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Jim Treliving @JTreliving
Personal plug. Order some @bostonpizza and watch #cbcdragonsden tonight at 8 pm to see how I started in Virden, Manitoba.
Andrew Spinner @spinnerandrew
RT @MWekerle: I’m willing to bet that a lot of successful entrepreneurs who come into the Den had paper routes. #cbcdragonsden
Eugene Albert Awuni @AwuniAlbGene
RT @cbcdragon: New episode of #cbcdragonsden airs next week! https://t.co/y0ar5dUyud
Ian Richardson @Spazz4427
RT @MWekerle: Tune in to @CBC at 8 to watch a special episode of #cbcdragonsden—and witness my journey from paperboy to Dragon! #DNAofaDrag…
Michael Coll @MichaelColl4
RT @JoeMimran: Tune in tonight for a very special episode of #cbcdragonsden - see where my entrepreneurial journey began - from #AlfredSung
Eugene Albert Awuni @AwuniAlbGene
RT @IFTech_: We're excited to announce our @ARAIG_ suit will be featured on an upcoming episode @cbcdragon on February 15th! #CBCDragonsDen
Sincerely, Sabina @sincerelysabina
RT @manjitminhas: Success tastes so much sweeter when you do it yourself. Bye bye car, hello new business. #cbcdragonsden
NavtajChandhoke @NavtajChandhoke
RT @cbcdragon: “To be judged for the colour of your skin or if you’re a female… is very devastating.” - @manjitminhas #cbcdragonsden
Christine George @spices4sale
RT @cbcdragon: Take a look at where it all began. Watch the "DNA of a Dragon" episode online now: https://t.co/0zFKjB2FKz #cbcdragonsden h…
Eugene Albert Awuni @AwuniAlbGene
RT @IFTech_: We're going to be on #CBCDragonsDen! Stay tuned to keep updated! https://t.co/9mynyM5pwC
Eugene Albert Awuni @AwuniAlbGene
RT @ThreeFarmers: Some familiar faces on @cbcdragons_den this upcoming season… #sneakpeek #cbcdragonsden https://t.co/uKvkpxs5hi
OnDatLoudIKnowUHear @Mr__Grambling
RT @cbcdragon: “I’m young, I’m a Dragon, we’ve made it, but it’s not good enough for me yet.” - @manjitminhas #cbcdragonsden
Shift. Apparel @ShiftApparelCAN
RT @JoeMimran: Looking forward to meeting with more entrepreneurs in the future. Will one of them be you? #cbcdragonsden
Manjit Minhas @manjitminhas
RT @LitLat: " @manjitminhas 1 Take No Prisoners Power Woman!! Great Background Story!! #cbcdragonsden @cbcdragon Kalla Krassia (Great Wine)…
Ralph Webber @WebberRalph
RT @cbcdragon: @WebberRalph We think it's safe to say the biggest lesson from tonight's #cbcdragonsden is that there is no one path to succ…
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