @risa_s_bear
RT @HumaneSociety: BREAKING House overturns rule from professional wildlife management agency and sanctions killing of bears, wolf pups htt…
Evan Leffler @eleffler18
RT @TakingFiveHQ: Would you play around with this bear for 25 millions dollars?!?! 💸💸💸
Te Amó @kyrsi_bear
RT @ygselena: "how many times have you said you wanna die?" me:
Pío ★ @PioLoretto
RT @MagnoliaPearl: Otabek's teddy bear is based on a plush from the movie Ted that the real skater has, and I love it…
나비소녀 @baek_bear
RT @ATM_BBH0506: RT이벵✨KYOOOONGS CAFE✨ 본 멘션을 알티하신분들 중 추첨을 하여 카페에 전시될 사진 중 한가지를 골라 A4사이즈액자로 선물을 드립니다😍사진은 랜덤😘 백유탐님과 중복응모가능 #큐웅스카페 #큐웅스 https:/…
DoYū Risa Bear @risa_s_bear
RT @kenbensinger: Trump Winery files petition for even more foreign H-2 guest workers
tas ♛ @reflectknj
RT @RISEOFH0PE: he gets so scared of the firework noises protect this gummy bear
🍯 꿀 곰 조 준 발 사 꺅 🐻 @SUGA_Honey_Bear
RT @_shen_twt: 전세계를 손에 쥐고 마음껏 놀 수 있을 정도로 능력있는 민윥기. 어느 날, 교제하고 있는 사람이 있다며 공식발표 했다. 그 덕분에 세계는 개판이 됬다. ㅡ 저, 박즤믽이랑 연애 합니다. #슈짐연성 #rt당_연성한다 ht…
koda @Arcadehippy
RT @nowthisisliving: I want to give you your grin, so tell me you can't bear a room that I'm not in 🌹🌹🌹
Te Amó @kyrsi_bear
RT @feltless: f*ck absolutely everything. f*ck yesterday. f*ck tomorrow. f*ck today. f*ck that. f*ck them. f*ck him. f*ck her. f*ck…
Sooty@3/16☀️循環カフェ @Sooty_Bear
RT @sqex_cafe: 【#sqex_cafe】 (予告) 2/20〜3/24 「ニーア オートマタ」のコラボを実施します! 飲食のご予約開始しております♫ ※添付写真は現在販売中のコンサートBDです https://t…
Ripley's believe it @StephanieRiple6
RT @thinkprogress: The NRA just persuaded Congress to legalize the killing of bear cubs in wildlife refuges https:/…
Te Amó @kyrsi_bear
RT @matthewreyesss: I don't get how people fall asleep in .5 seconds it takes me like 10 hours lol
Te Amó @kyrsi_bear
RT @selfstunned: he loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart.
voices_of_the_earth @Voices_of_Earth
RT @BBCWorld: Billion-dollar bear aids Japan quake zone
TB @bodacious_bear
RT @JoyAnnReid: One more note on the mad, mad #TrumpPressConference today: Trump has constructed a reality in which he walked into a world…
Katrina Ezeiyi🇳🇬 @hurrykanetrinaa
RT @Refugees: “In essence, ours is a street of old people. After the shelling, the young people left the village.” #Ukraine…
Teddy ♡ @esmeralda22912
RT @clemenceee_: Today is your day enjoy it my little teddy bear! 26 years 26 pictures I'm so proud of you lots of love x @edsheeran #Happ…
World Traveler©︎2017 @traveler_2017
RT @ronniedelcarmen: Bear and Beast have echoes of each other, I think. Beauty and the Beast (1991) He is quite beastly #Animation #Disney
Denise S @ber_neice
RT @BrunoAmato_1: #TheGOP would sell their mothers, wives and daughters into the sex slave trade if it pleased the #NRA or #Trump. https://…
iara HAPPY BDAY ED @blurrysprouse
RT @Trevor_Stines: I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Alice Cooper is the scariest Mamma Bear in town 😯 #Riverdale
CJ @CJnaturals
RT @pharris830: “The NRA just persuaded Congress to legalize the killing of bear cubs in wildlife refuges” by @nicolegentile…
SLBixby @SLBixby
RT @KATUNews: Some advice from Nora the @OregonZoo polar bear: "Go for it!"
fadzil ahmad @fadzilahmad7
RT @AbedaDocrat: If ALLAH ﷻ knows you can’t handle it He wont test you with it.ALLAH ﷻ promised us that He does not burden a soul beyond th…
DoYū Risa Bear @risa_s_bear
RT @EnvDefenseFund: U.S. solar market grows 95% in 2016 and smashes previous record.
Gobucks2204 @Gobucks2204
RT @wsyx6: Former @ColumbusZoo resident Nora perfecting her polar bear plunge at the @OregonZoo -…
DoYū Risa Bear @risa_s_bear
RT @CivilEats: New York state lawmaker introduces carbon farming tax credit bill
theotheo @DeliaTheodora
RT @simkunggyu: Sungyeol is really an Animal whisperer 1. Lizard & Crab 2. Giant Lizard 3. Bear(?) like he even named lizard as gyu https:…
🌺YEONSlay UJUNG @bear_yeonpolar
RT @mm_hiroshi13: 2017.2.12 우주소녀 사인회 연정 #우주소녀 #wjsn #너에게닿기를 #우정 #연정
DoYū Risa Bear @risa_s_bear
RT @PriceofOil: If Rex keeps denying basic facts, he shouldn't expect his job to get any easier. #resist #StopFundingFossils…
DoYū Risa Bear @risa_s_bear
RT @Shareable: Launching a cooperative isn't easy — here's a resource to get you started:
yvel @yvel_flxrxs
RT @_JorgieP: My momma bear out here getting A's on her cosmetology school tests makin' us mad proud 😭❤️ #immigrants
Bryana Grimsley @bre_bear_
RT @m_manojlo: Current situation at my house: the scene in Bridesmaids after they eat at the Brazilian restaurant
Lex @alexisthomas227
RT @jordynlynne9: i wish we had sweatpants for bear wear back 🙄
Vicki @lonelyeyes69
RT @clairemetzwesh: @WESH tonight exclusive police body cam video as man accused of trying to kidnap 16y/o #ponceinlet is arrested. Teddy b…
P®incessss❤️💸 @Smileyy_Bear
RT @essyforshort_: I don't kiss ass🤷🏽‍♀️
Clare Bowen @clarembee
RT @BrittLynn2531: Mama bear in the house!! #NashvilleCMT @clarembee @conniebritton
FNL @Fall_N_Love
RT @Fall_N_Love: FNL佐々木氏が手掛ける新たなアナザーブランド“WANDERER” より一層アーバンにシンプルにライフスタイルを楽しめるラインを通販限定で発表 一見ポップな世界観の中に詰まっているFNLのアイデンティティを是非ご覧下さい。 https:/…
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