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payno✨ @itsirwwin
RT @NoControlProjec: Bella Thorne better back up. She ain't gonna be touching any member of 1D with her claws
unicørn 🦄 @niallarix
RT @nevlson: Możecie się kłócić o swoich idoli ale w jednym jesteście zgodne a mianowicie gdy bella thorne zaczyna się nim interesować haha
Mica💅 @MazzaAMica
RT @HAZZANGELXX: "eleanor siguió a louis en ig" "danielle le dió mg a una foto de louis" "bella thorne le comentó una foto" —…
nana @nvvnaa
RT @niallerdiaries: Fandom to Bella Thorne RN:
claudia @claudiaxba
RT @shumsende: bella thorne single handedly managed to cancel herself more than she was already cancelled
Maëva | JayBeyShawn @MaevaGnt31
RT @Ftgmoldu: Bella Thorne j'espère quelle se rend compte que a chaque fois qu'elle est en TT c'est en rapport avec les mec et pas sa carri…
Capital @CapitalOfficial
Bella Thorne has come under SERIOUS fire after she left a comment on Louis Tomlinson's photo! 😱
control a @kianlawleyypop
RT @drugproblem: Y'all: *gives Bella Thorne attention* Y'all: Why does Bella Thorne keep doing things for attention
Melcorn 🌈 @AmcziDamczi
RT @litvocalhs: "Awww" - Bella Thorne
Candy🍭 @sspnkmeStyles
RT @StatsBritain: If Bella Thorne comments on any more of Louis Tomlinson's Instagram photos there's a 90% chance Harry Styles will track.…
ew @heavysovl
RT @pantaloonlive: first gabbie show, then jeffree star, now bella thorne..... the three horsemen of the apocalypse
till' the end @styles_moan
RT @royaltyzjm: Bella Thorne: *leaves a comment on one of the boys' Instagram post* The 1d fandom:
sehaz❄️ @castawayroses
RT @BellaAshlynn: Imma need Bella Thorne to disappear off of social media for no other reason besides the fact that she makes me hella unco…
RT @BottomLouSquad: Bella Thorne . . . AIN'T NO SNAKES COMING NEAR MY CHILD
Sara @NiallEsperto
RT @NiallHBra: 📲 || Bella Thorne comentou a publicação do Louis no Instagram.
103 days to Ari :D @WhiteStar333
RT @nothjngwithoutu: im convinced bella thorne does stupid shit to make her relevant since she knows she's a useless ass bitch at this point
พระมเหสีต๋าาา @J46Cp
RT @Fiffykung: Bella Thorne คงกำลังหมายตาเฮียลูอยู่แน่ๆ แต่นี่ไม่ยอมอ่ะ ไม่ชอบยัยคนนี้ ที่ดูจะเกาะผู้ชายเพื่อสร้างกระแสให้ตัวเอง 2 รายก่อน…
Şahin Şahin @rsoldado4
RT @SexyCelebz20: The slurries of them all, Bella Thorne @bellathorne 🍰🍰🍰
RT @florhescents: Bella Thorne, stay on your damn lane
Hana Abdallah @HanaAbdallah251
RT @bxeberftmendes: jurez à chaque fois qu'on voit bella thorne en TT on se demande pas "mais qui elle a encore pécho???"
L ♊ @littleonedlover
RT @portallouisbr: Estamos em 2017 e ainda sobem tag só pela a Eleanor seguir o Louis ou a Bella Thorne que comentou a foto dele, sério mes…
luna🌙 @xonlyhappiness
RT @speaknow_zayn: Se dan cuenta qur Bella Thorne y Eleanor fueron tendencia hoy solo por ser relacionadas con Louis, Louis es el mejor pro…
Melanie Stylinson @Melanie1D19
RT @Latin1DFamily: En un articulo salio que las Directioners amenazaron a Bella Thorne por comentar la foto de Louis en IG... :D -pocito1D…
-ชานมใส่มุก- @mylovey_jj
RT @JustJared: "Awww" - @Louis_Tomlinson's latest Instagram post got a reaction from @bellathorne!…
Sade🌹 @Mo_xoxoo
RT @jahna_ey: Bella Thorne is that highschool thot who's having an identity crisis
Justin Lusk @JustinLusk2
RT @DiaryWank: Bella Thorne sliding her jeans off!
Melanie Stylinson @Melanie1D19
RT @Latin1DFamily: Bella Thorne comento la foto que subio Louis a IG... :0 -pocito1D
Aryan_Society @AryanLiebe
RT @BigalsByrne: Bella Thorne
banana @rihnaj
RT @perfectxhoran: mais bella thorne elle fait de la peine à ce stade
thursday girl @geminichata
RT @sweeterfille: bella thorne has to be the most annoying person on the planet
ssa ym tae @mattdaddtrash
RT @acerxphael: It's funny how I don't see anyone "hating" Bella Thorne. Everyone is so done with her, they don't even wanna try educating…
Aryan_Society @AryanLiebe
RT @CucusMusic: Bella Thorne Appears to Carry a Script While Out & About in Santa Monica
Aryan_Society @AryanLiebe
RT @_CelebNewsFeed_: Bella Thorne Tweets Praise for Hailee Steinfeld's 'Edge of Seventeen'
d wants k happy ♡⃝ @yutaekook
RT @peachtagon: remember when daph called me bella thorne
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