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Psarmmiey @psarmmiey
RT @ValaAfshar: 1957: 13 men deliver a computer 2016: person hold 13 computers in one hand [both photos at same place] #CES2017 https://t…
Psarmmiey @psarmmiey
RT @karenxcheng: So I stood in the robots section at @CES and tried to pass as one. #CES2017 @Spectacles https://t.co/L0yweD86TQ
Isla Miyano @IslaTheNagaJell
RT @MatPatGT: We've seen plenty of Smart TVs at #CES2017 but this one is THE SMARTEST! https://t.co/b7Xkc4S0ep
Rebecca Fisher @Tfc21S9o3nWjoaK
RT @CES: Miss anything at #CES2017? From keynotes to conferences, we've got you covered! https://t.co/hzQXogW1mw https://t.co/UWycA9flQ1
Marsha Collier @MarshaCollier
ICYM my different perspective ✔ Why You'll Want these 7 Winning Innovations in #Technology from #CES2017https://t.co/vXIm7idgsu
Psarmmiey @psarmmiey
RT @GlenGilmore: 🗣Speech recognition word error rate: 1999 — nearly 100% error 2016 — 5.9% error #CES2017 #AI@TheEconomist via @SamiGh…
Flachshof Nettetal @flachshof
RT @manishvora18: So far the best thing about #CES2017 is #7magicmountains https://t.co/28oLsGQ9Z1
interior designer. @entssaar1
RT @UpToDateKSA2: تخيل ترسم و تتعلم الإلكترونيات بالرسم على الورق Draw Circuits https://t.co/w2iCD5tYvB #CES2017 #فيصل_في_CES2017 https://…
Psarmmiey @psarmmiey
RT @qsocialnow: @qsocialnow , an incredibly innovative company in Argentina. Big Data and Predictive Analytics #CES2017 @NetEventsTV https:…
Paula Acuna Pig @acunapig
RT @IMTechfr: #CES : au-delà du show, qu'en tirent les #startup ? | #CES2017 #innovation @seven_hugs @IncubParisTech https://t.co/D3Z8lzVuY…
Psarmmiey @psarmmiey
RT @SachinLulla: The King rides the #Olli in Vegas at #CES2017. https://t.co/jJ16IYBroA
Stephanie BERAUD @BeraudStephanie
RT @Niji_Digital: On termine notre présentation à #Lyon par un extract de notre Débrief #CES2017 et ses 7 tendances #IoT #IA #VR #Innovatio…
robin raskin @robinr
RT @LIDTEvents: Irvine girl among Young Innovators to Watch for smartphone app that locates missing people #YoungInnovators #CES2017 https:…
robin raskin @robinr
RT @LIDTEvents: https://t.co/I9jdavZom1 The Best Beauty Tech Products at CES 2017 #BeautyTech #CES2017 @Forbes
Chris Russell @crussty
RT @joeltelling: #3dprinting at #CES2017 with @Lulzbot3D + Update on my TAZ6 Review https://t.co/R6uGwZTdAA
Olivier Gardinetti @wopr33
RT @Sophia_Soule: Les chefs d'entreprise de la délégation @FrenchTechBx prêts pour le retour d'expérience #ces2017 @SimforHealth @jeromele…
Martin @martoune
RT @netatmo: Re-live #ces2017 through the 👁️ of our Presence camera installed on the top of our booth! 📹https://t.co/DjfHCm7TK1 #timelapse
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