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Naila Inayat
Tense situation in #Chitral as police stops a charged mob from breaking into the police station and attack an alleg… https://t.co/lZ0ewVLtH7
21 Apr, 12:30 PM UTC
Javed Nayab Laghari
Another Mob attacked Police Station of #Chitral to Kill Accused of #Blasphemy, sad & unfortunate. @BakhtawarBZ
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Mohammad Taqi
This #blasphemy madness is uncontrollable unless #Pakistan state acts to repeal the poisonous laws in toto https://t.co/hHtusfIDBC
21 Apr, 12:38 PM UTC
Pakistani blogger @AWGoraya had to flee his country due to #blasphemy allegations. He now lives in hiding and is de… https://t.co/hbprm6Ypop
21 Apr, 03:43 PM UTC
Tension growing in #Chitral as people want to kill a man over an alleged charge of #Blasphemy
21 Apr, 01:51 PM UTC
Can't believe, #Chitral is going to be 3rd #blasphemy case in a week. Earlier 3 burqa clad women kills 1 men,before… https://t.co/i18YOHFO0Y
21 Apr, 12:48 PM UTC
An Imam In #Chitral Just Saved A Mentally Disabled Man Falsely Accused Of #Blasphemy And It's A Lesson For Us All https://t.co/LXY6ouDQE1
21 Apr, 04:55 PM UTC
Naveed Asghar.
#نیاپاکستان #Chitral میں الزام عائدکیاگیا شخص نےنمازِجمعہ کےبعدمسجدمیں بات کرنے کیلئےامام مسجدکودھکادیاجوکہ… https://t.co/eiCZr3K81z
21 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
Shabbir Hussain Imam
On #blasphemy charges, reportedly MENTALLY SICK person in #Chitral Police Custody while to tackle charged crowd deployment increased. Apr21
21 Apr, 12:54 PM UTC
Aliya Nazki
And now accusations of #blasphemy and an angry mob in #Chitral. https://t.co/8RD2Des3Qg
21 Apr, 04:10 PM UTC
Mehreen Tahir
Aisi namaz ka kya faeda jisko parhtey hi kisi ka qatl kernay nikal jao #Chitral #Pakistan #blasphemy
21 Apr, 03:47 PM UTC
Ahmad Mukaram
Allow the likes of Tariq Jameel & late JJ to operate in an area n this will always be the outcome. #Chitralhttps://t.co/1Un2cJqIsU
21 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Rumi رومی
کون سے الزام کے بعد زندگی میں کوئی زیادہ مسئلہ نہیں ہوتا؟ #blasphemy #pakistan #Mashal #PanamaCase
21 Apr, 04:20 PM UTC
The Chakra
Minorities have never been safe in #Pakistan and still are not in 2017! Stop #Blasphemy law designed by #Islamistshttps://t.co/shmEFLt454
21 Apr, 04:34 PM UTC
Bilal Hyder Simair
یا خدا تیری جنت کے واسطے ۔۔ فسادیوں نے دنیا کو جہنم بنا دیا #Chitral #Blasphemy
21 Apr, 04:58 PM UTC
Rumi رومی
کرپشن اور گستاخی کے درمیاں ہے زندگی نہ جانے کس گلی میں زندگی کی شام ہوجائے #Chitral #Blasphemy #Mashal #PanamaCase
21 Apr, 05:17 PM UTC
Ms.Nay Karmel
@LOTLRADIO Could you please put @adinahoward new joint #Blasphemy in rotation. It would be greatly appreciated.
21 Apr, 05:15 PM UTC
Arab News
Mob attacks man accused of #blasphemy in northern #Pakistan https://t.co/PPcMkuOmTi
21 Apr, 05:15 PM UTC
An enraged mob attacked Chitral Police Station demanding to handover a blasphemy accused: Chitral Police #Blasphemy
21 Apr, 05:10 PM UTC
#Pakistani women kill man accused of #blasphemy a decade ago - #Islam https://t.co/VfFs1HlM2V
21 Apr, 05:05 PM UTC
Maqsood Asi | عاصی
ریاستی قوانین افشاں بی بی @AfshanMasab کی کمال فصاحت سے بھرپور تحقیقاتی تحریر https://t.co/NrwQlnzRn9 #BlasphemyLaws #blasphemy
21 Apr, 05:03 PM UTC
@Hasbro So you're telling me, a KIDS TOY company doesnt do BYCTWD every week? Whaaaatttt #blasphemy #boycotthasbrohttps://t.co/cm8qref3b8
21 Apr, 05:02 PM UTC
#Pakistan's Islamists are finding that they can dangle the carrot just right to form rabid mobs... #Blasphemy https://t.co/GSSZzqM76r
21 Apr, 05:02 PM UTC
World Watch Monitor
@basuki_btp Jakarta's governor hears of reduced sentence for alleged #blasphemy day after losing bid for re-election https://t.co/Yh3f9jKJAE
21 Apr, 04:46 PM UTC
World Watch Monitor
Jakarta's governor #Ahok hears of reduced sentence for alleged #blasphemy a day after he loses bid for re-election.… https://t.co/PbWXfU4MYG
21 Apr, 04:45 PM UTC
Sara nomics
Oh God! This is the real Fassad! where is #RaddulFasaad??? These #blasphemy laws Need immediate amendment! https://t.co/DzJqmHJPsd
21 Apr, 04:44 PM UTC
Elle Jay Ann
Chitral mob attacks police station demanding custody of #blasphemy suspect who will protect the police #Pakistan https://t.co/bNppmcVjVk
21 Apr, 04:41 PM UTC
#Jazz #trivia: Many say the current international face of Jazz is Kenny G. #Blasphemy
21 Apr, 04:40 PM UTC
South Asia at Hudson
Chitral mob attack police station demanding #blasphemy suspect. Military forces called to defuse tension, 3 injured. https://t.co/LXSzswHELi
21 Apr, 04:34 PM UTC
2 dead, One seriously injured within 9 days over #blasphemy in #Pakistan . #MASHAL #blaphemylaws #Sialkot
21 Apr, 04:30 PM UTC
Another man brutally injured in #blasphemy ignited mob attack in #Pakistan.
21 Apr, 04:26 PM UTC
Shabbir Hussain Turi
چترال میں نبوت ؐ کا دعویٰ کرنے والے مبینہ ملزم کا بظاہر ذہنی حالت درست نہیں۔ سیکورٹی ذرائع #Chitral #Mashal #Blasphemy
21 Apr, 04:22 PM UTC
Waryyam Mian
We saw the #state in its repulsive glory in #MASHAL & now in #Chitral; this #Blasphemy #fever must get to an end. #Proxy #war against #Pak
21 Apr, 04:20 PM UTC
Sheraz H Mughal
Tense situation in #Chitral as police stops a charged mob from breaking into the police station and attack an alleged #Blasphemy suspect
21 Apr, 04:18 PM UTC
#Burka-Clad Sisters Enter Man's Home and Shoot Him Dead for #Blasphemy Against #Holy_Prophet https://t.co/iybkvJzEkU Done for #Mohammid.
21 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
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