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Voters in #Bridgend need to distinguish between what Theresa May says & what she does #Wales #channel4newshttps://t.co/ov6XvJDocd
25 Apr, 06:24 PM UTC
Listening 2some Voters on #channel4news : Their opinions appear 2B based on what they've read in Tory Newspapers… https://t.co/kzsuIDoABs
25 Apr, 06:39 PM UTC
Tories mislead again:Labour has long talked of managing movement rather than open borders/closed borders… https://t.co/NEUQzkNgWQ
25 Apr, 06:13 PM UTC
Ian Mancor
#channel4news Teresa May's a strong, stable leader who's too shit-scared to face the other party leaders in a televised debate!
25 Apr, 06:13 PM UTC
Food banks hand out record 1.2 million emergency supplies in a year https://t.co/w0SJDYD925 Tory Britain #GE2017 #Channel4news #bbcnews
25 Apr, 06:16 PM UTC
🇬🇧Cheeky Latte ☕️
When we crash out in 2020...😂😂 Oh dear, Keir Starmer doesn't even know what year we're leaving the EU..#channel4news #GE2017 #Labour
25 Apr, 07:09 PM UTC
Tories resort2using brainwashing techniques by constantly repeating 'strong & stable' Leader. On analysis:weak & i… https://t.co/HBYLHWsM9D
25 Apr, 06:18 PM UTC
Anti-Labour bias on #Channel4News today absolutely disgusting!
25 Apr, 06:39 PM UTC
Dr. Marc Owen Jones
Pretty sure anyone who says that opposition to Brexit is antidemocratic is an idiot #channel4news
25 Apr, 06:41 PM UTC
#channel4news. KEIR , EU, SUIT YOU!
25 Apr, 06:12 PM UTC
Tory tool on #channel4news is lying. UK not fastest growing growing economy in G7. It is Germany. @cathynewman should have picked up
25 Apr, 06:14 PM UTC
"STRONG, STABLE", AAAAAGGGHHH! Other words are available! #channel4news
25 Apr, 06:13 PM UTC
Ian Mancor
#channel4news "Strong and stable leadership". Sounds like Teresa May's got her needle stuck? #changetherecord
25 Apr, 06:06 PM UTC
#Channel4News To redress the balance, as a Welsh voter, the more I see of #TheresaMay the more she comes across as a creepy alien life-form.
25 Apr, 06:05 PM UTC
🇬🇧Cheeky Latte ☕️
Did Germany Brexit too?? https://t.co/hpxSoGaVph #channel4news #GE2017
25 Apr, 07:15 PM UTC
Huge "Coordinated Terror Attack" Drill In DC On Wednesday During Rare Briefing #bbcr4today #channel4news https://t.co/GLkfdJa48F
25 Apr, 04:38 PM UTC
Ian Mancor
#channel4news Spiked woman talking shite! Hard Brexit means coming out of single market and erosion of workers, employment rights
25 Apr, 06:43 PM UTC
Johnny McVey 💿
@Channel4News The government doesn't give a shit about disabled people or mental health. #C4News #channel4news
25 Apr, 06:36 PM UTC
I preferred #channel4news when they didn't devote a ten-minute daily slot to the vox-popping of thick fuckers tbh.
25 Apr, 06:21 PM UTC
Kelvyn Gardner
According to #channel4news Labour has joined Tories in accepting Brexit, so now it's clear, vote #LibDemFightback to keep UK in EU
25 Apr, 06:03 PM UTC
Robin Sen
Good 2 see @sutcliffeob in his @MMUsste drug #chemistry lab on #channel4news this evening highlighting the #toxicity risks of #spice.
25 Apr, 07:04 PM UTC
Randall Northam
Why'd they show those very tight camera angles of May? Perhaps cos few people were there? #channel4news https://t.co/uXF8nLkpJd
25 Apr, 06:50 PM UTC
@faizashaheen didn't like your comments on #channel4news 52% voted to leave which is more than 48% and your tut came across as childish
25 Apr, 06:49 PM UTC
john ling
#BBC #itv #channel4news any reason for this other than outright political bias https://t.co/tJc8VCt5Zh
25 Apr, 08:01 AM UTC
Robbie Walker
The whole point is people didn't know what #Brexit would mean. Dear. God. #channel4news
25 Apr, 06:41 PM UTC
Gareth Hancock
If Brexit and Trump taught us anything, it's that polls are useless. #channel4news
25 Apr, 06:19 PM UTC
Marc Goergen
Ireland's GDP is growing faster than the UK. UK growth is average. https://t.co/380cdWMaGJ #Channel4News
25 Apr, 06:15 PM UTC
John Smith
#Channel4News Starmer wrong yet again. Leaving with no deal is not the worst outcome. A bad deal could cripple us. No deal can't
25 Apr, 06:08 PM UTC
25 Apr, 06:04 PM UTC
Peter Cook
@Ella_M_Whelan #channel4news presented a false choice between Brexit and public services. We can have both. A Labou… https://t.co/s93ldlAMaP
25 Apr, 07:17 PM UTC
Daniel Blake
#channel4news As biased as BBC. Failed to report parties in a balanced way. Should provide unbiased information/news & let voters to decide.
25 Apr, 06:59 PM UTC
Roger Harmar
#channel4news and @cathynewman's weak and unstable news reporting showing her Tory bias again. https://t.co/JVXUHI3SFm
25 Apr, 06:59 PM UTC
Johnny McVey 💿
@cathynewman @timfarron @Channel4News Cathy, you should really go and work for Sky News if you think something that… https://t.co/pDQVj2UU8A
25 Apr, 06:54 PM UTC
I have that same Zara skirt as @cathynewman is wearing tonight #channel4news I knew I had impecable taste.
25 Apr, 06:44 PM UTC
Frank O Donnell
#channel4news Facilities for disabled will double as facilities for our increasingly wheelchair-users old age - a win-win situation!
25 Apr, 06:37 PM UTC
kit hardy
@deffmick #teresamay LOVE FEST on #channel4news followed by piece on growing number of food banks! That was her Tor… https://t.co/1xMpLJCLMz
25 Apr, 06:34 PM UTC
Michael Wild
#Channel4news Tick boxing again.....If she's a Lesbian,that will be a full house.
25 Apr, 06:33 PM UTC
Gilly Allison
Wow Jon! What a tie! #channel4news
25 Apr, 06:28 PM UTC
Ian Mancor
#channel4news Looks like there's a few working class lemmings in Wales? They didn't look like they had long on this earth anyway?
25 Apr, 06:24 PM UTC
Stuart Dillon
#channel4news any mention of @theresa_may wanting to prevent tourism 😂
25 Apr, 06:22 PM UTC
Johnny McVey 💿
"This Prime Minister could be headed...?" Woah! Let's not go that far! #c4news #channel4news
25 Apr, 06:18 PM UTC
Human being.
#channel4news Car crash interview @UKLabour We are going to lose big.
25 Apr, 06:11 PM UTC
John Smith
#Channel4News Why doesn't your headline point out Labour thinks UK citizens are second class? EU citizens have rights, our folk dont.
25 Apr, 06:02 PM UTC
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