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Lady C @LadyCaroline1
RT @Peter_Fox59: Paedophile Catholic priest Brian Spillane jailed for 9yrs for sexually abusing boys at Bathurst school…
Nine News Sydney @9NewsSyd
Serial Paedophile Brian Spillane has been sentenced to at least nine years behind bars for abusing seven students a…
Rani Lyons @Iseevous
RT @LyndsayFarlow: Paedophile Catholic Church priest Brian Spillane jailed for 13yrs/9yrsNPP for sexually abusing boys…
Lisa Bryant @LisaJBryant
RT @Peter_Fox59: Victim of paedophile priest Fr Brian Spillane said, 'I'm dead inside. I look forward to the day I die.' in a statement rea…
Wolfie Rankin @Wolfie_Rankin
RT @Peter_Fox59: Notorious paedophile Brian Joseph Spillane sentenced for 16 child sex offences via @bmgazette
Applam @Applam_Ebay
RT @9NewsSyd: #BREAKING: Serial paedophile Brian Spillane sentenced to at least 9 years behind bars for abusing 7 students at St Stanislaus…
Lady Muk Raking @IIreckon
RT @FrancieJones: Paedophile priest Brian Spillane jailed for nine years for sexually abusing boys via @abcnews
rhonda janetzki @2teabags
RT @lucethoughts: Brian Spillane had previously been found guilty of assaulting more than 20 children. He now won't be eligible for parole…
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