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Tyler Levesque @Tyler_onelove
RT @jennbonhomme: Mental health is more than just "good" or "bad", it's a sliding scale. Where are you on the continuum? #CBC_CDC https://t…
Canada School of PS @School_GC
If you enjoyed Richard Rochfort's presentation, be sure to check the School's website very soon where he will join us on March 10 #CBC_CDC
Caillin Pinto @CaillinPinto
RT @JamesKennedy86: A title does not make you a leader, your behaviour does. 👍 #CBC_CDC @CBC_CDC @ORYPN_RJPRO @FutureLeadersON @CRAYPN_RJPA…
Susan Johnston @engagequestion
RT @tmwy_emav: Join our #CBC_CDC challenge for your chance to win a #TMWY opportunity with our new champion & Health Canada ADM @jenholl ht…
Sandra DG @preciosa_angel1
RT @C_Babco: One lucky #CBC_CDC participant just caught Richard Rochefort's tie here in Gatineau. #cutthetie https://t.co/3e3SHb6yz4
Dee Jenkins @CreeWindigokan
RT @Tyler_onelove: Very cool introduction dance @CBC_CDC #CBC_CDC @GCindigenous https://t.co/Q6aGHn1vWA
Julie Kucher @JulieKucher66
RT @mkangell: "True inclusion is the act of confident people, to bring out the best in everyone." @KarenMacEllis #CBC_CDC Yes! So powerful.
Caillin Pinto @CaillinPinto
RT @VincePranjivan: @CBC_CDC Very attentive crowd here in Toronto for the #CBC_CDC @sanathan80 @shanhaines https://t.co/pgtrH0VBj7
Gabe Bourdon @BourdonGabe
RT @stourang: Well said: "Get out there, kick some butt and make this country great by building a better public service" @GAFlack #CBC_CDC
Thom Kearney @thomkearney
RT @christinelarade: Inspirational thought of the day! Choose your manager. Look for opportunities to work WITH not FOR someone! #CBC_CDC
Tyler Levesque @Tyler_onelove
RT @HebbaYA: #CBC_CDC "choose your boss." -Richard Rochefort. A captivating, informative and hilarious presentation. @LeahSmithDudar @MarcH…
Caillin Pinto @CaillinPinto
RT @AyoGarber: A Travelling Song to get all #CBC_CDC Participants home safely. What a great Conference! @FutureLeadersON #Canada150 https:/…
Caillin Pinto @CaillinPinto
RT @LisaDVPoirier: #CBC_CDC work for passion not pension. https://t.co/xX8i2E551u
Monica Angell @mkangell
RT @FYN_RJFF: Take note of these insights from Kerry Colpitts at #CBC_CDC. @CBC_CDC @Tyler_onelove @preciosa_angel1 @ash_hillier https://t.…
Diane Lafleur @DianeLafleur1
RT @ObjectifGC2020: Le camp de carrières a lieu ce jeudi, et nous y serons!! #CBC_CDC @Ecole_GC #GC2020 https://t.co/yH1udrrM4i
Micheline Renaud @RenaudMicheline
RT @my_lafleur: Leadership is something that all can exercice, acquire and learn ~ Deputy Clerk Serge Dupont - #CBC_CDC
Mimma @MAVtalks
RT @ORYPN_RJPRO: Key take-away from #CBC_CDC: We aren't the PS of the future, but of the present. Contribute NOW! The future IS ours, but t…
Derek Jackson @DerekJackson613
RT @TaranWasson: Coast-coast-coast PS learning! #CBC_CDC #Canada150 https://t.co/TmeMRZj9uQ
Caillin Pinto @CaillinPinto
RT @CatherineTNBTSO: The most important advice from Richard Rochefort - "Pick your boss." #CBC_CDC https://t.co/FlUOvU5biJ
Monica Angell @mkangell
RT @Jodilynne3: Pace over perfection, purpose over pay, people come before process. @HHUnleashed #CBC_CDC
Sandra DG @preciosa_angel1
RT @DebbieBGHCSC: I am inspired, proud et plein d'espoir de parler au #CBC_CDC on women leaders and balance! https://t.co/Z4Qe86kWsJ
Christopher Scipio @ScipioCk
RT @MaleehaHaq: "inclusion is the act of confident people" #CBC_CDC #publicservice #esdc
nixon dias @NixonDias
RT @NatalieTNB: Speed Mentoring at the TNB #CBC_CDC thanks so much for the opportunity to share career advice. Gr8 group! https://t.co/hICH…
Christian Bertelsen @propergandiste
RT @HebbaYA: Uncomfortable situation=best learning opportunities. Put your hand up. Volunteer for projects. It's always worth it. #CBC_CDC
Tyler Levesque @Tyler_onelove
RT @ToferC: Fantastic discussion and a pleasure to meet so many passionate public servants! #CBC_CDC @Dan__Couture @wirecrats @nickfrate @W…
Career Boot Camp @CBC_CDC
RT @tmwy_emav: Thank you to the #CBC_CDC organizers for a great day! | Merci aux organisateurs du #CBC_CDC pour une excellente journée!
Tyler Levesque @Tyler_onelove
RT @Tania1213: Thank you/ Merci to the #socialmedia team @CBC_CDC #CBC_CDC https://t.co/rzSvuNGJOo
Tyler Levesque @Tyler_onelove
RT @Patrick__Steele: Another amazing #CBC_CDC is wrapping up. Can't wait to see how we top it next year. Shoutout to the @School_GC events…
Derek Jackson @DerekJackson613
RT @Anna_Wong10: Agility is pace over perfection, purpose over pay, and people over process. Let's do this! @Launch_Academy #CBC_CDC #canad…
Sandra DG @preciosa_angel1
RT @Connect2JimmyP: Having a Zumba health break at TWTB #cbc_cdc 2017. Exercising our bodies and mind! @FYN_RJFF @School_GC https://t.co/FX…
Micheline Renaud @RenaudMicheline
RT @my_lafleur: Get ou there... kick some butts to make it a better public service @GAFlack #CBC_CDC
Micheline Renaud @RenaudMicheline
RT @my_lafleur: A title doesn't make you a leader! It's your behavior! @DAMorningSky #CBC_CDC
Mimma @MAVtalks
RT @ORYPN_RJPRO: A HUGE thanks to all the ORYPN Chairs and Site Leads at OR offices who ran viewing centres today for #CBC_CDC Your enthusi…
Tyler Levesque @Tyler_onelove
RT @CBC_CDC: Let's celebrate diversity and youth in the Public Service! #CBC_CDC
Jodi Nutbrown @jodinutbrown
RT @Jodilynne3: "Diversity is the one thing we all have in common, celebrate it every day." #CBC_CDC https://t.co/ZLm7qWxZhi
Micheline Renaud @RenaudMicheline
RT @my_lafleur: Let's build the public service your want @mahalojosh #CBC_CDC
Josh Frame @mahalojosh
RT @DoddElissa: What a wonderful experience MCing the Toronto site of #CBC_CDC with @AyoGarber today I'm Proud to be a PS! Great job @FYN_R…
Josh Frame @mahalojosh
RT @preciosa_angel1: This is all folks! We are now officially closing the event! Thank you so much for coming and participating. #cbc_cdc
Josh Frame @mahalojosh
RT @T_RexingtonIII: #CBC_CDC what a great day. Great motivation for the future. Kudos to the entire organizing crew!
Josh Frame @mahalojosh
RT @WilmaVreeswijk: L’avenir vous appartient, au service des Canadiens des années durant avec ce que vous avez appris @CBC_CDC. #CBC_CDC
Alexandra Moxin @Alexandra933
RT @HHUnleashed: ⚡️ “Speaking and Representing @Launch_Academy at The Career Boot Camp 2017 #CBC_CDChttps://t.co/Mi2SVwfmS8
Josh Frame @mahalojosh
RT @hannahkgm: "You have 7500 days to have a positive impact on people, processes and Canadian citizens" - @mahalojosh #CBC_CDC @CBC_CDC
Ayanna Roberts @ayannaroberts
RT @harjotschopra: #CBC_CDC @CBC_CDC speaker from Montreal on Diversity and youth in the public service https://t.co/w79nisnf5d
Peter Yendall @PYendall
RT @FoxC8: Important message from @HHUnleashed: Focus on People over Process! #CBC_CDC @ResultsJunkie
Marc LeBlanc @marcketingtour
RT @vickieemilie: SHARING knowledge is power! #DareToLead / Le pouvoir c'est PARTAGER les connaissances! #OserMener #CBC_CDC
Joceline Ménard @JocelineMnard
RT @cwtaker: "@CBC_CDC: Richard Rochefort has the audience captivated at #CBC_CDC" Would love to have worked with him! A story teller with…
Tyler Levesque @Tyler_onelove
RT @my_lafleur: Superbe présentation de Richard!!! Merci pour tout #CBC_CDC https://t.co/9MF8IKNe2O
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