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Donald J. Trump
James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!
20 Mar, 10:35 AM UTC
After Comey briefing + doc review I can say @POTUS and Clapper R both right about this No evidence of Trump collusion w Russia
20 Mar, 02:08 PM UTC
Glenn Thrush
Gowdy -- without citing evidence -- is strongly suggesting that Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Rhodes, Lynch, Yates and Obama leaked Flynn's name.
20 Mar, 03:25 PM UTC
David Corn
GOP Rep. King cites Clapper saying he saw no Trump-Russia collusion. But Comey says the investigation is still under way.
20 Mar, 04:05 PM UTC
Comey confirms the names of the people who would have access to unmasked names, Loretta lynch, Sally Yates, Brennan and Clapper. JAIL THEM.
20 Mar, 03:26 PM UTC
Did I understand correctly? Clapper, Rhodes, Rice, Lynch, Yates & most likely Obama had access to all unmasked of c…
20 Mar, 03:50 PM UTC
ABC News Politics
NEW: Spokesperson for fmr. DNI Clapper says he feels its "in the best interest of all Americans" to investigate pos…
20 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
David Wright
.@RepAdamSchiff "surprised' ex-DNI Clapper said he'd seen no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion; "not consistent with what I've reviewed"
20 Mar, 11:17 AM UTC
John Cardillo
Gowdy putting Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, Obama, Rhodes, Rice, and Yates in the spotlight. Awesome line of questioning.
20 Mar, 03:26 PM UTC
🎙Wayne Dupree
FORGOTTEN INFO! Former Intel Officer: When Clapper Claimed 16 Orgs Agreed Russia Meddled, That Was Nonsense! #feedly
20 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
Anthony De Rosa 🗽
Trump chooses to use Clapper, who lied under oath, to back him up....
20 Mar, 11:55 AM UTC
Tom Coates
@realDonaldTrump As for James Clapper, you've slightly misrepresented what he said. It's here:
20 Mar, 04:09 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
The growing list shooting down Trump's wiretapping claims: FBI Director House Intel Cmte Senate Intel Cmte Fmr. DNI…
20 Mar, 03:56 PM UTC
WOW! Gowdy is asking about Clapper, Brennan, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Loretta Lynch, & Sally Yates knowing about @GenFlynn call & UNMASKING!
20 Mar, 03:27 PM UTC
Breitbart News
Rep. Wenstrup tells Comey "there is a cloud over our system" with announcement of investigation after Clapper said no evidence of collusion.
20 Mar, 05:07 PM UTC
Louise Mensch
Comey said re Clapper: I agree that it wasn't in the report. That's not saying it doesn't exist, and implied the opposite.
20 Mar, 06:16 PM UTC
Mark 🐸 Samenfink
"Was Mr. Clapper right when he said there is no evidence of Russian collusion?" "Mr Clapper was right" ~Comey…
20 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
Will Saletan
Clapper also said there was no evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump. Trump's White House replied that Clapper might…
20 Mar, 11:30 AM UTC
@LouiseMensch This was one of my favorite parts so far. Basically Clapper's "no evidence of collusion up to 1/20/17" not necessarily true.
20 Mar, 06:51 PM UTC
John Cardillo
Comey essentially agrees with Rep. Chris Stewart (R, UT) that Clapper's claim of no collusion was accurate.
20 Mar, 06:20 PM UTC
This Week
NEW: Spokesperson for fmr. DNI Clapper says he feels its "in the best interest of all Americans" to investigate pos…
20 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
Bradley P. Moss, Esq
Doubtful any of them would have had the authority to unmask the name on their own, though. Maybe Clapper/Brennan bu…
20 Mar, 03:27 PM UTC
Exactly! You proved my point that "Under Oath" means nothing. Clapper is a liar & so is Comey! @seanhannity
20 Mar, 06:46 PM UTC
Carolina Hurley
Comey: DNI Clapper "Right" to Say No Evidence Of Collusion Between Russia And Trump Campaign
20 Mar, 06:38 PM UTC
'No Evidence of Collusion' Between Trump Campaign, Russia: Intelligence Committee Chairman CLAPPER SAID THE SAME
20 Mar, 06:59 PM UTC
."Mr. Clapper went on to say there is no conclusion of any evidence of any collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians"
20 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
VIDEO - Comey: Clapper’s ‘Right’ to Say No Evidence of Collusion Between Russia and Trump Campaign
20 Mar, 07:02 PM UTC
Beth Shepherd Peters
@chucktodd in quoting your interview from @MeetThePress, Senator Heck excluded the end of James Clapper's answer on evidence of collusion
20 Mar, 07:02 PM UTC
Olivia Villarreal
@RepMikeTurner Beating a dead horse about Clapper response to Russian/Trump collusion! FBI/NSA can't answer for him! Stop coverup! Traitor
20 Mar, 07:02 PM UTC
@HAGOODMANAUTHOR @YouTube Obama NSI Chief James Clapper & fmr CIA Dir Michael Morrell stated they found no evidence
20 Mar, 07:01 PM UTC
steve kaufman
@realDonaldTrump LIE!!!! CLAPPER DID NOT SAY THAT & THEY LIVE FACT CHECKED YOU BITCH! #dishonestdonald strikes again!
20 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump If FAKE NEWS, are you saying that there is evidence POTUS colluded with Russia?? So, Clapper and others are wrong
20 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
DocRock1007 🇺🇸
Comey hearings: Potential suspects for felony security leaks of Flynn include: Clapper Rice Brennan Lynch Ben Rhodes Sally Yates
20 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
cathie printz
@nodnarb80 @CNNPolitics also Obama had James Clapper investigate Trump/Russia ties & collusion & Clapper said zero evidence that happened
20 Mar, 06:59 PM UTC
Mark Kim Marion
Retweeted ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics): NEW: Spokesperson for fmr. DNI Clapper says he feels its "in the...
20 Mar, 06:59 PM UTC
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