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Marisa Butler @marisa_butler
RT @ava: This needs to happen on EVERY lie. It's up to the press to do this EVERY time. Go hard, y'all. On EVERY lie. https://t.co/TGbishcD…
Bill Simmons @BillSimmons
Butler runs the clock down so he can get a terrible spinning fallaway w/ no time left and somehow gets bailed out. I hate the NBA sometimes.
Rich Kubat @GrandMastaRich
RT @LegionHoops: The trade deadline is a week away and the Celtics are focused on trying to land Jimmy Butler or Paul George.
Cordelia @felixwalkens
RT @NendoVsFunko: Sebastian - Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) https://t.co/7gwCZYaWoC
Montero @PN_ClaimMoney
RT @Steve_OS: Hey Jimmy Butler, did Marcus Smart foul you? https://t.co/bWW5BNQOGU
Jean. @Jean_Francois15
RT @SportsCenter: Jimmy Butler gives Chicago the lead in the final second after Marcus Smart is called for a questionable foul. https://t.c…
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @NBAonTNT: Smart fouls Jimmy Butler on the final shot & Butler makes both free throws to give @chicagobulls the 104-103 lead w/ 0.9 seco…
Axel Wang @wang_axel
RT @CelticsJunkies: Here's a look at Marcus Smart's Flagrant 2 on Jimmy Butler with .9 left to hand the game to Chicago https://t.co/bRLZZ…
Hoemar @omar_nevarez
RT @chicagobulls: Butler gets the foul call on that jumper. He’ll go to the line shooting two to win this game
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @CelticsLife: And now Jimmy Butler is just lying on TV saying Smart got a "piece of his elbow."
Sam DuBois @samdubois93
RT @AdamHimmelsbach: Smart said he heard Jimmy Butler turn to ref and say "no foul?" Then saw official's hand go up.
Cormac 🌺 @kinggodflow_
RT @CelticsJunkies: Hope Butler's arm is OK after this https://t.co/VyBaQEjeAo
B.I.T.E @Loko_Hooligan
RT @TomFcknBrady: Definitely a must watch https://t.co/rH3QMP7ema
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @NBAonTNT: Jimmy Butler (29 PTS) sinks free throws in the final seconds to seal the victory for the @chicagobulls in the last game befor…
L.O.S Dr. PRIMO @CoachCousin
RT @NBAonTNT: Jimmy Butler is getting buckets! 👌 He's up to 18 PTS midway through the 3Q. https://t.co/HKbzVqRzqL
Tyler Steele @tyler_steele1
RT @JustinLag11: @SportsCenter FOUL, no question, Jimmy Butler almost got killed. Smart should be ashamed and banned for life.
Axel Wang @wang_axel
RT @CelticsLife: Also, Butler wouldn't have complained for one second if the whistle didn't blow. Another reason you know it was garbage.
Celtics(37-19) @andr3w_21
RT @ByJayKing: Here's Marcus Smart saying he got punished for good D -- and that ref made call after Butler asked for it. https://t.co/Gz4h…
Anthony Reyes @reyethmaliet
RT @OTMSportsBOS: Butler better pray he doesn't get traded to the #Celtics after this death stare https://t.co/tMd0CmFi58
Kevin Goodson @kevingoodson21
RT @ShannonSharpe: Why Smart and Celts complaining? Smart hit Butler on the elbow on final shot
Michael Scott @Jellyman15
RT @LPizzle: James Young got gang tackled at half court. Nothing Marcus Smart sent a threatening email to Jimmy Butler's elbow and they c…
Piro @PiroPerez_
RT @NotARoleModeI: JIMMY BUTLER VIA INSTAGRAM 😂 https://t.co/bYujlxqgQ3
Aravind Mantravadi @AMantravadi
RT @JoshEberley: Line of the Night 1) Jimmy Butler 29-4-7, W 2) John Wall: 20-2-12, W 3) Isaiah Thomas: 29-3-7, L Shouts ref with the C…
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
NADIE GANÓ MÁS #46🏆 @Martin_Quiroga7
RT @TheNBAMonster: Acaban de robar a los Celtics⬇️ Falta inexistente cobrada a Smart sobre Butler,quien metió 2libres y victoria Bulls htt…
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @ChiSportUpdates: Jimmy Butler tonight had: 29 points 7 assists 9-9 from the free throw line 4 rebounds #21Savage https://t.co/oI7epZc1…
Henny in my cup @FullCupHenny
RT @CodyWesterlund: Jimmy Butler: "A foul is a foul. He hit my elbow."
Giants (11-5) @x804x
RT @BROOKLYN_SKII: Jimmy Butler Greek Freak Kemba Walker Cousins AD Are all on sub .500 teams, if you don't say shit to them don't dickea…
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @ChiSportUpdates: When someone says Jimmy Butler didn't get fouled https://t.co/Zguz216S2f
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @ChiSportUpdates: Jimmy Butler is now 45-for-46 on clutch free throws this season! https://t.co/JBr1tfmfPN
Cris ⚡⚡ @cristianceltics
RT @LucidSportsFan: Jimmy Butler: "A fouls a foul. He hit my elbow, I don't care what nobody says. I think I make it if he don't alter it l…
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @ChiSportUpdates: Always have and always will be a fan of Jimmy Butler. https://t.co/UfSk7h6nTn
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @ChiSportUpdates: "A foul is a foul. He hit my elbow." - Jimmy Butler https://t.co/EgZU4ZMam1
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @ChiSportUpdates: Jimmy Butler with clutch free throws. It's what superstars do. Ice in his veins. https://t.co/gw2rWml4G7
Cupid Valentino @JamelleBennett
RT @NickFriedell: Some good notes from ESPN Stats and Information after Bulls win over Celtics: "Jimmy Butler and Isaiah Thomas... https:…
Hardwood Paroxysm @HPbasketball
RT @highkin: Jimmy Butler on the final call: “A foul’s a foul. He hit my elbow. I don’t care what nobody says. I think I make it if he does…
NADIE GANÓ MÁS #46🏆 @Martin_Quiroga7
RT @TheNBAMonster: El tiempo se terminó y el tiro de Jimmy Butler iba claramente afuera. El árbitro mira atentamente la🏀 Luego de todo es…
Alden Butler @alden_butler
RT @corriemaedawn: When I'm sad I just watch this video https://t.co/kcEDkXb18J
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @ChiSportUpdates: "It's what he wants. It's what great players want." - Coach Hoiberg on Jimmy Butler guarding the other team's best p…
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @JonCeltics: You saw Jimmy Butler in the post game, his face showed they didn't deserve this win...the refs made a terrible call on a gr…
LoneWolf_ @_UnknownFlight
RT @CrossroadIN: If the Colts actually moved Clayton Geathers to ILB, they could re-sign Butler and he could move to safety (That's one rou…
Ashraf Saleh @AshrafSaleh46
RT @_bulls_fan_: I love Jimmy Butler. https://t.co/4DtsUdFbhe
BullsBlogger @BullsBlogger
RT @Bulls_Jay: Bulls now +3.0 per 100 possessions with Butler. -10.0 with him on the bench. No other Bull is even close to this differentia…
Joe @King_Jumper
RT @BrianLawrence93: That was one of the worst calls I've ever seen... Zach Zarba literally called a foul on Marcus Smart after he saw Jimm…
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