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Houston Dynamo @HoustonDynamo
Tomorrow, we welcome a legend back home. #ForeverOrange
iamtrendbot @iamtrendbot
RT @RipSports: Dynamo on Thursday will hold press conference w/ Brad Davis to sign 1-day contract & retire as Dynamo player. Played w/ Spor…
Mon{tae} 🐊😎 @TrueDreamer_21
RT @NickdelaTorreGC: Brad Davis: "Day 1 spring ball my expectation is to show them the standard and if they don't meet the standard there w…
Brian @gatorphi561
RT @NickdelaTorreGC: Brad Davis: "This opportunity I have right here there's no leeway to be average. Coach Mac didn't bring me here to be…
Jerry. @JBreezyII
RT @ZachAbolverdi: Really, really impressed with new Florida OL coach Brad Davis.
Mon{tae} 🐊😎 @TrueDreamer_21
RT @ThomasGoldkamp: We'll see how he does with the O-line, but #Gators assistant Brad Davis is one impressive dude. Should clean up in thos…
Mon{tae} 🐊😎 @TrueDreamer_21
RT @GrahamHall_: #Gators OL coach Brad Davis: "In a million years did I expect to be here? No. Am I fired up to be here? Yes. Best opportun…
Damian @DamianMotsinger
RT @NickdelaTorreGC: Brad Davis: "My job first and foremost is to be a servant to the players. I'm a vehicle to their success." #Gators
Erik Gonzalez 〽™ @thee_erik
RT @RipSports: Decoration at Brad Davis retirement press conference
Bryan Lagunas @bryanlag16
RT @RipSports: Brad Davis signs his one-day contract
Manteca @Chris_SoloDolo
RT @DavidNunoABC13: Brad Davis signs a 1 day contract so he can retire with the @HoustonDynamo #ABC13
Jeff Strong @DynamoCooligan
RT @RipSports: Another Brad Davis decoration
Dustin Hopson @DustinClint
RT @DynamicFoxtrot: Dynamo will announce today at 1 PM the signing of Brad Davis to an honorary 1-day contract. He will officially retire a…
Alexander Supgul @TripleG25
RT @DannyMataJr: #Dynamo great Brad Davis (left) signs 1-day contract to retire with team. #Houston #MLS
Papì Chulo🔱 @YoPutMeInCoach
RT @MileHighNuffer: If Brad Davis can ace recruiting like he can ace a press conference. We gonna be alright.
Jeff Strong @DynamoCooligan
RT @DynamicFoxtrot: Press Conference announcing the signing of Brad Davis will be starting in the coming minutes, tune in now:…
Jeff Strong @DynamoCooligan
RT @sportsguy409: Brad Davis signing & retirement moments away for one of Houston's classiest players ever #foreverorange
Jeff Strong @DynamoCooligan
RT @RipSports: Brad Davis' opening remarks
Emma @aniyah2105
RT @DavidNunoABC13: Brad Davis gets emotional during retirement press conference, especially when speaking about his family. @HoustonDynamo
Trey Rivers @trivers22
RT @NickdelaTorreGC: #Gators new OL coach Brad Davis: "It's pointless to have a lamborghini without a good transmission."…
Elizabeth @ballisvida
RT @imBINGnotGOOGLE: I can relate to Brad Davis
Jerry. @JBreezyII
RT @gatorskickass: No doubt in my mind Brad Davis will be like the music teacher in Whiplash
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