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David Schneider @davidschneider
Tony Blair: "people must rise up against Brexit because if people rise up, the government will listen"
Blair Rose @Blair_mrose
RT @Shawtyfeels: I'm in desperate need of a whole body massage, days of sleep, & a ticket to the Bahamas
Jamie Moore⚒ @JamieMoore76
RT @DavidJo52951945: RT if you want Tony Blair put on trial for crimes against Britain & the British people.His desperate attempt to revers…
guadalupe @Gua_alonso
RT @SentiteTocada: Por qué no nací siendo Blair Waldorf o Serena Van Der Woodsen?? POR QUÉ???
M. @michelleherre12
RT @ltsChuckBass: I believe in love because of Chuck & Blair
Campsiebear @campsiebear
RT @Holbornlolz: I cannot imagine why Tony Blair wants to overthrow the Brexit referendum
slivertongueddevil @boyebob1119
RT @PrisonPlanet: Oh joy, the war criminal is lecturing us about truth & morality again.
David Swift @dswift352
RT @iainmartin1: If only Tony Blair could lay his hands on some kind of dossier to warn us all on the imminence of the threat from Brexit...
G Robertson AFC @Robertson1980
RT @montie: Tony Blair, who brought mass immigration to UK without democratic permission, now wants to overturn a legitimate referendum res…
margieb @margieblondon
RT @friendofjeremy: I voted for Tony Blair without "informed knowledge" he intended to wage a murderous, illegal war. I call on people to "…
Malcolm von Schantz @mvonschantz
RT @stephen_dorrell: I was in the Cabinet Blair defeated in 97. Nobody said election result meant I should join Labour. Time for Brexit opp…
Paul @paul_iafrica
RT @LeaveEUOfficial: War criminal Tony Blair declares it his mission to stop Brexit at any cost. Well it's our mission to make sure no one…
C C @maxtweenie
RT @RobertWinfield2: I accept #Brexit will cause damage . It will damage Tony Blair's chances of being President of Europe
Tim Pendry @TimPendry
RT @LeaveEUOfficial: "He calls on the people to rise up against Brexit, I urge them to rise up and turn off the TV next time Blair comes on…
Matthew Peake @rocketbobmacfry
RT @dontbrexitfixit: Love this country & want to fight Brexit? Then stop sulking about what you think the @LibDems, Tony Blair or anyone el…
Christopher Gough @chgough
RT @IanDunt: Blair has already offered a more consistent, principled, emotionally-engaging argument on Brexit than any other Lab figure sin…
the1beard @the1beard
RT @KTHopkins: ...And there was me thinking Tony Blair couldn't be more hated #Brexit
pavlova @CarolePavlova76
RT @billybragg: Did Tony Blair just call on people to rise up to stop the govt making terrible policy mistake?
Steve Scully @Stingraytwo
RT @Open_Britain: Tony Blair today gave a keynote speech where he made clear that we must avoid 'Brexit At Any Cost', which the Govt are cu…
Arron Banks @Arron_banks
RT @LeaveEUOfficial: Who does Tony Blair think he is? He deceived us before and now he's lying to the British public again. We're not going…
G Robertson AFC @Robertson1980
RT @SkyNews: Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says people should "rise up and turn off the TV" next time Tony Blair comes on…
Freodom @FreodomUK
RT @SuzanneEvans1: I see Tony Blair plans to set more time aside to humiliate himself today.
Paul @paul_iafrica
RT @DavidJo52951945: Blair is 1 of the worst Prime Ministers in history he has ruined many countries
Mark Wadsworth YPP @Mark_Wadsworth
RT @RedHotSquirrel: 51.9% voted to Leave the EU 43.2% voted Labour (Blair) '97 40.7% voted Labour (Blair) '01 35.2% voted Labour (Blair) '0…
Kev Young @kevinyoung1964
RT @keithchegwin: Put Bell End into my Sat Nav - Ended up at Tony Blair's House
Sophie Petzal @Sonic_Screwup
RT @keiranpedley: IDS On Blair: 'The idea somehow that the British people were misinformed about this is absolute nonsense'…
BournemouthforEurope @Bournemouth4EU
RT @Kishan_Devani: *VOTE & then RETWEET POLL* Is Tony Blair's attempt at getting Britain to "rise up" against Brexit, good or bad? #TonyB…
Anhthu Vo @AnhthuVo2002
RT @Open_Britain: WATCH: @patmcfadden is right to say that we should engage with Tony Blair on Europe
Gerry Green @g_gree9
RT @CarolineFlintMP: Tony Blair's plan for two year campaign to overturn the #Euref is no way forward. Respect the result - fight for best…
Pat Brown @PatAlexTea
RT @JeremyCorbyn4PM: Tony Blair has made a pointless speech and timed it to damage Labour ahead of Copeland and Stoke. Spot on @liamyoung o…
Twobob Thompson @TwobobThompson
RT @DVATW: Blair despises the expressed will of the British people. He's a millionaire charlatan
Clare Huggy Bear XXX @Astrobi7
RT @D_Raval: Tony Blair, the god father of Rupert Murdoch's daughter, talking about a "right wing media clique"
joyce lawson @jlplustwo
RT @LeaveEUOfficial: If Blair thinks we're going to listen to him now, after all he's done, he really has lost it!
Pat Brown @PatAlexTea
RT @JeremyCorbyn4PM: "Tony Blair said this morning about imperfect knowledge, but I think Lord Chilcot called it 'flawed information'" Boom…
Annette Ashley 🌏❄❤ @annetteashley61
RT @JohnRentoul: "Who made that rule?" asks Blair, of the idea that continuing debate about the EU is undemocratic.
RT @D_Raval: The most disappointing thing about Blair's speech today was that it wasn't made from a prison cell 😡 #warcriminal…
Revenge of the @BoxMan_MK2
RT @FT: Tony Blair urges British voters to ‘change their mind’ on Brexit, warning the UK is rushing 'over the cliff’s edge'…
Hermes @hermzec
RT @antonio_bordin: #Blair: stop alla #Brexit, la gente ha votato senza sapere. Un po' come quando votava lui senza sapere che razza di cri…
Joe @HeadOfExaminers
RT @paulwestonlibgb: Blair has always hated democracy. Typically dangerous #LeftistTotalitarian
Steve Davies @unioneyes
RT @Tom_Gann: The sheer awfulness of this is pretty telling on the limits of Blair's (& a lot of other Euro) cosmopolitanism.…
David J Stevens @obesbloke
RT @the_awakend: Remember when Blair said he rather have Tory govt. than Left Labour one. Seems he rather have UKIP MP than Labour one unde…
carole hope @carolehope2
RT @liamyoung: It's time for a new approach and for our generation to target the rise of the far-right. We must leave Blair behind: https:/…
Pat Brown @PatAlexTea
RT @JeremyCorbyn4PM: Quite right @liamyoung "why is Blair recklessly making this speech now ahead of 2 by elections. We don't need this gra…
G Robertson AFC @Robertson1980
RT @364690: Tony Blair's appearance this morning only confirms that we need a #Brexit so hard it would be capable of blowing a man's trouse…
Joe @Wagstaff10
RT @MikkiL: Farage TAUNTS Blair as 'former boxer who comes back only to be KNOCKED OUT in first round'
leon Cullen @leocullen4
RT @JohnDelacour: Proof that Great Britain has gone quite mad: That anybody should give a flying fuck what 👻#Tony_Blair thinks! @tonyblairo…
Dominique Stewart @BigManDom_
RT @bsurveillance: Tony Blair Urges Brexit Opponents to Keep Fighting @tonyblairoffice @tomkeene @guyjohnsontv http…
Jeffery Lay @JeFurry
RT @cstross: That sense of despair when you realize you're agreeing with Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, AND TONY BLAIR this year: https://t.c…
(((Simon Evans))) @simonevans117
RT @John_Ferrett: Boris Johnson accuses Tony Blair of "insulting voters' intelligence" - same @BorisJohnson who promised extra £350m a day…
Connor Richards @con_r_rich
RT @IndyVoices: Tony Blair's position on Brexit makes a lot of sense - why didn't Jeremy Corbyn take it?
The_Lisburn_Busker @RamblingRingo
RT @acgrayling: Something to put right in Blair's speech: there is no political legitimacy to #Brexit. Brexit is not an idea, but an emotio…
Rich_Peacock @richiepeacock
RT @MustafaNajafi: Tony Blair calls for people to "rise up" and block #Brexit Yet he didn't acknowledge the people who protested against th…
Ron Wordwelder @RonWordwelder
RT @CelticRegion: Tony Blair’s speech BACKFIRES as nation RISES UP … AGAINST HIM! via @Your Brexit
(((AJ 48%)))❄️🇪🇺 @LibTard87
RT @Politics_co_uk: Like him or not, Blair's speech was a reminder of when Britian had first rate politicians https…
Melvyn Haigh @MercianSaxon
RT @WikiGuido: ICM poll for @Change_Britain suggests Blair is wrong and it's Remain voters who are changing their minds…
sylvia moulds @MouldsSylvia
RT @2tweetaboutit: Blair backlash continues as veteran BBC presenter @petereallen describes ex-PM @tonyblairoffice as an 'irrelevance' http…
Vincent Gibbons @GreenstoneUK
RT @RobDotHutton: Blair PLAYS HAVOC with Brexiteer minds as he tells @tomkeene that May is right to seek a close relationship with Trump.
bram humphries @achwyn
RT @GeorginaSturge: 'Brexit voters were misled' says the man who misled a country into war over fictional WMDs. Tony Blair #brexit
Rabih Chaaban @ChaabanRabih
RT @ChaabanRabih: Tony Blair leading a 'Remain in EU' fightback - would be officially the Final Nail in the Remain Campaign's coffin! https…
Joy Dixon @joydixon2205
RT @terry_brookwood: Tony Blair accepted the people who voted him into power. Why won't he accept the same people who voted for brexit?
Jan @PupspurJeanette
RT @REnlightenment: Whenever Corbyn opens his mouth, Labour become more unelectable Whenever #Blair opens his mouth, Labour become more un…
Matthew Ryan @MattiRaz
RT @MattDeaves: the best bit is that they actually agree more with what Blair said today than what Corbyn has been saying. Truly top trolli…
Ribbons @nickribbons
RT @lokiscottishrap: Nice to see everyone is still seeing eye-to-eye on Tony Blair.
RT @_BASHIR1: Happy 2️⃣nd Birthday Ms Blair Solai Mommy Loves You🎈🎁🎉😘😘😘
Joy Dixon @joydixon2205
RT @peterc3011: @sky news Why are you giving war criminal Blair this air time ????
Harvey Websock @harveywebsock
RT @Ladydiann2: Tony Blair has no power in Britain refused to support British people wanting to protect their freedoms and borders https://…
Star. Article 50 now @star19633
RT @Anorakian: Lineker is now in tune with Blair. If people didn't like the two of them before, their combination should do the trick. http…
Seán Mac Eachaidh @SeanEachaidh
RT @fitzy_blue: @Fatbelly57 @socialist1959 Blair doesn't represent a party I want to be part of. LAB hasn't been a 'democratic socialist' p…
Steve Scully @Stingraytwo
RT @Stingraytwo: @Andie99uk Whilst I dislike the man intensely, I don't think it's right to associate him with Tony Blair.…
Somerset Chris @somersetchris
RT @hamild: @billybragg I know Blair was responsible for everything in the last 200 years but Brexit was down to Cameron, the tories and th…
Son of a Migrant @petebestuk
RT @SilverStTattoos: @petebestuk YES!!! I can't stick Blair, but i LOATHE Herr Duncan-Schmitt #hypocrite
aspiesmom @aspiesmom
RT @Daily_Express: Tony Blair’s bid to DERAIL BREXIT: Fury as ex-PM suggests UK could STAY in EU even WITHOUT new vote…
BournemouthforEurope @Bournemouth4EU
RT @voteleavelied: Blair empties the clip...
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