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The Boston Globe @BostonGlobe
Chris Christie says President Trump made him order meatloaf when they dined together at the White House this week…
David C Ward @David_C_Ward
RT @jbouie: The ONLY redeeming thing about the Trump presidency is the ritual humiliation of Chris Christie.
carol j. beairsto @_cjbear
RT @JoyAnnReid: Chris Christie's long, slow descent into utter and highly public humiliation continues apace...
Dawnydawna @DawnHarden4
RT @MattBinder: i found the audio of Chris Christie telling the story of Trump forcing him to eat meatloaf because i needed to hear it from…
Richard Gilfert @RGilfert
RT @Sasquatch_Harry: @TheRickWilson Wait until next week when Meatloaf is a guest at the White House and Trump makes him eat Chris Christie.
Sean Pratt @Seanykakes
RT @seanagnew: "Chris Christie says President Trump made him order meatloaf when they dined together at the White House this week" https://…
Justin @jmarclevin
RT @FranzkeLA: Do you think Chris Christie finds CBP unsafe because of the existence of stairs?
Glenn Brown @gab1117
RT @SaintRPh: Chris Christie's name is now meatloaf
Albert McLaverty @AMcLaverty
RT @ToddZolecki: This photo got Gov. Christie to bash the Phillies. The Phillies replied with the perfect dig. http…
Edith Quiles @EQC55
RT @washingtonpost: Chris Christie lashes out at Phillies’ "angry, bitter fan base." Team responds with a Bridgegate joke.…
AIT INC @AppInnoTech
RT @JRMcGrail: Chris Christie likes Bruce Springsteen but he LOVES Meatloaf.
Jennifer Daniels @JD_14051
RT @rezaaslan: “There’s the menu, you guys order whatever you want. Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.”…
RyanRobinson @RyanRob52221662
RT @SenBobCasey: Hate to break it to @GovChristie but Phillies fans just want to win, aren't "bitter." Watch us win in 2017.…
Eisa Nefertari Ulen @EisaUlen
RT @BrushingOff: Everybody Hates Chris Christie. #PresidentialTVShows
CallMeFlint @FlintLockeNikki
RT @ParaComedian09: Trump forcing Chris Christie to eat meatloaf is fake news. No one forces him to eat anything.
Michael Ennis @MichaelEnnis30
RT @Bridgeyyyk: @Phillies did anyone ever notice that Chris Christie is built just like the Phanatic... #jealous
Texas Beth ™ @Beth7316
RT @SteveDeaceShow: Whenever Chris Christie is the answer, the answer is wrong.
Shifty Smoothie @unfurnished
RT @metroadlib: once upon a time, chris christie was the right's most beloved tough guy. this week, a septuagenarian w/ a scalp merkin made…
Amy Navarre @AmyLNavarre
RT @petridishes: I would buy a memoir titled "meatloaf humiliations" in case that information will help Chris Christie in this dark time
Nina Ainembabazi. @thatgirlneenz
RT @lancegould: Trump to Chris Christie: Eat the meatloaf Christie: I would do anything for you, but I won't do that Trump: Grrrr Christie:…
KC @K_Crig
RT @jack_reils: When @realDonaldTrump totally owns Chris Christie's soul
Staten Island Man @StatenIslandMan
RT @NYMag: Chris Christie brags that Trump made him eat meatloaf at the White House:
Axel @AxelAckerman
RT @IndyUSA: Chris Christie says President Trump made him order meatloaf at the White House
John Einar Funck @EinarFunck
RT @SethFromThe716: Trump regretted making Chris Christie order the meatloaf when Christie asked, "Do you love me? Will you love me forever…
Ajax Progressive @ajaxprogressive
RT @PatODay: Can Meatloaf play Chris Christie on SNL?
28-3 3rd Qtr @TRUPATSFAN75
RT @WarrenHolstein: Trump: Everyone can order whatever they like. Chris Christie: I'll hav- T: You'll have the meatloaf, fatty. CC: Um-…
FRAN FALASHIO @sftrump111
RT @MiceeMouse: ⚡️ “Chris Christie was forced to order meatloaf at the White House”
Coach Paul 89 @CoachPaul89
RT @lasignorarossa: Chris Christie is sadly Chunk from The Goonies
tony mele @wishiwasatiger
RT @DammitErin: Perfection ⚡️ “Chris Christie was forced to order meatloaf at the White House”
John Einar Funck @EinarFunck
RT @GargantuaX1: .@realDonaldTrump told Chris Christie to eat meatloaf, and everyone thinks it's hilarious via @Huf…
Gojira007 @Gojira007X
RT @boxlunches: Is there anything that cheers me up more than a new chapter of Senpai Notices Me And I Wish He'd Stop: The Chris Christie S…
Daniel Pecorelli @sarge1328
RT @JMatthewNespoli: Chris Christie. You are so sassy with your man pussy
StopTheMadness @ImmoralReport
RT @drumpfshit360: New Post: Donald Trump Told Chris Christie To Eat Meatloaf, #MAGA #draintheswamp #crookedhillary
Cleopatrick™ @VIPatrick
RT @VIPatrick: I stay grateful by reminding myself everyday that I'm not Chris Christie.
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