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Tottenham Hotspur @SpursOfficial
FULL-TIME: A bad night in Belgium as Perbet's strike proves the difference. Work to do at Wembley. #COYS
WJK @Kralhonj
RT @DVATW: Belgium's Minister of Public Health, Maggie De Block is tasked with tackling obsesity. Yes, really. #Ironydied…
Christelle Letist @cltst
RT @garyvee: 10pm sharp - pass on to your Belgium friends 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🦄
NL Women's Rights @NLWomensrights
RT @SheDecidesGFI: Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark host intl. conference #SheDecides on 2 March to mobilise support for women and…
Legg @jack_legg97
RT @AwayDaysVideos: Spurs fans in Belgium earlier ahead of their Europa League against Gent. #COYS
ray @ohnobieberwhy
RT @portalselenabr: It Ain't Me - Biggest Markets: 6. Belgium 7. Germany 9. USA 10. Italy 10. Austria 14. South Africa 21. Australia 25. UK
Alan Niners AFC 🇬🇧 @Big49erAJG
RT @bet365: Tottenham Hotspur are currently losing to the EIGHTH best side in Belgium. 🙄
Educocracy @educocracy
RT @AmbaRwandaBe: Rwandan Community of #Belgium has two new members, Mr. C. Debrouwer and Ms. V. Renault #Rwanda #citizenship #Diaspora #…
D @SimplyStockley
RT @ffsLamela: Gent are 8th in the Belgium first division. I dare you to lose, I fuckin dare you @SpursOfficial.
Wari-Senibo Ibaraboa @Alby_Jnr
RT @Pwallace26: Arsenal lost to a world class team in an elite competition, we got out played by a team 8th in the Belgium league 🙄 reality…
Richard Swart @woutersanne
RT @Fmori7Francois: @bobshell1968 @LoveSunAndYarn @rejialex7 This invasion is widely spread in Europe. I.e.: Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belg…
John Sullivan @ZFTWARNING
RT @Levitt_Matt: The Jihadi Threat in Europe: Insights from Belgium - I'm speaking on this panel next week @gwupoe, come join us https://t.…
Mokoomba @Mokoomba
RT @Mokoomba: •24 Feb: MUZIEKPUBLIQUE - Brussels, Belgium 🇧🇪 . #tickets
Kris AFC @Kripsy_AFC
RT @TurkishortyGoon: Apparently I shouldn't laugh at the vermin for losing to a Belgium team who's eigth in their league #FUCKOFF
Mokoomba @Mokoomba
RT @Mokoomba: •24 Feb: Muziekpublique - Brussels, Belgium 🇧🇪 . #GetTickets 👇🏾
freddie thomas @freddiethomas4
RT @CorbettSports: Wow!! FT in Belgium Gent beat Tottenham 1-0!! Gent's 1st ever victory over English opposition
Sofia Drakopoulou @drakopoulouceu
RT @ellengorris: Numbers are not small, eg 200.000 undocumented children in the UK, 20.000 in Belgium #childrights @picum_post…
#HoGent @hashtaghogent
RT @wimdebruynhogen: IoT and ISA. ReUse the wide experience in industrial process design to be re-applied into IoT.…
Mark Ramm @rammy79
RT @GrahamBoylan: So @cagewarriors is NOW LIVE in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Singapore & Taiwan ON TOP of already existing TV partners...…
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