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Canadian Music Week
Makin dreams come tru backstage w/ @metheridge x @partner_band. Melissa hits the stage at @TheDanforthMH and Partne… https://t.co/2r7y53TMEb
23 Apr, 12:12 AM UTC
Midnight Shine
Getting ready for the next @CMW_Week gig in #Toronto. In a backyard. #MidnightShine #ShineOn #Backyardigans #CMW2017
22 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
Canadian Music Week
#CMW2017 @metheridge takes the stage at @TheDanforthMH. The energy in here is 🔥🔥
23 Apr, 12:37 AM UTC
Rannie Turingan
Experiencing the phenomenal @metheridge at the @TheDanforthMH for @CMW_Week #CMW2017
23 Apr, 12:43 AM UTC
Bed Legs
Tonight at midnight we will play at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto in @CMW_Week =D #BedLegs #hardrockcafe #Toronto #CMW2017
23 Apr, 12:19 AM UTC
Tour Bus Ent.
Unreal voice....@jessmoskaluke is incredible tonight @GreatHallTO for @siriusxmcanada showcase @CMW_Week #CMW2017… https://t.co/uVtISIPLZk
23 Apr, 02:37 AM UTC
102.1 the Edge
So the last night of #CMW2017 has been sollllllid! 🤙 - @HeyIts_Luke #FirstTasteCMW https://t.co/tdHf2tFWCl
23 Apr, 03:27 AM UTC
Canadian Music Week
Another litty party for #cmw2017? No way. With @kforest_ @RevivalBarTO 🔥🔥 #CMW2017
23 Apr, 04:11 AM UTC
Kada Digital PR
success in the music industry comes from having supportive fans! visit #gainwithxtiandela #CMW2017 #swsw https://t.co/bXTu392GPa
23 Apr, 08:20 AM UTC
Cheryl Fullerton
Yes!! #Toronto got the best of @metheridge - Like the Way I Do #LTWID #CMW2017
23 Apr, 04:59 AM UTC
🍁 Canada150 Music
🇨🇦 #NowPlaying The Wings (Native American Music) https://t.co/15rh8UyJpj #Canada150 #CMW2017 #Canada 🍁
23 Apr, 12:33 PM UTC
Canadian Musician
Everyone not only knows the words to @jonrbryant but can't help but sing along! #cmw2017 #cmw #singalong
23 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
🍁 Canada150 Music
#NowPlaying 🇨🇦 River Town Saints - Cherry Bomb https://t.co/ln09Efi3nt #Canada150 #Canada #CMW2017 🍁 @RiverTownSaints
22 Apr, 11:33 PM UTC
Canadian Musician
Jon Bryant at Drake Hotel #CMW2017 #cmw #drakehotel
23 Apr, 01:18 AM UTC
Natasha Wilson
Ultimate lesbian achievement unlocked: Melissa Etheridge live. #CMW2017 #Toronto @metheridge
23 Apr, 03:51 AM UTC
My face says it all #MusicLovers really enjoyed my journey at the #CMW2017 coming back soon #ElectroPop 😎🎼🎤🎸… https://t.co/u9SDFm4ZAY
22 Apr, 09:55 PM UTC
BARQ_Music Fans
Another arresting performance by the incredible @BARQ_music at @CMW_Week | April 21, 2017 | Supermarket #CMW2017… https://t.co/1bdvAVTWLq
22 Apr, 05:38 PM UTC
Simply Put
Watching the homie @CquelMC at Painted Lady #Toronto #CMW2017
23 Apr, 03:45 AM UTC
🍁 Canada150 Music
🇨🇦 #NowPlaying Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah https://t.co/1NNOz98hFG #Canada150 #CMW2017 #Canada 🍁
23 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
IndieCan Radio
#CMW2017 over 30 hours from Santiago to @HardRock in Toronto @CMW_Week @seerocklivehlx @Work_Late_ sounding good.
23 Apr, 01:25 AM UTC
Midnight Shine
Full house @HorseshoeTavern last night. Agent Ralph James takes moment with the guys for pre-show pep-talk… https://t.co/niA19p03c5
23 Apr, 10:52 AM UTC
Susana Meza
tomorrow! fight the post #CMW2017 @CMW_Week blues with @Birdsofolympus and other awesome bands at @Cadillaclounge2… https://t.co/7Qx5Qp1BWy
22 Apr, 09:22 PM UTC
🍁 Canada150 Music
🇨🇦 #NowPlaying Arcade Fire - Reflektor https://t.co/wITChI5aOk #Canada150 #CMW2017 #Canada 🍁
23 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
Hedley Updates
Tommy attended #CMW2017 recently 🎵
22 Apr, 08:57 PM UTC
London Music Office
Saturday of @CMW_Week wraps up with some incredible London acts! Great vibes at the @jallossery show tonight!… https://t.co/4a35L6f0GI
23 Apr, 03:17 AM UTC
Kada Digital PR
~Get promoted on the same networks as major label artist with Kada for more info visit #NewMusic #CMW2017 #sxsw https://t.co/bXTu392GPa
23 Apr, 05:57 AM UTC
Kada Digital PR
`*Dont let your next single/ full project go unnoticed , Make money gain fans. #CMW2017 #sxsw #newmusic https://t.co/bXTu392GPa
23 Apr, 05:59 AM UTC
Kada Digital PR
~If you make great music we can help you reach fans visit for more information #coachella #CMW2017 #gains https://t.co/bXTu392GPa
23 Apr, 07:53 AM UTC
🍁 Canada150 Music
🇨🇦 #NowPlaying Oscar Peterson - Hymn To Freedom https://t.co/eVN6qm72Ua #Canada150 #CMW2017 #Canada 🍁
23 Apr, 08:00 AM UTC
Canadian Musician
Vacay music just got the attention of the sold-out Drake Underground w just a single chorus. #CMW2017 #cmw #vacay… https://t.co/LWmCHGjpGi
23 Apr, 02:22 AM UTC
🍁 Canada150 Music
🇨🇦 #NowPlaying Rush - Fly By Night https://t.co/YYIqfa5GB9 #Canada150 #CMW2017 #Canada 🍁
23 Apr, 11:33 AM UTC
Mike Schwartz
#CMW2017- the 1st step 2 changing the landscape of #health & #wellness in the #musicindustry 4eva. Thx @CMW_Week we got the ball rollin'
23 Apr, 08:23 AM UTC
Susana Meza
this 3rd anual #CMW backyardigans party is incredible! I'm so happy to be part of this experience! #CMW2017… https://t.co/DPOo0rlERL
22 Apr, 08:48 PM UTC
All Hands On Jane
A little light reading for all the non-musician buds we met this week. https://t.co/vMNZiD3aor #yyz #yyzmusic #CMW2017 #yyc #yycmusic
23 Apr, 10:19 AM UTC
Benjamin Rayner
I already sense you are right (as usual) about Japanese Breakfast, @rockscars. #SilverDollar #CMW2017
23 Apr, 08:53 AM UTC
I don't see live music nearly enough, but tonight filled my need for soul rocking performance art stomping fun. Thu… https://t.co/as6ZuUfH4x
23 Apr, 05:25 AM UTC
Concert Updater
LIVE: More from #CMW2017! Our FAVORITE-- @GoodCharlotte! Check out @xmls93's concert review here: [… https://t.co/E7rrygiBIF
23 Apr, 05:45 AM UTC
理想很大世界很小 穿著球鞋碾平這個世界 我碾! #ChuckII #ConverseTW #CMW2017 #CMW #CandianMusicWeek https://t.co/XTFQk6IA2b
23 Apr, 07:59 AM UTC
IndieCan Radio
#CMW2017 Seafood see music (as perfect as pizza and donair sauce) @musicnovascotia at @RivoliTO at @CMW_Week… https://t.co/Tbtt00su34
23 Apr, 07:54 AM UTC
New Music Upfront
.@jonrbryant just played an awesome set at @RivoliTO, come on down to enjoy Bleu and @BadAnimalYYC! Late night show… https://t.co/viLVJkAZgA
23 Apr, 05:22 AM UTC
AM to FM Promotions
As #CMW2017 comes to a close, we want to thank everyone for making this week a memorable one!
23 Apr, 01:35 PM UTC
SheWolf Radio
So proud of my baby angels in @PONYtoronto, who killed it this weekend during #cmw2017. So sick… https://t.co/zQXsD13O20
23 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
Portugal Music Scene
Did you see @Bedlegsband at @HardRock Toronto last night? - You Girl - Music video - #CMW2017 #Portugalinvasion https://t.co/lWotIXJudH
23 Apr, 10:40 AM UTC
Alex A-Bussieres
Great way to end the night! @Thecolaheads brought the house down @bovinesexclub #CMW2017
23 Apr, 10:11 AM UTC
Benjamin Rayner
Y'all know the Zoobombs are about to play the #SilverDollar, right? Or was the "secret" that well kept? #CMW2017
23 Apr, 08:53 AM UTC
NetLine Corporation
@CMIContent Keeping busy! Still riding the wave from #intelcontent and event craze. And you? Prepping for #CMW2017 ? We can't wait!
23 Apr, 08:12 AM UTC
It's about to go down. #Zoobombs #CMW2017
23 Apr, 06:57 AM UTC
The Rising Few
Goodnight Toronto and goodbye @CMW_Week, it's been a total trip! #cmw2017 #day5 #performance… https://t.co/r3igUqNqbr
23 Apr, 06:21 AM UTC
Brad Machry
Making fans everywhere they go. @the_royal_north #cmw2017 #cmw (at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto)
23 Apr, 06:20 AM UTC
Rebecca Webster
In progress huge love in with @TheDanielRomano #CMW2017
23 Apr, 05:57 AM UTC
OK props to the dude crowdsurfing during the Kaleidoscope Horse set. #CMW2017
23 Apr, 05:53 AM UTC
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