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Corinna Leppin @CSLeppin
RT @JamesCleverley1: Boris Johnson has just voted against @ChukaUmunna's amendment to give the NHS an extra £350m a week after Brexit. I'll…
Boris @boris_slatinec
RT @9GAG: When you use dig and it is super effective!
Sky News @SkyNews
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says people should "rise up and turn off the TV" next time Tony Blair comes on
Geli @bendasukgeli
RT @OneRepublic: Danke @TheVoiceGermany for letting us hang out. Boris you're legit. Fully. "Let me hold your hand" legit. 🎄💥. https://t…
(((Iain))) ❄️🇪🇺 @IAM568
RT @sunny_hundal: Boris Johnson today asked Britons to ignore Tony Blair, because he took the UK into the Iraq war
Boris_R @Boris_Krasov
RT @Nbattalion: Йому було лише 19. Куля російського снайпера обірвала життя Героя. Ми тебе пам'ятатимемо,Тарасе.І помстимося. Спочивай з ми…
John @Stormyjwaters
RT @MrHarryCole: Boris urges the public: "Rise up and turn off the TV next time Blair comes on."
Kate @Beerinwitsout
RT @C4Ciaran: Boris Johnson voted FOR the Iraq war.
Free Helsem Memedela @mandelawasndoos
RT @DavidJo52951945: Blair is 1 of the worst Prime Ministers in history he has ruined many countries
skywaker9 @skywaker9
RT @DLin71: NSA shortlist -Schladimir Schmutin -Boris Badenov -The phrase “I don’t know, I was given that information” -Michael Flynn with…
Willieckerslike @willieckerslike
RT @UK_Must_Remain: Some MPs who voted for the Iraq war: David Davis, Iain Duncan-Smith, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, John Redwood…
Need to Know @Happytoberight
RT @BrexitCentral: Boris Johnson urges the British people to "rise up and turn off the TV when Tony Blair next appears"…
BournemouthforEurope @Bournemouth4EU
RT @Paul_D1963: .@BorisJohnson saying Blair is insulting people’s intelligence. Remember this Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson? https://t…
William @Amelle_Boris
RT @jdoreofficiel: & bien prenez du Doliprane, je vous offre une place assise le 24 ! 💙 #JDKDO #JDTour @AuguriProd
Austin316 @amirshah316
RT @BrexiteerGB: Boris Johnson - "I urge the British people to rise up and turn off the TV next time Blair comes on with his condescending…
Free Helsem Memedela @mandelawasndoos
RT @2tweetaboutit: ‘I’m still clearing up your Iraq mess!’ Boris Johnson blasts Blair @tonyblairoffice for anti-Brexit rant…
Will Lake @WillLakeCopy
RT @Redpeter99: Boris Johnson questioning the integrity of Blair over Brexit is an early contender for Hypocrite of 2017. Shame is absent i…
Terry Jeffreys @Essexproduce
RT @stephenpollard: Just imagine if Remain had won and Boris has made a speech saying 'let's ignore the result and fight to leave'. He'd be…
Kane E @KaneCusack
RT @A_Liberty_Rebel: Boris: "Tony Blair wants British people to 'rise up' against Brexit. I urge them to 'rise up' & switch off the TV eve…
Boris_R @Boris_Krasov
RT @fjfghfg: Укроборонпром назначил руководителем ГП «ХКБМ им.Морозова»Алексея Бабича–брата зама руководителя аппарата директора Укроборонп…
KAM @keithmallinson1
RT @JellyWobbleBott: Boris Johnson insults voters intelligence by wanting to prevent a referendum on Brexit terms h…
KAM @keithmallinson1
RT @ivanwhite48: Don't worry, Boris Johnson, I turn off the radio or change television channels every time I hear your endless lies and hyp…
KAM @keithmallinson1
RT @michaelwhite: Chutzpah from Boris accusing Blair of "condescension" in saying voters didn't understand Brexit.Eton & Oxford's Boris did…
Creuzot boris @boris_creuzot
RT @EnMarche_TlseN: RDV lundi à Toulouse pour la conférence sur l'éducation organisée par les @JeunesMacron31 #Macr…
KAM @keithmallinson1
RT @SimonGosden: All but two Tories voted against the war, Boris wasn't one of them! He must have forgotten. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…
Boris_R @Boris_Krasov
RT @favens_sp: Мотель-вырубилось электричество после очередного 💣
KAM @keithmallinson1
RT @JamieJones77: Egomaniac Liar Blair or Self-entitled flippy-floppy Social Darwinist egomaniac Boris De Piffle? A plague on both their ma…
John M Knox @johnmknox
RT @HRH_PrincePhil: How did you show your love this #valentines? One appears to have got Liz the country of Gambia...…
KAM @keithmallinson1
RT @NickKehoeTV: Like him or loathe him, Tony Blair is right about Brexit...May & Boris '£350m for NHS' Johnson fear him because inside the…
Andy Gilham @andygilham
RT @ilasserre: Boris Johnson à Munich : " Give Donald Trump a chance"
Paul Metcalfe @paulmetcalfe56
RT @nickmellor35: @itvnews @BorisJohnson Ha ha well said Boris. And great idea.
KAM @keithmallinson1
RT @Kelsblells: The absolute brass neck of #Boris. After his lies! #brexit
Creuzot boris @boris_creuzot
RT @MondeDuFun: Top 10 des champions de la semaine, les faits divers les plus débiles (#116)
Creuzot boris @boris_creuzot
RT @MondeDuFun: Apprendre à lire le Coréen en 5 minutes
Creuzot boris @boris_creuzot
RT @MondeDuFun: Manuel Valls giflé à Lamballe
Nicky @rankamateur
RT @the_a_stevenson: Liar Boris insults people's intelligence by saying Liar Blair is insulting people's intelligence. Is it any wonder US…
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