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Lifetime UK
RT & Like for a chance to #win a Β£100 shopping spree at @Dorothy_Perkins! #BNTM πŸ‘  πŸ‘— πŸ‘œΒ https://t.co/Aclk1Ps8RX
20 Apr, 11:43 AM UTC
Lifetime UK
.@Charlottegshore gets some tips from our girls #BNTM
20 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
Daisy Dixon Watches
Accessorise like a Supermodel! Want to #WIN 1 of 7 watches featured on #BNTM tonight? πŸ™Œ Like and #DaisyDixonWatches… https://t.co/K7AAwlmr3e
20 Apr, 08:55 PM UTC
If you can't get to your TV tonight to watch #BNTM on @LifetimeTelly at 9 PM don't PANIC 😱 you can watch it on @TVPlayer instead! 😍
20 Apr, 02:14 PM UTC
A rude awakening by @OfficialClancy and sparks fly in the Top Model house - you do not want to miss #BNTM TONIGHT o… https://t.co/LTjSDoEWKl
20 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
Lifetime UK
.@BNTMChloeLock is so us feeling ready for @BNTMUK at 9! #BNTM
20 Apr, 07:30 PM UTC
Lifetime UK
When you thought you only had Β£4 left in your account but check and you really have Β£23.42 πŸ’… #BNTM
20 Apr, 08:16 PM UTC
Make sure you're watching @BNTMUK tonight to see the girls in our catwalk show πŸŽ€πŸ‘—πŸ‘  #BNTM
20 Apr, 08:07 PM UTC
We love you @bntmbianca - such a genuine, lovely and beautiful girl! #BNTM https://t.co/lCGXnqP5iM
20 Apr, 09:01 PM UTC
Dillon St.Paul
Alannah. Simone. Final. That is all πŸ‘­πŸ‘‘ #bntm
20 Apr, 08:45 PM UTC
Keeping it subtle @samuelharwood1 ...real subtle 😎 #BNTM
20 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
Caitlin πŸ’–
Alannah already looks professional πŸ‘  #BNTM
20 Apr, 08:37 PM UTC
Daisy Dixon Watches
@AlannahBeirne wearing our hot pink Adriana 😍how amazing did she look working that watch! #BNTM #DaisyDixonWatches
20 Apr, 08:37 PM UTC
Victoria Clay
I love you B! You're gonna go so far #BNTM #slayeveryday https://t.co/nQuPV6gCgT
20 Apr, 09:25 PM UTC
AAAAAAA you can win one of the gorgeous @daisydixonwatch from tonight's episode! #BNTM wants one! ⌚ https://t.co/612gp1jJ6D
20 Apr, 10:15 PM UTC
Pretty clear the other girls don't understand Asperger's #bntm #autismawareness
20 Apr, 10:16 PM UTC
Perrie's Princess
I appreciate Alannah's friend got eliminated and she was upset but questioning how Tallulah got through was a bit rude & uncalled for #BNTM
20 Apr, 10:36 PM UTC
Charlie Jacksonβ™‘
She has done one bad photo how can you send one bad photo home over constantly bad photos. Absolutely disgusting! #BNTM
20 Apr, 10:18 PM UTC
Amy Hartman
My top 3 are Olivia, Simone and Alannah!! πŸ™πŸ™ #BNTM
20 Apr, 11:21 PM UTC
Violet Egan
You seem more intelligent & mature than some of the others, maybe that's why you "get it". I hope you win… https://t.co/gze6NrSnY9
20 Apr, 11:20 PM UTC
Tony Bianchi
The words Tallulah and Top Model don't mix. #BNTM
20 Apr, 11:59 PM UTC
Carl Antony Roberts
Bianca should not have gone. Talula is a nightmare, really don't get what Abbey is seeing in her #BNTM
20 Apr, 11:03 PM UTC
Didn't even realise #BNTM was back so I need to catch up but based on tonight I know I have a fave already @Bntmtallulah love you
20 Apr, 10:48 PM UTC
Rianna Ellis
.@bntmsimone Hold up, I know it's #BNTMπŸ™ˆ Too much top model on a Thursday night for me!πŸ˜‚
20 Apr, 10:20 PM UTC
πŸ’ŸMichelle DuffyπŸ¦„
@LifetimeTelly @Dorothy_Perkins #BNTM πŸ™‹Count me in please πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘‘πŸ‘—πŸ‘š
20 Apr, 11:37 PM UTC
Melissa Crowe
@LifetimeTelly @Dorothy_Perkins #BNTM πŸ‘  thankyou for the chance to #win
20 Apr, 11:12 PM UTC
Kelly Muggs
Catching up on #BNTM - girls looked great on the catwalk πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
20 Apr, 11:02 PM UTC
Thanks @Pez_Jadey for letting me know #BNTM was back on TV how did I not see your message a few weeks ago?
20 Apr, 10:49 PM UTC
#BNTM Olivia is absolutely gorgeous! She's my winner!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–
20 Apr, 10:34 PM UTC
Phil Newton
@bntmbianca Noooooooooo! You didn't deserve to go this week... but please don't give up on your dreams, this is jus… https://t.co/9rqqdKtrFT
21 Apr, 12:25 AM UTC
Amy Hartman
Can we appreciate Olivia though! Aside from the fact she's beautiful, She has a great personality. Seems so sweet and down to earth πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ #BNTM
20 Apr, 11:24 PM UTC
Amy Hartman
@daisydixonwatch πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ #DaisyDixonWatches #BNTM
20 Apr, 11:16 PM UTC
Kelly Muggs
Noooooooo Bianca!!!! 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 #BNTM
20 Apr, 11:13 PM UTC
✨ Sophie ✨
@LifetimeTelly @Dorothy_Perkins What a lovely treat! ☺ #BNTM
20 Apr, 10:40 PM UTC
Amy Warrington
@daisydixonwatch Mine's broken and just before my bday too so a new one would be amazing #2ndmay #DaisyDixonWatches #BNTM
20 Apr, 10:36 PM UTC
Just caught up with #BNTM , once again so proud of @Bntmtallulah and so happy that she's through hoping she'll win love her
20 Apr, 10:31 PM UTC
sandra gough
@daisydixonwatch Wow! Wow! Yes Please. Would Absolutely Love One. Tomorrow is my birthday.πŸŽ‚πŸ™ Could I Be So Luck… https://t.co/WQviE6Dy8T
20 Apr, 10:25 PM UTC
Nina Cavanagh
So the wrong choice tonight #BNTM
20 Apr, 10:23 PM UTC
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