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Flying Pigeon LA @flyingpigeonla
RT @bikethevote: Oddly, Gil Cedillo takes a call in the middle of the #CD1Forum https://t.co/sKoHjRwQUR
Joe Bray-Ali @joe4cd1
RT @vyki_e: There's a consistent message here tonight: each candidate is running because we deserve better than @GilCedildoCD1 #CD1Forum
JP91306 @jp91306
RT @MollyTaylorLA: Hard to get good pics but I'd estimate that we have over 500 stakeholders here tonight #CD1Forum
Spencer Allen @Spencer_Allen
RT @joe4cd1: Can't join in person? Watch online! Here is the link to the LiveStream of the #CD1Forum https://t.co/yIjBaM3sFO
LA Cityworkers @lacityworkers
RT @bikethevote: Cedillo brags about support for Measure R & Measure M. (He was not an active campaigner) #CD1Forum
the new YORK BLVD🚃 @TheNewYorkBlvd
RT @MollyTaylorLA: We have an engaged community in CD1 #CD1Forum https://t.co/h0Ij6EKm8M
liz gabe @Liz13181027
RT @fig4all: #CD1Forum Asked about Rent Control. Cedillo rambles on about development. No mention of protecting renters. https://t.co/rryuP…
LA Cityworkers @lacityworkers
RT @bikethevote: Cedillo clearly rattled by the crowd. Pausing at jeers. #CD1Forum https://t.co/jl1xp3zM5I
LA Cityworkers @lacityworkers
RT @bikethevote: Rosas slams Cedillo for cost of solar trash cans. It's easy to spend money when community pays. #CD1Forum
LA Cityworkers @lacityworkers
RT @Cedillo4Real: Keep it Clean with $4,000.00 Big Belly trashbins with my name tackily smeared all over them! *micdrop* #cd1forum
Alex de Cordoba @alexdecordoba
RT @fig4all: Almost time for the #CD1forum to start. #FeelTheBray https://t.co/0Fs4FLyNWS
liz gabe @Liz13181027
RT @bikethevote: Bray-Ali: We cannot afford 5 1/2 more years of death and incompetence from City Hall #CD1Forum https://t.co/Nv92GmfDth
LA Cityworkers @lacityworkers
RT @joe4cd1: We are using the hashtag #CD1Forum tonight for tweets about the debate.
LA Cityworkers @lacityworkers
RT @misteratkins: .@gilcedillocd1 sure brought a lot of papers to shuffle to look busy tonight. #cd1forum
Joe Bray-Ali @joe4cd1
RT @bikethevote: "We cannot complain or lament about gentrification" #CD1Forum https://t.co/CkglVlHJDi
Joe Bray-Ali @joe4cd1
RT @bikethevote: Can't make it to the #CD1Forum? Check out @joe4cd1's livestream here: https://t.co/uabotKpmRW
Winnetka California @WinnetkaCA
RT @MollyTaylorLA: Community yelling out through the #CD1Forum tonight - they want to be heard.
the new YORK BLVD🚃 @TheNewYorkBlvd
RT @alecovi: It's about to go down at the #CD1Forum 🐸☕️
。 yjg 。 @yasmeenjames
RT @fig4all: Cedillo seems to have checked out of this forum. Shuffling papers, ignoring other candidates, mocking audience. #CD1Forum http…
RESISTANCE4All @fig4all
RT @Cedillo4Real: Haha remember when I said yes to Figueroa bike lanes?! LOL. Fooled you all. #cd1forum https://t.co/5z4GUCyaGq
MollyTaylorLA @MollyTaylorLA
RT @vyki_e: Questions are on point tonight at #CD1Forum h/t @gp90065
liz gabe @Liz13181027
RT @bikethevote: Rough start for the #CD1Forum ☹️ https://t.co/kw1YZMlvni
liz gabe @Liz13181027
RT @fig4all: #TBT to the #CD1forum at Occidental College in 2013: Candidates Cedillo, Rosas, Gardea supported bike lanes on Fig. https://t.…
Joe Bray-Ali @joe4cd1
RT @BirgittaMartine: @bikethevote #CD1Forum Vote for @joe4cd1 if you really want safe passage to schools and safer streets!
Joe Bray-Ali @joe4cd1
RT @fig4all: Fun fact: 3 of the 4 candidates went to UC's. #GoBananaslugs #GoGauchos #GoBruins #cd1forum
Joe Bray-Ali @joe4cd1
RT @alecovi: Soo @gteissier is a true boss at this #CD1Forum las mujeres know how to hold the floor ✊🏽
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