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CB Insights @CBinsights
Human: "Take me to the restaurant." Automated car: "I've been talking to your finance app. You can't afford it." @fawceisfawce #CBISummit
Vamsi Duvvuri @weduvv
RT @CBinsights: Problem with current VC world: "People get promoted for making good decks, not for creating value." - @chamath #CBISummit
Kshitij Shah @zirconiumks
RT @davemcclure: quotable @chamath "with all their cash, AAPL should have bought Tesla, Netflix, Spotify" #CBIsummit
Tom Shapiro @TomShapiro
RT @RandolphAdler: Does this surprise anyone? Not me. Innovate or die. @CBinsights #CBISUmmit https://t.co/xSh4bvl2eU
James Winebrenner @jmwinebrenner
RT @jm_crowd: #CES2017 = what's now ; #CBIsummit = what's next
Alyssa Anchelowitz @aanchelowitz
RT @davemcclure: .@asanwal kicks off @CBinsights Innovation Summit #CBIsummit https://t.co/YNqmw4j5G2
Nic Antoine @NicAntoine
RT @rmrathod: Augmented Humanity is a definitive trend @thoughtworks #CBISummit https://t.co/c1lXI3CW7s
Nic Antoine @NicAntoine
RT @HealthIsCool: Interesting concept: @asanwal asks: Will people pay for lab-made #Luxury? #trends #CBISummit
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