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Al Gore @algore
Excited to kick off the Climate & Health Meeting today at 9a ET, to discuss how #ClimateChangesHealth! Join us here… https://t.co/nMKdQRws1U
Soraya J @Sorayajean
RT @algore: Tune in now to watch President Carter address today's climate & health meeting: https://t.co/ORjWbcBldd #ClimateChangesHealth
Dr. Carla Brown @MedEdStrategist
RT @PublicHealth: How climate change affects your health, in one graphic: https://t.co/Bd4DfhRUww #ClimateChangesHealth https://t.co/99j3W0…
Helena Lindemark @HelenaLindemark
RT @ClimateReality: #ClimateChange will not wait for us; it is already affecting our health https://t.co/NVdzn4H2v1 #ClimateChangesHealth h…
Laura Out There @LauraOutThere
RT @RufusKings1776: The day Al Gore was born there were 130,000 glaciers on Earth. Today, only 130,000 remain. #ClimateChangesHealth https:…
Jos Olivier @JosOlivier
RT @PublicHealth: What do rising temperatures mean for health? https://t.co/Bd4DfhRUww #ClimateChangesHealth https://t.co/prBNWdBWkT
Krispijn Beek @krispijnbeek
RT @RockyMtnInst: Why do you answer the global call? Support the energy transition today: https://t.co/kUHmSuHIqc #ClimateChangesHealth htt…
Camille @camillendavis1
RT @mygreenschools: The burden of climate change on children is worse because their bodies are still developing. #ClimateChangesHealth http…
Patty's Paige @TheVictoryTour
RT @WebMD: “There is a clear warming trend, and it threatens our health.” #climatechangeshealth https://t.co/tTmGJXnuvu https://t.co/y4C3NK…
Rebecca Hamel @RebeccaHamel1
RT @SandroDemaio: By changing our #food & the systems that produce it, we CAN solve #climatechange. And more. #climatechangeshealth https:/…
Victoria Theis @vctheis
RT @weatherchannel: @mikebettes sits down w/ former V.P. @algore to discuss how #climatechangeshealth. Watch the exclusive interview TONIGH…
Greenopia @Greenopia
RT @LauraSeydel: LIVE: Al Gore is convening w/ renowned health profs, scientists, & experts to discuss how #ClimateChangesHealth https://t.…
Björn Meyer @MeyerBjoern
RT @PAHOFoundation: .@algore shows how #tropical #diseases are also on the rise as a result of #climatechange. #ClimateChangesHealth #Clima…
Trump For Me/BIG RED @trumptacularUSA
RT @earthgirls365: #climatechangeshealth so get out there and get some sun! https://t.co/UQkPNGaqDf
Paul Clark @cbfool
RT @tan123: CO2-induced starvation update, 2016: "Worldwide obesity epidemic is unprecedented" #ClimateChangesHealth https://t.co/O9OFuxuH90
Andrea K @ Studio A @AvlStudioA
RT @MaxBlau: At #climatechangeshealth, concerns loom that CDC scientists may be silenced. A report from the resurrected summit: https://t.c…
Energy Renaissance @NRGrenaissance
RT @biositu: .@AlGore: Health offers one of the strongest frames for communicating about #climatechange. #climatechangeshealth
Paid Protester™ @MsLindsayGraham
RT @nationshealth: .@algore: "Always remember: Political will itself is a renewable resource." And with that, #climatechangeshealth in ATL…
Kim Sykes @girlbardKim
RT @JohnRSeydel: "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." -MLK #ClimateChangesHealth https://t.co/THPi0jnvYD
вℓαηcα♡♪♡ @BYajairaTorres
RT @sacnas: Yes, #ClimateChangesHealth. That's why our scientists of color are working hard every day to reverse #climatechange: https://t.…
ImStillWithHer @erinlizzi
RT @sarapeach: 1/ Just finished watching the important #climatechangeshealth meeting in Atlanta. My takeaways:
Beautiful World @4beautifulworld
RT @Shadz66Shadz6t6: DON'T expect #PollutingPruitt 2-B remotely concerned w/#AGW or that #ClimateChangesHealth! #Trump & #Oligarchy Want A…
Rebecca Burnell @beccabluesky73
RT @agcconnect: #agroecology is an important step needed to deal with #climatechange #climatechangeshealth
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