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Keep the weekend vibes going. Pick up #ClimateChange at @BestBuy . https://t.co/t2BzP6hgRt
20 Mar, 09:19 PM UTC
Who's having a party with #ClimateChange? Get it now at @Target. https://t.co/hQSIx0Geab
20 Mar, 11:44 PM UTC
Daniel Schneider
#Trump Budget Director Mick Mulroney says federal funds spent on #ClimateChange is a "waste of money". His Salary i… https://t.co/nmVu85L7mF
20 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
Academic and military experts highlight #climatechange as a factor in the Syrian civil war. The Age of Consequence… https://t.co/6yhOyFqSCz
20 Mar, 10:35 AM UTC
sam mostyn
Must watch #4corners journalism establishing #climatechange as accelerator of global instability & conflict @ABCTV
20 Mar, 10:04 AM UTC
Healing Inspirations
#ClimateChange🌎 Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly: A Warming Ocean Spells Death & Extinctions. #OceanDeoxygenation
20 Mar, 09:44 AM UTC
David Brin
"There's not enough data to conclude humans cause #ClimateChange!" Then let's get the data to settle the matter! https://t.co/5bIRtisKMM
20 Mar, 06:26 PM UTC
Paul Dawson
Researchers know how to make concrete carbon neutral #ActOnClimate #Climatechange https://t.co/8vgAiXBdp3
20 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC
.@blackrock says they will oust directors of companies that fail to address the risks posed by #ClimateChange: https://t.co/gH5jwenRIW
20 Mar, 02:36 PM UTC
Paul Dawson
#ClimateChange is eroding our national security and we should prepare for it #KeepItInTheGroundhttps://t.co/NY9KSdJEPH
20 Mar, 11:15 PM UTC
Tiffani Bova
"#climatechange is the biggest challenge of our generation" @SchneiderElec #salesforcetour
20 Mar, 11:53 PM UTC
STEM Teaching Tools
As you #TeachClimate, explore how scientists use evidence-based models of #ClimateChange to make predictions…… https://t.co/aJEI9KN2ip
20 Mar, 02:52 PM UTC
Ed Joyce
"We can't climate-proof reefs"—@ProfTerryHughes Securing a future for #coralreefs requires action on… https://t.co/pyRJyFAMZs
20 Mar, 08:22 PM UTC
Paul Dawson
Audubon Welcomes GOP #Climate Resolution: ‘This Took Guts' #ClimateChange https://t.co/bcT5WlPcFI
21 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
#LAC: Small-scale disasters caused by #climatechange accounted for more than 1/2 of human losses between 1990-2014… https://t.co/a9JjVuJ9oS
20 Mar, 11:01 PM UTC
The Eco Heroes
Past Disasters Reveal Terrifying Future of Climate Change #environment #climatechange https://t.co/1gIHcYG6do
20 Mar, 05:20 PM UTC
Healing Inspirations
#ClimateChange🌎 Severe Weather Moves Into Plains. "The Spring From Hell Has Begun" - HI https://t.co/pIKuMGr3Bo
21 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
10 largest programs, unsurprisingly, hit low income, education, & environment. #climatechange https://t.co/btjgeva8jk
20 Mar, 11:15 PM UTC
Skoll Foundation
The sea is rising. The @guardian dives deep into how two U.S. cities are responding. #climatechange https://t.co/nfwDeObXbj
20 Mar, 05:10 PM UTC
🍁 Merlin 🍁
Scientists Sound the Alarm: CO2 Levels Race Past Point of No Return #climatechange #Trump buries head in sand https://t.co/Rl8QLV3t7r
20 Mar, 10:34 PM UTC
Catholic Climate Mvt
Check out this short video on the devastating effects #climatechange is having on the arctic: https://t.co/umZWxSmLTE
20 Mar, 01:57 PM UTC
Bob Krause
#Russia is member of #G20 #GroupOf20, but needed an ally to pull off coup on #ClimateChange. #Trump administration was a willing partner.
21 Mar, 12:50 AM UTC
Thor ⚛4🕊
https://t.co/DRJocsTGmU #ClimateChange Record-breaking climate change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’
21 Mar, 12:46 AM UTC
Demi Newell
"#Climate stabilization is unnatural, #nature hates equilibrium." @howardxbloom #climatechange #PODCAST: https://t.co/hH9Lio6HyR
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
Record-breaking #climatechange pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ https://t.co/zzkdEQgDT1 LNP govt still in denial. Madness #auspol
21 Mar, 12:44 AM UTC
Bob Krause
Hard 4 me 2 imagine that #MSM has totally missed this fairly obvious quid pro quo. #Putin survives & #Trump wins an election.#ClimateChange
21 Mar, 12:58 AM UTC
Rate of Ocean Warming Has Nearly Doubled Over Two Decades, Study Says https://t.co/7xgYBRGwQZ #itstimetochange #climatechange @ZEROCO2_.. .
21 Mar, 12:57 AM UTC
Can’t we just ship water to ease the drought? #climatechange #drought - https://t.co/BbIOaDWrjv
20 Mar, 10:02 PM UTC
Bob Krause
Did fear of hydrocarbon industry damage make #Russia play #TrumpCard at #G20 meeting? Mebbe. Kill #ClimateChange protocol & save Russia
21 Mar, 12:47 AM UTC
Glenn Milner
@aviandelights @ANUmedia So powerful, thank you - and it is so important to make climate data more 'human' as you've shown. #ClimateChange
21 Mar, 12:52 AM UTC
Gareth Morgan
New plan to reduce our carbon emissions is in line TOP’s policy - https://t.co/hhmnpnSxac #nzpol #climatechange
21 Mar, 12:44 AM UTC
Shah A Farhad
#POTD: March 20, 2017 Join the #CWFPhotoClub for a chance to be featured: https://t.co/Fw6vc2kF4q #ClimateChange
21 Mar, 01:02 AM UTC
Bob Krause
Others will benefit from #Trump's G20 disembowelment of #ClimateChange. 50K coal jobs may be saved til rising water reaches the mine mouth.
21 Mar, 01:02 AM UTC
👏👏👏🌎#Earth #climatechange #resist #Resistance against Trump's irresponsible EPA budget cuts https://t.co/blsEGagqXo
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
Amy Engel
EU Share Of Renewables Continues To Near 2020 Target #renewables #climatechange #sustainabilityhttps://t.co/HgPJQR5gwU
21 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
Duchess no more
Logging trucks, whaling boats, coal trains - not part of a future that meets #climatechange challenge https://t.co/h94k1HsnOh
21 Mar, 12:59 AM UTC
Record-breaking #CLIMATE change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ https://t.co/NDK62PGLTY #GlobalWarming #climatechange
21 Mar, 12:59 AM UTC
Tim Melino
Record-breaking #CLIMATE change pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ https://t.co/IhpPyx4DvQ #GPWX #GlobalWarming #climatechange
21 Mar, 12:59 AM UTC
David R. Coyle
I visited @ClemsonUniv last week, and this was the buzz in all my meetings with Extension folks. Unpredictable weat… https://t.co/gd1lrgBFLe
21 Mar, 12:57 AM UTC
The Future of ‘Epic Blizzards’ in a Warming World: https://t.co/0RBFrX63iK #itstimetochange #climatechange Join @ZEROCO2_..
21 Mar, 12:57 AM UTC
Bronwyn Hayward
We're not fast followers on #climatechange- we are amongst the very worst performers of the OECD & not doing our bit https://t.co/OXul8F9gFR
21 Mar, 12:57 AM UTC
Daniel McMurray
Stopping #globalwarming could make the world $19 trillion richer, report says https://t.co/9EOVGZPwWk via @business #ClimateChange
21 Mar, 12:56 AM UTC
3 Months and Counting: Pipeline Leaks Natural Gas Into Alaska's Cook Inlet https://t.co/ph036M9ZjU #itstimetochange #climatechange..
21 Mar, 12:56 AM UTC
We already have a magic technology that sucks up carbon https://t.co/oQmecQzb2M #itstimetochange #climatechange Join @ZEROCO2_..
21 Mar, 12:56 AM UTC
Replacing Farms With Fish Farms: The Odd Solution To Both Hunger And Climate Change https://t.co/2oLHqCel89 #itstimetochange #climatechange.
21 Mar, 12:56 AM UTC
Sometime soon, we'll have blown the world's entire https://t.co/Q1fKJZB4ja / #itstimetochange #climatechange Join @ZEROCO2_.
21 Mar, 12:56 AM UTC
HBCU EJ Consortium
Record-breaking #climatechange pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ https://t.co/BBUuWqNCCm
21 Mar, 12:55 AM UTC
Heavy Manners
Record-breaking #climatechange pushes world into ‘uncharted territory’ https://t.co/zHaBWkbagh
21 Mar, 12:54 AM UTC
Angeli Alba
We're careening into oblivion and a lot of us don't care enough to do anything about it. #climatechange https://t.co/8xcUIoTwxf
21 Mar, 12:52 AM UTC
Joe Jackson
"the #Trump administration & senior Republicans in Congress continue to bury their heads in the sand" #climatechange https://t.co/HJZPEM4aT9
21 Mar, 12:52 AM UTC
Will Silverstone
Part of the reason 2016 was so warm was because of El Nino and 2017 should be slightly cooler #ees028 #climatechange
21 Mar, 12:50 AM UTC
Will Silverstone
While a temporary increase in temperature won't affect sea level, a long-term one will #climatechange #ees028
21 Mar, 12:49 AM UTC
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