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Kieran Alleyne @kieranalleyne
On the way to Nottingham for tomorrow's @CapitalEastMids Live Breakfast Show with Dino & Pete #CapitalExposed
β›“ @ktyxcx
RT @CapitalEastMids: .@AnneMarieIAm​'s travels are never going to be the same again after her gift from Dino & Pete! πŸ†πŸ˜³ #CapitalExposed htt…
α΄Έ ᴬ α΄± α΅€ α΄΅ α΅€ α΄΅ ᴬ @ohlalaLAE
RT @CapitalEastMids: OMGEEEE @AnneMarieIAm just killed it with #Rockabye on the #CapitalExposed stage! 😍 πŸŽ‰ https://t.co/GupEWNRQs6
Andy Marshall @eastmidsandy
RT @centralcollnott: The countdown has begun! Prep for #CapitalExposed with @CapitalEastMids @AnneMarieIAm @5AfterMidnight @JamieLaing_UK i…
Daniella Eley @DaniellaEley1
RT @CapitalEastMids: 😍 They sound good 😍 They look good 😍 They dance good So much love for @5AfterMidnight! #CapitalExposed https://t.co/G9…
Andy Marshall @eastmidsandy
RT @TCHarrisonFord: Well done @JamieLaing_UK../ Smashed our #livead on #capitalexposed with @CapitalEastMids!! #forduk #17reg https://t.co/…
Lisa Mitchell @zfvgR8oHa7PtXhJ
RT @CapitalEastMids: Grab your tickets NOW to #CapitalExposed to watch @AnneMarieIAm & @5AfterMidnight LIVE! https://t.co/wypbk2wvdO #EXCIT…
Andy Marshall @eastmidsandy
RT @_EmmaSnow: The audience have arrived! @RyanArnoldUK entertaining the audienceπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #CapitalExposed https://t.co/sPzc7eEESn
emily xx @emilygunnn
RT @emilygunnn: I was ready for the photobomb, i don't think lily was πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #capitalexposed https://t.co/2iNYYiaIny
Anne-Marie Updates @AMupdating
RT @centralcollnott: .@AnneMarieIAm smashing it on stage at #CapitalExposed! Follow all of the best bits from the show on our live blog > h…
Anne-Marie Updates @AMupdating
RT @cabeyosartist: @AnneMarieIAm is so dope live that was so good #CapitalExposed https://t.co/W5A5ZchOCt
Anne-Marie Updates @AMupdating
RT @lydflavell: @AnneMarieIAm killing it at #CapitalExposed! How can someone's voice be so perfect this early? 😭 @CapitalEastMids πŸŽ™πŸ’– https:…
Anne-Marie Updates @AMupdating
RT @itscallumclark: .@AnneMarieIAm is everything. #CapitalExposed πŸ‘― https://t.co/y6bzr8tjLb
Andy Marshall @eastmidsandy
RT @thecashshop: @ClaireChambers @makenoise #CapitalExposed Claire, what an amazing thing you are doing for charity. We are with you every…
Andy Marshall @eastmidsandy
RT @mcca55: #CapitalExposed @CapitalEastMids 3 marathons 3 days please donate https://t.co/64moiZeG3T
Catrina C-B @catrina_cb
RT @MattManley95: Trying to use my likeness to get a share of the @McVities fortune #CapitalExposed https://t.co/pAgvrYTIVD
Anne-Marie Updates @AMupdating
RT @centralcollnott: .@AnneMarieIAm kicking off #CapitalExposed in style! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ https://t.co/pN1kaDB1Ls
Anne-Marie Updates @AMupdating
RT @jord_sadie: @AnneMarieIAm just slayed omg😍😭#CapitalExposed https://t.co/uJffqg25Qz
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