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Jesse Lee Soffer @jesseleesoffer
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Lola Smith @LolaTheclique
RT @NBCChicagoPD: HalSTUD is renovating and we're here for it. Are you? #ChicagoPD https://t.co/T4ZpWvUAQl
ga @hawmarvel
RT @SophiaBush: Don't f**k with #Linstead in the interrogation room. @jesseleesoffer #ChicagoPD
D.Diddy @danno_dsquare
RT @NBCChicagoPD: Halstead is 100% done with this dude right now. #ChicagoPD https://t.co/N5LcTBEzUZ
🌹🍒🎶❄ @Nxwtttt
RT @SophiaBush: Thank you for watching and tweeting with us, y'all! See you February 8th for more @NBCChicagoPD #ChicagoPD
Nicole Higgins @HigginsnNicole
RT @NBCChicagoPD: The #ChicagoPD squad is racing your way NOW on @NBC. https://t.co/AI1pkr80LA
Nicole Higgins @HigginsnNicole
RT @marinasqu: Jess-I wanna have a live tweeting contest for our fans TONIGHT for #ChicagoPD. Maybe the winner is a tweet the makes you LOL…
Nicole Higgins @HigginsnNicole
RT @NBCChicagoPD: WHAT WAS THAT! 😳😳😳 #ChicagoPD https://t.co/H1bLmS9BDU
Quina Gonzalez @ANIUSHKA
RT @SophiaBush: Loving Olinsky teaching Burgess the ways of Intelligence. Such a cool storyline, and window into the unit. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #ChicagoPD
RT @NBCChicagoPD: Thank you, #ChicagoPD family, for tweeting with us tonight! We'll see you Wednesday, February 8 at 10/9c for a shocking n…
🌹🍒🎶❄ @Nxwtttt
RT @marinasqu: Yeah that's right...I'M PART OF THE BEANIE BRIGADE NOW! @SophiaBush #pink #ChicagoPD
Quina Gonzalez @ANIUSHKA
RT @SophiaBush: The special safe! This is what digging deep looks like! Voight DOES have a heart. #ChicagoPD
Michela @michelacapuano
RT @SophiaBush: You said it. I never lose anyone! #ChicagoPD https://t.co/ops4CbIKtY
Jacob Kyle Laffey @3laffey
RT @NBCChicagoPD: This case is heating up in all the wrong ways. 😱😳😱 #ChicagoPD https://t.co/l7NSHJZbjL
Savage @MaamiiCestMoi
RT @jesseleesoffer: "Don't look at me" #Halstead #ChicagoPD
Nicole Higgins @HigginsnNicole
RT @NBCChicagoPD: Voight is basically a secret agent. WHO HAS THAT KINDA CASH? #ChicagoPD https://t.co/n1qMOQ72Zw
Quina Gonzalez @ANIUSHKA
RT @jesseleesoffer: Ummmmmm.. bloody hand dude. Super fishy. @SophiaBush #ChicagoPD
Michela @michelacapuano
RT @jesseleesoffer: Thanks for tweeting tonight! I picked the winner and @marinasqu will announce the results! #ChicagoPD #JesseLOL
Quina Gonzalez @ANIUSHKA
RT @SophiaBush: 3) moments for Atwateeeeeeer. I know I know, the case comes first... :/ #ChicagoPD
Michela @michelacapuano
RT @SophiaBush: Im trying to get outta work to watch liiiiiiiiike ... #ChicagoPD https://t.co/5CogR8l6T1
D.Diddy @danno_dsquare
RT @NBCChicagoPD: Even Voight has rules to follow. #ChicagoPD https://t.co/umefNnTvs2
Nicole Higgins @HigginsnNicole
RT @NBCChicagoPD: Let it be known that Lindsay saved a door's life today. Bless. 💙 #ChicagoPD https://t.co/iyBeM3fA1U
Tascha➰ @knallamon
RT @NBCChicagoPD: Word of advice: Don't throw a molotov cocktail in front the entire #ChicagoPD crew. https://t.co/wwv0BQtnB0
D.Diddy @danno_dsquare
RT @NBCChicagoPD: "You opened an old wound in this city..." #ChicagoPD https://t.co/gvTjKwOtq8
Nicole Higgins @HigginsnNicole
RT @marinasqu: I feel like that FROZEN meal was past its sell by date. @SophiaBush @jesseleesoffer @RoycedaVoyce #ChicagoPD
Quina Gonzalez @ANIUSHKA
RT @SophiaBush: And they don't think people notice this stuff 😂 #ChicagoPD https://t.co/MgQKzTYvoc
Lisa Livingston @lisaclivingston
RT @PEACETHAHARDWAY: #LorettaLynch praises protesters while bashing #ChicagoPD but isn't #RahmEmanuel mayor of #Chiraq? So what blame falls…
Nicole Higgins @HigginsnNicole
RT @marinasqu: So this partnership is not going well. #ChicagoPD #Burginsky #BACKOFFALL @NBCChicagoPD
ARKANSASNEEDSCIM @1chicago_cimfam
RT @TVGuide: NBC will preview #ChicagoJustice with a three-hour crossover event ft. #ChicagoFire & #ChicagoPD https://t.co/Kq2ZcoPiUD https…
laura @sophiajophia
AmazingAmi🌮 @Heyitsamelialuv
RT @NBCChicagoPD: 👮📻 "#ChicagoPD, suspect is heading towards the West Coast NOW. Proceed with caution."
Quina Gonzalez @ANIUSHKA
RT @marinasqu: @Nick_Wechsler Sorry, kim doesn't like your character. #ChicagoPD
Quina Gonzalez @ANIUSHKA
RT @RoycedaVoyce: Let's Gro!!! #ChicagoPD!!! https://t.co/eKpChDbqFs
ExecLiving @menny1114
RT @MadisonSiriusXM: #ChicagoPD officer arrested & charged with 1st-degree murder in the off-duty shooting of an unarmed man https://t.co/S…
heather @jcapludd
RT @ChicagoCFPD: The day that we find out that Voight is biologically Erin's dad will be the best day ever for #ChicagoPD fans.
Blackgold347 @Blackgold347
RT @GlenFordBAR: https://t.co/QMFp9MOuPq #ChicagoPD will be held accountable for terrorism only when #Chicago Blacks to TAKE community cont…
ShortyKeese @ShortyKeese
RT @fahma311: 😍🔥🔥🔥awesome episode #ChicagoPD https://t.co/RCtEtRALwX
Valentina Vitillo @vale_vit87
RT @ReignOfTheSerie: Chicago PD: sinossi, promo, sneak peeks, foto 4x12 "Sanctuary" https://t.co/MsvFvBdno4 #ChicagoPD *KlausMary* https://…
Nho Chalé @CPC_yes
RT @brucedixon: https://t.co/84rxsPgaim #ChicagoPD will be held accountable for terrorism only when #Chicago Blacks to TAKE community contr…
marialivix 🤓 @livixmaria
RT @LoveIsaMelody: I hate foreshadowing....I have a really bad feeling about Atwater...... #ChicagoPD
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