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.@RyanJNewman's gamble pays off! He wins at @PhoenixRaceway ๐Ÿ #CampingWorld500
19 Mar, 10:50 PM UTC
Team Chevy
The bow tie victories continue with @RyanJNewman taking home the @NASCAR checkered flag at today's #CampingWorld500โ€ฆ https://t.co/INC8UBMz7N
19 Mar, 11:24 PM UTC
Three-wide! @chaseelliott passes Logano and Larson for the lead. #CampingWorld500
19 Mar, 08:38 PM UTC
Texas Motor Speedway
Party time for Ryan Newman after winning the #CampingWorld500 @PhoenixRaceway!
19 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
Chicagoland Speedway
RETWEET to congratulate @RyanJNewman on his 18th career Cup victory in the #CampingWorld500 ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ† He's on theโ€ฆ https://t.co/1M0SMPd5R6
19 Mar, 10:56 PM UTC
It's almost time ๐Ÿ‘ #NASCARGoesWest #CampingWorld500
19 Mar, 06:48 PM UTC
Pre-race meal fresh off the grill! #NASCARGoesWest #CampingWorld500
19 Mar, 06:30 PM UTC
When you see what JR is making for the pre-race meal @PhoenixRaceway... #NASCARGoesWest #CampingWorld500
19 Mar, 05:28 PM UTC
Jeff Shoup is happy about how the No. 95 WRL Chevy is running right now. #NASCARGoesWest #CampingWorld500
19 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC
La Tรญa Racing
Felicidades por ese primer top-10 @Daniel_SuarezG ๐Ÿ˜‰ #NASCARGoesWest #CampingWorld500 #NASCAR
19 Mar, 11:05 PM UTC
ONE CLICK Article Generator https://t.co/iBvm19xR0g | #CampingWorld500 #Ranking Multiple #Domains to Own More #SERPโ€ฆ
20 Mar, 09:54 AM UTC
Eric Bailey
Newman!!!!! That's an EARLY WIN! That's #TheChase ! That's 5 bonus Chase points! #CampingWorld500 @Ryan_Newman_31 #NewmanNation
19 Mar, 10:58 PM UTC
Paapi Adicted
GET 63 FRIENDS EVERYHOUR ๐Ÿ†“ #?/FQSBnM8qXv97z3f0KDAapTZc4 ๐Ÿ†“ #CampingWorld500 #TOTSOU #SongsfromEssex @WGT77 @scarletwitchhhh
20 Mar, 07:06 AM UTC
๐Ÿ Willie Blanton ๐Ÿ
.@Donniefloyd39 Congratulations my bro, know you're happy. Enjoy this @RyanJNewman layout i made for you. @NASCARโ€ฆ https://t.co/kKVP9LX3nD
20 Mar, 06:21 AM UTC
Joshua Hunter
#CampingWorld500 @RyanJNewman just won a @NASCAR race, wait that wasn't a joke & actually happened, just glad @KyleBusch didnt win this race
20 Mar, 06:10 AM UTC
Josh Farmer
The Vegas odds on Ryan Newman were 45 to 1 #nascar #campingworld500
19 Mar, 10:53 PM UTC
Monday Morning QB
NEWMAN WINS DUEL WITH LARSON AT PHOENIX >>>>> https://t.co/kyHz4aIWY1 <<<<< #NASCAR #NASCARGoesWest #CampingWorld500 #RyanNewman #TMMQB
20 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
Tucker Nancy
#CampingWorld500 Identifying our top 25 list for #HPMKT Might have to make it a Top 50.
20 Mar, 10:34 AM UTC
Hines Anastasia
#CampingWorld500 The team are back at Ideal Home Show HQ after a fantastic #IHSM16- can't believe our next one is #IHSC16 in Nov!
20 Mar, 10:33 AM UTC
Hubbard Sabrina
#CampingWorld500 Going to #KBIS2017? Engage with us using #DCWFun! #IBS2017
20 Mar, 10:32 AM UTC
Snow Marion
#CampingWorld500 โ€œThe best way to predict the future is to create it.โ€ - Peter Drucker
20 Mar, 10:31 AM UTC
Daniels Grace
#CampingWorld500 Looking for a new Upvc door? Call the team today to discuss 0800 955 0898 #DIY #homeimprovement
20 Mar, 10:30 AM UTC
Higgins Linda
#CampingWorld500 Just 79 followers needed to get us to the big 5k mark! When we do, we'll release a rather wonderful event highlight #rt
20 Mar, 10:28 AM UTC
Jones Kimberly
#CampingWorld500 A4:Prep certain dishes ahead of time, less mess in the kitchen. #ModernMonday
20 Mar, 10:27 AM UTC
Cooper Emily
#CampingWorld500 New Twitter layout deserves a new custom background
20 Mar, 10:26 AM UTC
Chambers Marion
#CampingWorld500 How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? #Home2Think
20 Mar, 10:23 AM UTC
Atkins Andra
#CampingWorld500 Delighted to be finalists! Best Medium Sized Business for London Business Awards 2014 #lbawards
20 Mar, 10:22 AM UTC
Underwood Abigail
#CampingWorld500 Tell us: Would you buy a colorful door for your home?
20 Mar, 10:20 AM UTC
Chase Gwenda
#CampingWorld500 Have you seen the score?! #Ashes2015
20 Mar, 10:19 AM UTC
Booker Esther
#CampingWorld500 A1. Door hardware sets the character, quality and feel of the #interiordesign in the bath #KBtribechat
20 Mar, 10:18 AM UTC
Beasley Heather
#CampingWorld500 Staying at Stone House country hotel w charm&chintz. Same family since 1400s. A pleasure to visit gardens from here
20 Mar, 10:17 AM UTC
Armstrong Harriet
#CampingWorld500 Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you're enjoying your day!
20 Mar, 10:16 AM UTC
Flynn Eunice
#CampingWorld500 Q1: What kinds of hard-working kitchen appliances are helpful during the busiest season of the year? #ModernMonday
20 Mar, 10:15 AM UTC
Gordon Emmeline
#CampingWorld500 Happy 2012 Everyone. We are back to work.
20 Mar, 10:14 AM UTC
Morrison Patricia
#CampingWorld500 Q6: When families grow, what are easy ways to make the home more child friendly? #ModernMonday
20 Mar, 10:13 AM UTC
Walker Helen
#CampingWorld500 ุงุณุชุฎุฏู…ูˆุง ู…ู‚ุงุนุฏ ุงู„ู…ุงุฆุฏุฉ ูƒุจุฏูŠู„ ุนุตุฑูŠ ุนู†ุฏู…ุง ูŠูƒูˆู† ู„ุฏูŠูƒู… ู…ุณุงุญุฉ ู…ุญุฏูˆุฏุฉ!
20 Mar, 10:09 AM UTC
Daniels Hortense
#CampingWorld500 Rememberance Day. JB Kind Doors will be observing the silence for 2 min at 11am. Thank you for your support.
20 Mar, 10:08 AM UTC
Lester Emily
#CampingWorld500 Morning, it's going to be a great Sunday. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
20 Mar, 10:07 AM UTC
Golden Paulina
#CampingWorld500 Letโ€™s get started! What part of your home needs the most help? Will you remodel or buy new? #JWInspired
20 Mar, 10:06 AM UTC
Cooper Emily
#CampingWorld500 #Poll: How can we help you find a new #job?
20 Mar, 10:03 AM UTC
Allison Pearl
#CampingWorld500 Day 2 of Doors Open Toronto! Enjoy free tours: Every half hour from 10:30am โ€“ 4pm #DOT12
20 Mar, 10:02 AM UTC
Byrd Ilene
#CampingWorld500 Thanks to everyone who made yesterday's Groupon such a success, and welcome new subscribers!
20 Mar, 10:01 AM UTC
Around The Track
Erik Jones scores first NASCAR Cup Series top 10 finish https://t.co/OEX2jw3Ojn @erik_jones @FRRacingTeam @PhoenixRaceway #CampingWorld500
20 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Raceweek Illustrated
Erik Jones Scores First NASCAR Cup Series Top 10 Finish https://t.co/JkUJK7JhnK @erik_jones @FRRacingTeam @PhoenixRaceway #CampingWorld500
20 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Digital Marketer
AUTOMATED website traffic generator https://t.co/FPayMLPcQg | #CampingWorld500 Internet #Marketing Made Easy
20 Mar, 07:45 AM UTC
RaayKo ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ†
Congrats @TeamChevy for the wins at Sebring and Phoenix ๐Ÿ !!!!! #sebring12 #CampingWorld500
20 Mar, 07:28 AM UTC
Congratulations for your victory @RyanJNewman on the @PhoenixRaceway, your strategy has paid off! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜˜ #CampingWorld500 #NASCAR @RCRracing.๐Ÿ’จ
20 Mar, 06:33 AM UTC
Paapi Adicted
JUST GET MORE 60 FRIENDS ๐Ÿ†— #?/XDZmB36wCdpQWraPzj81ynNGJ ๐Ÿ†— #Cincy #CampingWorld500 #Wawrinka @FollowAndCo
20 Mar, 06:15 AM UTC
Joshua Hunter
#CampingWorld500 @joeylogano such a great start & congrats on the segment win, very hard hit, glad your okay! @Team_Penske @Shell @Pennzoil
20 Mar, 06:10 AM UTC
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