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Jeff Goodman
Clemson will keep Brad Brownell for an eighth season, sources have told ESPN.
20 Mar, 12:48 PM UTC
Larry Williams
Dan Radakovich has told Brad Brownell he is coming back as Clemson's coach. More on this at
20 Mar, 12:37 PM UTC
Evan Daniels
Source: Despite rumors Brad Brownell will return to Clemson next season.
20 Mar, 12:49 PM UTC
Pete Thamel
SOURCE: Clemson's Brad Brownell met with athletic officials this morning. He's returning next year as planned.
20 Mar, 12:41 PM UTC
Larry Williams
Here's our story on Radakovich's decision to bring back Brownell. AD and coach met this morning.
20 Mar, 12:39 PM UTC
Looks like #WadeWatch dodged Clemson. Tigers staying with Coach Brownell for another season.
20 Mar, 12:59 PM UTC
Tanner Smith
A Brad Brownell led team winning two games in the NCAA tournament would violate all known fundamental laws of nature
19 Mar, 06:23 PM UTC
Coaching Changes
Brownell well is safe , this means Will Wade turned them down and is taking LSU! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
20 Mar, 01:04 PM UTC
Tony Patelis
Clemson is keeping Brad Brownell according to reports. He will be their head coach in 2017-18. #Clemson #ACC
20 Mar, 12:49 PM UTC
Kazie πŸ€™
Coach Brownell staying at Clemson is good news on a Monday Morning. Both for Clemson and VCU.
20 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
Report: Brownell to return to Clemson next season
20 Mar, 01:01 PM UTC
Report: Brownell to return to #Clemson next season @Coach_Brownell:
20 Mar, 12:49 PM UTC
Jerry Beach
Clemson reportedly keeping Brad Brownell. Now UNCW has to find someone else to replace Keatts. #IAmTheWorst #CAAHoops
20 Mar, 12:54 PM UTC
Coaching Changes
Brad Brownell will walk into next year not on a hot seat but a seat dipped thoroughly in kerosene with candles inch…
20 Mar, 12:54 PM UTC
Josh Goodson
Clemson going to keep Brownell... AKA Wade is prob going to LSU so yea
20 Mar, 12:52 PM UTC
Jon Pence
Another source on the Brownell news, I'm guessing we can assume Wade wasn't interested.
20 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
Cody Stewart
Per sources, Clemson is retaining Brad Brownell. Hearing Will Wade turned down their offer. W/ LSU taking its time good chance WW stays #VCU
20 Mar, 01:10 PM UTC
David Teague
Gonna be another long season next yr ugh...😠😠😠
20 Mar, 12:58 PM UTC
Logan Bostic
1. Under Brownell, Clemson has made the NCAA tournament ONCE ....using only the players that Oliver Purnell recruited. OP's team.
20 Mar, 12:56 PM UTC
Britton Gough
@ClemsonDRad soooo just throwing in towel on basketball program? Love brownell as a man but he's got to go #firebrownell
20 Mar, 12:56 PM UTC
Logan Bostic
Reasons why keeping Brad Brownell is a poor move by Clemson: a thread.
20 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
Sons of Clemson
Brad Brownell will return for another season at #Clemson.
20 Mar, 12:52 PM UTC
Rubbing The Rock
Thoughts on the return of Brad Brownell?
20 Mar, 01:18 PM UTC
Mike Cioffi
@1067theFan in DC just reported the Brownell news. Almost said it like he couldn't believe it. 1 NCAA 2 NIT in 7 yrs. What a joke. #Clemson
20 Mar, 01:12 PM UTC
Jason Alan
@GoodmanESPN horrible move. Brownell is a choke artist and not worth another mediocre season. #firebrowell
20 Mar, 01:12 PM UTC
James Calliham
@TheMichaelGreen They are bringing Brownell back πŸ˜”
20 Mar, 01:10 PM UTC
CJ Watkins
@Coach_Brownell you don't deserve to be coming back.
20 Mar, 01:03 PM UTC
Mike Freeland
@ClemsonTigerNet @Coach_Brownell Really Dan you are kidding aren't you? Seven years and no big dance. USC did it in five come on!
20 Mar, 01:02 PM UTC
@ClemsonTigerNet @Coach_Brownell because it's more important to have influential friends than to do your job. BOOOOOOOO!!!!
20 Mar, 01:02 PM UTC
Clemson Tigers
Brownell is staying at Clemson via @chatsports #ClemsonFamily
20 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
(2/2) 2 meetings in 3 days doesn't make sense for Brownell. Maybe overtures were rebuffed by Wade yesterday?
20 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
(1/2) With Brownell staying it tells me 2 things, Wade is serious about LSU or clearly staying at VCU.
20 Mar, 12:59 PM UTC
Chris to the W
@MarcDopherWYFF Brownell is the Will Muschamp of college basketball
20 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
Jose de Villa
@gregg_brownell Gracias por seguirme, en breve te devuelvo follow :) #TuitUtil
20 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
Sara Grace
How on earth did brownell keep his job?! πŸ€
20 Mar, 12:54 PM UTC
Apparently clemsons bringing brownell back πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
20 Mar, 12:51 PM UTC
Jamie Charping
@Mickeyplyler maybe Radakovich could hire a good assistant head coach that could step in should Brownell blow another year?
20 Mar, 12:51 PM UTC
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